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When performing any of these moves, remember to maintain proper form and wear supportive shoes. The person stands on flat surface and steps forward with one leg and bends down until the front knee is at ninety degrees angle and the back knee almost touches the surface while keeping the upper body straight. A plyometrics exercise where the squatter engages in a rapid eccentric contraction and jumps forcefully off the floor at the top of the range of motion. Performed by jumping to a position with the legs spread wide and the hands touching overhead and then returning to a position with the feet together and the arms at the sides. This is a highly effective leg workout routine that can be performed in the comfort of your own home, without having to visit a gym. The 12 At Home Leg Day Workout is designed to tighten and tone the entire lower body through by utilizing both large and small muscle groups such as the calves quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Through the use of both static and dynamic moves this routine will definitely provide results if performed on a consistent basis. When performing any of these moves, it is important to maintain proper form in order to reduce the chance of injury. Deadlifts can be performed using dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells with one hand or two hands & with one leg or two legs.
Overhead squat the barbell is held overhead in a wide-arm snatch grip; however, it is also possible to use a closer grip if balance allows. The goblet squat is great for teaching technique to beginners and for major squat movements where weight isn’t the focus. The Swiss ball hip raise and leg curl is a multi-joint exercise that targets the hamstrings and glutes and improves hip mobility and flexibility.
A bodyweight squat done on one leg to full depth, while the other leg is extended off the floor.
Resistance Band Box Jumps are effective fat burning power cardio workout that develop explosive lower body power as well as your vertical jump height. Box Jumps are not only great cardio, but also effective at working your hamstrings, glutes, calves and core.

Adding a resistance band to box jumps encourages your smaller glute muscle, glutes medius to activate by preventing your knees from caving in. Mom of a little girl who loves to bake with me and dreams of rock climbing and wife to a loving Paleo clean eating husband of 7 years. You don't need any equipment to do this workout, but if you want an extra challenge, feel free to grab dumbbells for the lunges and step ups. This way, you ladies will be able to look at the exercise library (soon to come) and say, ” ok, I want to burn a lot of calories this week.
When squatting or performing any exercise where bending at the knee is required, never let your knees extend forward over your toes and do not let your glutes drop below your knees to prevent injury. The persons then pushes back with the front leg to a standing position and repeats the exercise with the alternate leg. Sometimes known as jumping jacks and stride jumps or side-straddle hops in the US military.
However, it does utilize a few pieces of basic fitness equipment that can generally be found in any home gym.
This is a fairly long routine, involves split squats, dumbbell deadlifts, dumbbell squat thrusts, goblet squats, jump squats, standing dumbbell calf raises, Swiss ball knee tucks, dumbbell lunges, dumbbell side lunges, single leg squats and rope jumping. But utilizing compound movements, such as performing overhead presses after a squat, you are in burning more calories than of performing these moves alone.
As you progress with the routine, add more reps and more weight to each exercise for resistance. They are frequently done on a raised surface with the heel lower than the toes to allow a greater stretch on the working muscles. Bring your knees towards your chest, effectively pulling the ball towards you in a smooth, controlled motion. The movement is a great way to isolate your hamstrings in a natural range of motion rather than being forced into a certain movement pattern, as is typically found on machines. It's called "The Perfect 10" since we are doing 10 reps of everything and you'll feel like a 10 when you're through!

This leg workout is well rounded to work every set of lower body muscles, including the glutes. Because it is utilizing several sets of muscles at once, the squat produces quick results and can burn a large amount of calories in a relatively short period. This routine consists of bodyweight squats, bodyweight walking lunges, chair squats, jump squats, jumping jacks and lunges with front kicks.
Keep your knees over your ankles and place your weight in your heels throughout the full range of motion.
Be sure your back knee is pointing directly toward the floor and your front knee is aligned with your ankle. Note: To effectively perform the exercise, keep your hips up the entire time and avoid letting them sag during the movement. This is a great workout for your lower-body-strength-training day, or you can add some pushups, dips, and back rows to work the full body.
When you look at the Squat for example, it burns so many more calories than the bicep curl. Weights or other methods of providing resistance are commonly used, but the exercise is also effective with body weight alone.
Jumping jacks and jump squats are perfect for developing and toning this often overlooked muscle. The ball will roll out so your legs are stretched straight outwards and the rest of your body aligns again. Jump vertically towards the box by swinging your arms and pushing your feet though the floor.

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