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While I was on vacation a few weeks ago, I finally got to go to a trampoline park that was open. As the owner or manager of a trampoline park, you know that managing the waiver process is absolutely essential. Of course you should have paper waivers available on site, but there are three other good options. Even if your cashier reviews the waiver to make sure that it was filled out correctly, you dona€™t know if your customer is who they say they are.
When a new customer comes to jump for the first time, you know they have a valid waiver because you just reviewed it and checked their ID. Liability waivers seem relatively simple, but when your entire business relies on them, it is worth taking the time to make sure that there are no gaps in the system. If youa€™d like to learn more about how CenterEdge Software can help you manage the waiver process, give us a call at (336) 598-5934 or click below to schedule an online demo. In a hot and dry state like Colorado, many of families are flocking to our local pools or reservoirs to cool down.
The weather is nice, the days are longer and what’s better than a cold one on days like these? Every year hand-held fireworks injure adults and children alike–even after the Fourth. Kaiser Permanente Colorado is the state’s largest nonprofit health plan, working to improve the lives and health of all Coloradans for more than 45 years. The information presented on this website is not intended as specific medical advice and is not a substitute for professional medical treatment or diagnosis.
Like crunches, sit-ups are a way to target the front abs, which will stay largely hidden until you trim down. Lunges are a fine multijoint exercise, but they can be a real challenge from a balance perspective, particularly for the overweight. There's been a ton of buzz about the fat-burning benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) in the past few years. Little kids: If each story, or floor, of a building is 10 feet tall, how tall is a 2-story building (with a flat roof)?  Bonus: If you counted up the height of a 6-story building by 10s, what numbers would you say? The sky’s the limit: If one painter is 142 feet in the air and another is 86 feet in the air, and you climb up halfway between the two, how high are you?
About the AuthorLaura OverdeckLaura Bilodeau Overdeck is founder and president of Bedtime Math Foundation.
I wona€™t say whose software they were using, other than to say that they were not using CenterEdge Software.
If someone got hurt and didna€™t have a valid waiver on file, you could lose your insurance, face enormous lawsuit damages or even be forced to file bankruptcy. Ita€™s not that they are concerned about giving up any rights but instead that they dona€™t want to spend 60 seconds filling one out.
You should offer a blank waiver PDF online, so that they can print one and complete it before leaving home.

If the customer is an adult, you should ask to see their ID, make sure that they look like the person in the photograph and verify that the name and other information on the ID matches the waiver in your trampoline park software. When a customer buys an admission, the point of sale system should require that the admission be linked to a customer.
You should be confident that there is no way for a customer to be in your trampoline park without a valid liability waiver on file. Whether you’re swimming, fishing, camping or just out an about, a little extra caution can help keep you and your family out of the Emergency Department this summer. The weather is predicted to be heating up more as the summer continues and you’ll likely be out running around.
It’s especially important for parents to monitor their children in pools packed with people, where it can be easy to lose track of your little swimmers.
We see patients come into the ED every weekend, bruised and banged up because they’ve had too much to drink. Falls, gas grill burns and other accidents are frequently associated with alcohol intoxication.
We are comprised of the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Colorado and the Colorado Permanente Medical Group—one of the state’s largest medical groups with more than 1,100 physicians. That means any exercises that target any one small muscle or muscle group, such as biceps curls, triceps extensions, and calf raises, are a waste of your gym time. Less so are any exercises in which your range of movement might be limited by excessive weight. Talk about it with a grown-up – and you can climb any stairs together to check it out! You cana€™t afford to take those risks, so what can you do to ensure that every customer has a valid waiver?
So you need to make it as painless as possible by giving your customers as many ways to fill out a waiver as you can.
If your trampoline park software offers the option, you should offer the ability to complete the waiver (including digitally a€?signinga€? it) online. We’ve had a recent flux of people moving to Colorado and most people are unaware that at higher altitudes, you need to consume more water. Swim where there’s a lifeguard and wear life preservers. But remember that floaties and other blow-up toys are not able to keep your kids above water if they slip off or float out of reach. We provide comprehensive care for our 650,000 Kaiser Permanente Colorado members through 30 medical offices across the state—from Pueblo to Greeley and now in the mountains in Summit and Eagle counties. Specifically, some exercises and workouts are best avoided altogether because they're either unsafe, ineffectual, a waste of time, or all of the above.
Strengthening the core is certainly important, but do it through total-body exercises that force those muscles to stabilize, such as wood choppers and squats. Lower-impact moves like marching in place and step-ups can similarly get the heart rate up without the undue joint stress. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. Read a cool fun fact, followed by math riddles at different levels so everyone can jump in.

For example, after paying for admission, the cashier asked if we had filled out waivers before.
If you just accept their waiver (either paper or electronic) without reviewing it first, they could have put anything on it. Nothing replaces the watchful eye and helping hand of an adult so jump in and swim with the little people!
Know your limit and try and drink two glasses of, you guessed it, water in between each adult beverage. We are also committed to our social mission and in 2015, proudly directed more than $124 million to community benefit programs to improve the health of all Coloradans. No reproduction, transmission or display is permitted without the written permissions of Rodale Inc. I said no, but I am certain that if I had said yes, I would have been able to jump without completing a waiver. This allows your customers to complete their waivers electronically before they ever get to your cashiers. You certainly wouldna€™t want someone to get hurt only to find out that they had used the name Donald Duck on their waiver.
Many trampoline parks have waivers that expire after a certain amount of time, typically one year. Even still, you should check their ID to make sure that they aren't using someone else's waiver. You may not realize how much water you’re losing through exertion—playing Frisbee, hiking, biking or golfing—whatever it may be, you’re losing a lot of water through your sweat. So I filled out a paper waiver but he never so much as glanced at it before filing it away.
These methods will make it easier for your customers to complete waivers, so they should be more likely to do so. Scaffolding is a metal frame that stacks little rectangular floors with sets of stairs, so people can walk up and reach any part of a tall building.
It reaches much higher than a wobbly ladder, and also lets you move side to side once you’re up there.
Even after a building is done, over the years people need to repaint it and wash the windows, so they bring out the scaffolding again. Think about the highest place you’ve been, then imagine standing outside in the wind at that height and trying to wash a window.

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