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Answer 1For more detailed information, can you paste your full version code (both XAML and C# ) here? Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. But as you can see, the problem is that when the vertical scrollbar appears, the scrollbar appears on the inside of the JScrollPane. I realize that I can turn the vertical scrollbar on all the time, but for aesthetic reasons, I only want for it to appear when necessary, without making it necessary for a horizontal scrollpane to appear.
One thing you have got to find out is how you want it to behave when vertical scrollbar appears. The result is what you are seeing: the scrollbar overlaps (in the sense of cutting off some width) the view. EDIT: The answer above is probably the better answer, but here's my original answer for the curious, which actually resizes the panel. The underlying problem is, that the ScrollPaneLayout does not know that one dimension (in your case the height of the view) will be constrained to a max value, so it can't pre-determine whether scroll bars will be needed. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged java swing jscrollpane or ask your own question. How to best get through a motorway toll booth safely between paying and the barrier closing? Items ship out the same day or next business day and arrive in 2-3 business days after that.
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But the problem is scrolloffset is not working precisely, means for one listbox if i m scrolling two listboxitem, then for second listbox also it should be scrolled 2 listboxitems as listboxitem and listbox height is same, but it is not happening and only 0.5 or 1 listboxitem is scrolled. It covers up content contained inside and thus a horizontal scrollbar is necessary to show everything.
Also, if I shrink the window so that the left panel is no longer large enough to display everything, the same behavior as the right panel occurs. Either the content needs to shrink (then work on the LayoutManager of the content) or the container needs to grow (and then work on the LayoutManager of the Container. Especially not so when you do have a powerful LayoutManager such as MigLayout which supports tweaking on the manager level.
While it looks like taking the scrollbar width into account, it actually doesn't in all cases. The problem is that the JScrollPane conforms to the size of the content within and overlaps it when the scroll bar becomes visible.
Since everything is centered, it all looks the same and then some of the extra space on one side is filled in by the scrollbar if it appears.
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So I decided to just make the content wider off the bat to make it accommodate the scrollbar if it becomes visible. You're right, this method does result in disabling the horizontal scrollbar, which may not be right for everyone. Waterproof up to 33 feet, you can take this camera on all your outdoor adventures and never worry about missing a moment. Is this is the right way to make sure that two listbox scrolling (and whenever first listbox item scrolls into view while selection changing then the same indexed item in second listbox also should scroll into view) is in Synch, or any other better way is there to accomplish this. So the hack isn't good enough, could be that the time of asking the viewport for its extent is incorrect (in the middle of the layout process). This can also be done by making the insets be the width of the Scrollbar, which is probably the more orthodox way to do it. And if i resize the window so it's too small to show the contents in the left panel, then the same behavior occurs as in the right panel.
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