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About UsRiver Oaks Chiropractic & Body Works wellness clinic in Houston, Texas, was founded by Dr. DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression MachineThe Texas Spine Clinic offers some of the finest technology in the treatment of back pain and Sciatica. We use the DRX 9000, otherwise called spinal decompression therapy, in order to treat patients with herniated discs and degenerative disc disease. It's the most advanced, nonsurgical, and noninvasive treatment solution we have today in spinal procedures. Most of these patients that I see have a difficult time sitting, standing, walking, sleeping. The key to spinal decompression, and what sets spinal decompression apart from other types of spinal traction technologies is being able to isolate the disc. Lordex Spine InstituteLeague City, TX Chiropractor - Lordex Spine Institute - Chiropractic clinic in League City, TXLeague City's neck and back pain specialist.
The contents of this website including text, graphics, images, and other materials are provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional health advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
Working with Doctors, we have constructed a mattress and adjustable base system designed specifically to provide a unique spinal decompression experience at home both before and during sleep – all while still providing the benefits of a traditional hospital or adjustable bed. The intelli-GEL cushioning layer has the unique ability to keep your upper torso in place while the adjustable base elongates your spine.
Proper alignment support is also critical for the overall health of the spine during sleep. To offset this pressure on our lower spine, it is very important to find a sleep surface that pushes our hips and shoulders up and into proper alignment. As you raise the spinal decompression mattress to the upright position, this puts pressure on your discs, anchors your body in place and pushes existing fluid and used up nutrients out of your discs.
As the disc is stretched out, the nutrients surrounding the disc are pulled inside replenishing the fluid and providing the moisture it needs to work properly and regenerate itself.
The materials used in the construction of our sleep system are what distinguish our bed from others on he market. The intelliGEL mattress is made from the same material that hospitals use to treat burn victims.
The adjustable base is warranted by Leggett & Platt and has a limited lifetime warranty and national inhome support. Our patented intelliGEL material last longer than other beds, is nontoxic, and offers the best of both worlds in terms of support and comfort. The intelliGEL allows your hips to sink into the mattress, yet still have your lower back and hips supported.
This is especially important for people who suffer from Fibromyalgia, hip or shoulder pain, or arthritis, or those who want a comfortable night sleep without tossing and turning. Click on the links below to see our videos about:- What sleep specialists and DC's think of intelliBED.
Tens of thousands of people are already saving money every day on back treatments (and surgeries) by doing spinal decompression at home.
A high-quality spinal decompression machine at home is probably the best way to relieve your back pain without spending thousands of dollars for chiropractor treatments. This guide will show you the top 3 spinal traction home devices options in the market and where to find the best price for them.
Statistics find that a good quality home device can even prevent back surgery, if you use it properly. More and more people discover the powerful pain-busting ability of home traction devices – Without medication. A well designed home spinal decompression machine can be just as effective the fancy DRX 9000 at your chiropractor’s clinic, for a fraction of the cost. Before you go and look for bargains at Walmart or on Amazon, know this: Not all traction devices are equally effective and safe.
A low quality inversion table will have a disastrous impact of your back pain and may make it much worse.
In my opinion and through my research, I’ve found the top 3 options for spinal decompression at home.
Inversion tables can be effective for herniated discs, bulging discs, sciatica and pinched nerve, degenerative disc disease and arthritis joint pain.
I found a number of studies showing that many back surgeries have been cancelled after patients used an inversion table as little as eight times.
But,  if you are not sure that an inversion table is right for you,  The Healthy Back Institute offers a risk-free Trial for an excellent inversion table – So if you don’t like it you can just return it and not pay a dime.

This spinal decompression machine is portable and much smaller, so it’s ideal for small spaces. The Nubax Trio is only recommended for middle and lower back pain (from the shoulder blades to the SI joint) but it’s an excellent alternative to those who feel uncomfortable inverting.
The Nubax Trio is easier to get in and out of and it allows you to apply as little or as much traction as is needed. In one study by the School of Sport Science, Exercise, and Health in Western Australia, the Nubax was shown to give 100% improvement for users – In physical function, stiffness and pain – Within the first three weeks!
I searched for the best price for this machine and found that (as usual) the best price is online. But, if you buy it on The Healthy Back Institute website, you can get a payment plan, which makes it a little more affordable.
There’s nothing in it to break or go wrong, you’d need a hammer or a big dog to cause any damage to it. The design is quite simple: When you are lying on the True Back, the 30 suspension points molded into the center rails support your body weight and create pressure to the muscles on each side of the spine. This pressure allows for the muscles to completely relax, and thus boots your blood circulation. It decompresses your spine and you are passively stretching in opposite directions while being supported in the correct position. Are there any studies to show this type of decompression helps the way a decompression device in a doc’s office does? I am in terrible pain almost all the time that even opiate pain medication does not completely help. If your problem is osteoarthritis you can try inflammation-fighting herbs, infrared red light therapy, proper nutrition, muscle balance therapy and more. I had laminectomy back surgery last year dec 2 and still feeling tightness in the legs and feet. If you’ve had back surgery you should check with your doctor first, to be on the safe side.
What is the best “inversion” device for those people who have bad knees (and cannot use an inversion table), but have problems with their ENTIRE back (not just their middle and lower back)? In my experience, the best spinal decompression device for people who can’t use inversion tables is the Nubax Trio Back Traction device. It works on the entire back, though not the neck, and it has very high user ratings all around. As for neck pain, you should use a separate device, inverting and traction doesn’t really treat the neck, but you can easily do neck traction at home. I recommend that you look around in that blog, you’ll find a lot of useful information. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
I've been using the technology about seven years and it's actually quite a comfortable treatment for patients.
The task of relieving pain comes about as a result of drawing areas of herniated disc back into place.
The Lordex Spinal Decompression Unit then comfortably tractions the spinal joint, decompressing the disk and reducing pain. This slight decompression therapy can make a drastic difference in your quality of sleep and your ability to attain level III and IV sleep.
The discs of the back, however are avascular, meaning that they don’t have any blood supply to them. When this fails, the pain level for the disc impaired sleeper makes deep, restful sleep very elusive. This creates a negative pressure that will pull new fluid and nutrients into the affected area.
Industry testing shows this bed will wear for 20 years without showing hardly any wear (only a 3-4% softening during that period). This causes your lower back to be poorlysupported, which can cause back pain and restless nights. No other bed does this as well as the IntelliBED, as you can see in these pressure map comparison charts.
All of these systems are backed up by real research – and they won’t be too costly either. I am also an alternative health therapist and after a horse accident that had me off work for 18 months with back problems I bought an inversion table and find it useful.

I am afraid of trying inversion tables because i already have a full right hip replacement and now am in serious need of having my left side done. My dad has an inversion table and wanted to know would it be good to use that and relieve some of my back decompression. Your position on the table, the harness and the angle of the gentle distration allows for accurate and focused treatment to the affected disc. Warren with the guiding principle of relieving pain and improving one’s overall health naturally so that her patients can live life to the fullest in optimum health. Patients get the most relief while they're on the machine, because it actually takes the pressure off the painful disc and off the painful nerves, and allows them to relax and get relief. The treatment is designed to reduce pressure in the disc,but at that same time, stretch the disc fibers, which creates a healing response. The proprietary equipment developed by Lordex took 15 years of research to become what is now known in doctors’ offices across the country as the Lordex Lumbar Spine System. Decompression achieves this by creating negative pressure within the disc, referred to as negative intra-discal pressure. Unlike conventional traction that stretches the back only, the Lordex Decompression procedure aids in reconstitution and disc healing, allowing increased circulation to the damaged area. This provides optimal support for the spine because when it isperpendicular to the hips and shoulders it reduces the gravitational pull on the spinal column.
The Spinal Decompression sleep system by intelliBED is designed to provide spinal decompression, and then maintain the proper alignment so your body can continue to heal itself while you sleep! The warranty is 20 years with the first 10 years full coverage and the second 10 years prorated.
However, it shouldn’t be used by people who have pressure problems in their eyes or bad leg circulation as when they come back up again it can cause a blockage. The pulling action creates a negative pressure inside the herniated, bulging, or deteriating disc, allowing it to retract naturally, thus relieving disc pressure on the nerve. And usually, they look forward to coming in.The actual process feels like a general stretch on the spine. Our licensed chiropractic clinicians use a series of non-surgical techniques to reduce and in most cases eliminate your pain. The system is comprised of the Lordex Decompression Unit, the RX1 Lordex Strength Restoration machine, and the therapist-assisted Lordex Stretch-Flex program. This creates essentially a vacuum to draw the bulging and herniated disc material back into the disc space and relieve pressure. Spinal Decompression is a technique that gently stretches the spinal column, elongating the discs which creates a negative pressure inside the discs and allows the discs to better draw needed moisture and nutrients inside.Restful, deep sleep is critical for the disc impaired sleeper as it is during stages III and IV sleep that the brain repairs the body and assists in healing the wear and tear experienced during the day. But what happens when we sleep and gravity exerts the greatest pull under our lower torso area because that is where we carry the most weight?
We believe your time is valuable, same-day appointments are available and consultations are always free.
As the ligaments that hold disc material in place become stretched or torn due to bulging and herniation, decompression strengthens the ligament bands that hold the disc material in place to heal & prevent future recurrence. Too much pressure is placed on the lower vertebrae area, we hammock and the muscles holding our spine strain to support the sagging area. In most cases the healing process requires only a few weeks of treatment on an out-patient basis. Your health is our priority and NO ONE will work harder to give you the pain-free life you deserve. We have committed to undergo expert training in the delivery of decompression and dedicate a large portion of our practice to the relief of severe and chronic low back pain. The motion also can resupply the disc with nutrients and blood contact that help the disc heal from the inside out. Lordex guests have been able to enjoy a clinical success rate of 86% for favorable treatment, greatly enhancing their overall quality of life.
Following each procedure, patients generally undergo a stretch and flex program designed to improve lower extremity flexibility and range of motion. It has been clinically observed that the best long-term results occur when individuals take an active part in prevention. Once a patient concludes 20-30 hours of Lordex procedures, normally spanning a four to six week period, they are prescribed a continuous home care package, including our video guide on proper use of strengthening equipment.

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