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The gold's gym Golds Gym Cycle Trainer 290 C Upright Exercise Bike is certainly your wonderful method to modernize your home fitness centre to that next grade. Get an amazing, calorie-burning workout with the Gold's Gymnasium Cycle Coach 290 C Upright Exercise Bicycle. This greatest workout bicycle is outfitted with iFit Workout Card Technologies, with health circuits developed and narrated by certified personal trainers that plug into the bike's console. Ten Personal Coach Workout routines and ten digital resistance ranges enable you to choose among cardio, weight-loss and performance workouts, and adjust your workout resistance for personalised intensity.

The workout bike's Dual-Grip PowerPulse Heart Rate Keep an eye on tracks your heart charge via sensors constructed into the racing handlebars. The Gold's Gymnasium Cycle Coach workout bicycle with admirer features an Intermix Acoustics 2. Furthermore, a CoolAire Workout Admirer will maintain you refreshed and concentrated on your workout! Get comfortable in the adjustable, cushioned seat and commence burning highest energy with the Gold's Gymnasium Cycle Coach 290 C Upright Exercise Bicycle.

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