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With the start of the new school year, I’ve gotten back into the routine of doing core exercises. It doesn’t look like much but I would highly recommend this work out to anyone that spends most of their time indoors at a desk.
Russian Twists – Sit on the floor with your knees slightly bent and your feet just off the floor, so you are balancing on your butt. Alternating Foot Plank – In plank position on your elbows, slowly move your left foot and place on top of your right foot.  Repeat slowly alternating feet for the full minute.
Bicycle Crunch – Support your neck with your hands and touch your left elbow to your right knee then touch your right elbow to your left knee.
This is a tough one your first few times, but as you keep doing  this workout it will get easier and easier and you will be able to hold these moves for the full minutes.  It is fun to see yourself progress! BONUS MOVE – Pike-Ups – If you have a physioball or a TRX suspension system, this is a great workout to kill your abs! I have realized you don't need to be running for hours on end to lose weight or only eat 1200 calories a day.
After you do your HIIT workout that you can actually do off of a treadmill and actually do it outside on some hills or just monitor your speed. My full routine can take over an hour; but even a mere thirty minutes of this a day feels so much better than nothing.

A If you are new to exercise, or if you have any injuries or health issues, do not attempt this workout. If you can’t hold for up to a minute don’t worry, just take a rest for a few seconds and get right back into it until the end of the minute. If you are progressing and want to make this exercise a little more difficult you can slightly lower your hips and bring them back up – try 3 sets of 10. Lay flat on your back with both legs up in the air with the knees straight so that your hips are at approximately a 45 degree angle.
I know it is hard to fit in a full 1-2 hour long workout, so on those days where you are a little too busy, fit this 10 minute workout in for your core.  Working out my core is my favorite type of workout and it will even get your heart rate up so you can get a little bit of cardio in there too.
Turn your upper body and tap the floor with both of your hands on the side of you, turn and repeat on the other side. Remember to take a quick break for a few seconds then get right back into it and finish out the remainder of your minute.
Or you can reach under your body with your top arm and turn your body to come back up to the starting position.
Tighten your core and while keeping your knees straight, bring your feet as close to your body as possible.
A If you are unsure about the technique of any of these exercises, do not attempt without consulting a fitness professional.

It is perfect for a quick workout at home or on vacation at the hotel because it only uses your body weight. If you find yourself arching your lower back, take a break and resume when you are able to hold your back straight.
I am not a professional, I am just a young mom who lost 100 lbs and am now trying to build my muscle definition. I enjoy watching your journey and being inspired by you to make getting into shape a realistic and attainable lifestyle, especially with young children. Is there any way that you could do a post on a good weight lifting schedule with what machines?
I am so intimidated by gyms but I think if I went in knowing what to do each day and the names of the machines then I wouldn't be so stressed!!

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