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I have never exercised to a YouTube video, but I have found some good routines on demand (via Comcast). What all of this proves is that there are so many ways available to exercise for free if people want to. Receive our most popular health and wellbeing articles via email - subscribe on a daily or weekly basis. I think that it’s in my blood because our sweet mom has done a workout video everyday for probably the last 25 years. I have tried Insanity and P90X, but I struggle sticking with the program because I get so tired of the same ol’ stuff day after day.

I have been playing around on You Tube and have been so impressed with some of the workout videos that are out there- completely for free! So today I wanted to share with you 25 of my favorite You Tube Workout Video- now you have no excuses for not working out. Hit The Beach – If you live near the coast, there are lots of ways to stay fit at the beach. Go for a jog(the sand will make it an exciting challenge), go for a swim, walk or bike the boardwalk, or even sea kayak! Then you’ll be able to use the track, the field, and even those steep bleacher seats for an endless variety of exercises.

It’s a great way to meet new people and have a good time while you get a good workout!

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