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Dumbbells are an effective tool for muscle building in the gym or at home, for those who prefer exercising at home, there are many home workout programs that uses dumbbell sets. For those of you who have not heard of p90x, p90x stands for power 90 extreme, which is a 90 day home workout program that is amongst the most popular fitness dvds in the world.
It is possible to substitute the dumbbell set with a set of resistance bands but the results would be less ideal. Body Beast is an intensive home fitness program that aims to pack on solid muscle in a short amount of time. If your workout program is similar to Les Mills Pump, which is barbell-based workout program, then a set of barbells is compulsory for you. There are many other exercises and workouts you can do at home, to help you with your home workout, you might want to consider the following tools: pull up bar, yoga mat, gym bench and resistance bands set.
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This workout routine has for a goal the widening of your chest area and it will help you achieve this by targeting specific regions of your pectorals.
The key in widening the chest is in adapting normal chest exercises such as the bench press in a way to make them target your upper, lower, inner and outer pectorals. Having an additional set of dumbbells can increase your workout options and allow you to start on popular home workout programs and get faster, better results.
The reason for its popularity is its effectiveness at producing results and transforming bodies.
It is important to note that many of the workouts in p90x target different muscle groups and have a variety of exercises which means that having multiple dumbbell sets is recommended so that you do not have to pause the video to adjust the weights throughout the workout. For those who are keen on starting on Body Beast or similar home workout programs, keep in mind that you will need heavy weights in order to achieve the results that is showcased in the commercials.
The workout program makes use of barbells to perform squats, bench press to burn calories and sculpt a ripped body.

You might also want to learn about how to upgrade your simple home gym into a professional home gym and the importance of using the right weight for your workout.
Designed with a highly durable cast iron, these dumbbells are thought to be the most efficient quality to be had available in the market. The p90x workout program is meant for more experienced people and the program require a few tools in order to get started.
Warning: This product comprises a number of phthalate chemicals known to the state of California to result in birth defects and other reproductive harm. Many of the exercises in the workout programs make use of dumbbells for building lean muscle.

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