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Riding your horse with a good rhythm is important because it is directly connected with balance.
If you pull or lose your rains in turns you can never expect that a horse jump good after the turn. Whether you are looking to buy a showjumper to compete at the highest level or you are starting out in BS Club or British Novice classes, our experts agree that a good temperament is vital.
While having a horse that wants to work with you is important, William Funnell highlights the importance of suiting the horse to the rider. So when browsing showjumpers for sale, it’s important that you assess your abilities and circumstances honestly. Our riders agreed that while they would happily take on a talented and possibly quirky young horse for themselves, they wouldn’t advise that route for an amateur or young rider looking to step up the grades.
But for a young rider or amateur, Helen would look for something with more experience that is perhaps stepping down a level to give that rider a good feel over bigger fences. Some of the world’s best showjumpers have less than perfect conformation, and riders will often overlook some conformational weaknesses, if the horse is sound and has the desire to do the job. The key here is to avoid anything that might compromise the horse’s ability to remain sound long-term. Georgie bucks the trend of looking on the continent for top showjumpers, believing that England is the best place to buy horses.
Commentary on animal behavior, human rights, ethical herbivorism, fandom, and other things that catch my interest. I could go into more detail, but I think the visuals will help a lot more than me rambling on. We work hard to be at the forefront of developing horse and rider so each can perform to their best.
If you want that you and your horse be in harmony when show jumping, you first need to understand some basic facts.
When you ride your distance too short on a vertical, it takes a lot of effort for a horse to jump clear.

It's Young Rider's goal to make sure all of our readers are terrific jumpers, so we've got 20 tips that will help you fly over fences in style.
If your horse tends to run out of a fence on one side, carry a whip on that side and tap him with it on his neck as you approach the fence. If your horse is refusing (stopping) a lot, go back to popping over trotting poles and tiny fences for a while.
Always warm up your horse properly.Spend at least 15 minutes walking, trotting and cantering before you pop over any fences.
If you think your horse is going to spook at a scary jump, ride several 20-meter circles in front of it, so he passes by the jump every time he comes round the circle. So to help you sort out the wheat from the chaff, we ask successful riders what they look for in showjumpers for sale and what amateurs should prioritise when they’re looking to buy. A horse with a trainable brain and the right attitude towards his work will make life easier and more enjoyable for his rider at every level. A horse that is jumping at top level with a professional rider will not necessarily suit an amateur rider with a small set-up at home.
When looking at showjumpers conformational weaknesses should be discussed with your vet to avoid problems in the future. UK, publisher of Horse & Hound and other iconic brands about its goods and services, and those of its carefully selected third parties.
This lets you bring your body weight forward so you can stay over your horse's center of balance throughout the jump.
Rest your hands about 8 to 10 inches in front of the saddle and rest your hands on your horse's neck. Fasten a stirrup leather around your horse's neck like a collar and hang on to it to stop yourself from bouncing around. Give him a sharp smack with the whip behind your leg, quickly trot a small circle and point him at the fence again. Notice the dark colored eyes, pink skin, and if you look close enough you can see spots of his chestnut coat.

Much of the advice can be used across the board for dressage, show jumping and eventing.There are always a number of different paths to get to the same destination and we will post advice and comments on these different paths.
If you look at the pictures, the oxer and the vertical are the same distances before and after. Doing this makes the reins looser and you won't jab your horse in the mouth if you get left behind the motion.
If he thinks you are too frightened to jump a fence, he probably won't want to jump it either. Push your heels down, set your legs next to the girth and keep your bottom close to the saddle. If you let him stop every time, he'll get lazy and refuse to move on after jumping a fence. If you have only a couple of jumps in your field, move them around and liven them up by putting tires, flowers or buckets around them. We don’t fully understand this mutation yet, but hopefully soon we will understand what causes it. The triple bar is al little bit different because the distance to the fence is shorter but after the same as the other two.
Have your instructor or a pal yell at you to stay straight when you approach a fence until you remember to do it yourself. Horses seem to like grids and you can concentrate on your position while your horse zips through the jumps. For instance, this mare had brown eyes, spotting on her body, and chestnut tips on her ears.

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