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There are endless ways you can use decorative concrete to enhance the curb appeal and durability of your home's exterior, from stamped concrete driveways and patios to concrete architectural accents and roof tile (see Home Exterior Options for Using Concrete). You're probably already familiar with some of the green benefits of concrete as a building material, including resource efficiency, durability, and thermal mass. There are four different exterior concrete wall systems you can choose from to improve the sustainability and weather-tightness of your home: cast-in-place concrete walls (where the forms are removed once the concrete hardens), precast panels, concrete blocks, and insulating concrete forms (ICFs). Precast concrete roof tiles have a life span of 50 years or longer, compared with 25 years or less for standard asphalt- or fiberglass-based shingles.
Using cast-in-place concrete or decorative interlocking concrete pavers to build your sidewalks, driveways, and backyard patios offers a multitude of environmental benefits. There are a number of cement-based wall finishes you can choose from to dress up your home's exterior. Pervious concrete, a porous paving material that captures rainwater and allows it to percolate into the soil, is an eco-friendly solution in areas where stormwater management and reducing pollution runoff are concerns. Recycling can be incorporated into just about every aspect of home landscaping with concrete.
If you have an old concrete patio, driveway, or walkway removed, save money and help conserve resources by reusing the concrete rather than having it hauled away to a landfill.
Good Price Cement Pipe Making Machine for Water Drainage - Vertical Vibration Casting Concrete pipe making machine This machine is easy to operate, much higher efficiency, and full-automatic. New Building Material Precast Concrete Wall Panels Lightweight Energy Saving Vanjoin lightweight compound EPS sandwich panels is a kind of energy saving light weight heat and thermal insulation compound board.
JPX30 balanced cantilever segmental launch gantry for precast bridge construction Summary Segmental Launching Gantry is generally used in the erection of the Highway Bridge and Subway Bridge, using the precast segmental pre-stress concrete box beam (PC beam) assembly. Address: 3F, Block B, Wenchang Building, International Enterprise Center, Donghu High Tech Zone, Wuhan City, P. Vertical Hume Pipe Making Machine for Precast Concrete Pipe is the most advanced and popular pipe machine in the world, our company import the technology of western countries, and devote ourselves to provide the best solution of the Concrete pipe machine for the customers from the world.
AAC Precast Interior Wall Panel INTRODUCTION AAC (shorted for autoclaved aerated concrete) panels are mainly made of silica sand, cement, aluminium, lime, gypsum, processing in the condition of high temperature, high pressure and steam curing. Good Price Cement Pipe Making Machine for Water Drainage - Vertical Vibration Casting Concrete pipe making machineThis machine is easy to operate, much higher efficiency, and full-automatic.

But in addition to improving the aesthetics of your home, decorative concrete is also a great choice if you're concerned about minimizing your home's impact on the environment. With ICF walls, the concrete is pumped between two layers of polystyrene foam insulation, so they offer superior insulating values and airtightness, dramatically reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and cool a home. If they ever do need to be replaced, the old tiles can be recycled to make new tiles or other products. Concrete is made locally and only in the quantities needed for each project, making it one of the most resource-efficient materials you can use. Traditional stucco (or portland cement plaster) has been used for decades as an exterior finish material for homes, but it's gaining new appreciation for its many sustainable qualities, including fire resistance, excellent weathering characteristics, low maintenance, and resistance to rot, mold and termite infestation. Pervious pavements will also channel more water to the tree roots and landscaping on your property, so there is less need for irrigation.
Although this mineral is abundant, you can conserve resources and help to recycle waste by substituting a portion of the cement with fly ash, slag cement, or silica fume, all byproducts from power plants, steel mills, and other manufacturing facilities.
You can mix all sorts of inexpensive recycled materials into concrete to create unusual artistic effects, including broken or crushed glass, recycled aggregates, crushed seashells, and bits of scrap metal. Many companies process reclaimed concrete into a substitute for crushed stone, which has a number of viable uses around the home.
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It can be used to produce the concrete pipe from DN600-3600mm, length 2-3 meter, and range from reinforcedConcrete pipe, Steel Jacking pipes, Box culverts, and the lined PVC or HDPE cement pipes.Details1) Concrete feeding conveyor,This conveyor is droved by Variable Frequency motor, rubber belt, easy to maintain and operate. Because of their thermal capacity, concrete roof tiles can also reduce your home heating and cooling costs and maintain more constant indoor air temperatures. What's more, installing a concrete patio rather than a wood deck saves lumber and eliminates the need for regular maintenance with solvent-based wood stains and sealers.
Another option is to cover your walls with a stampable concrete overlay, a lightweight polymer-modified decorative wall system that can be imprinted to mimic natural stone.
For example, you can use the crushed bits of concrete as granular fill, as a base course for a new patio, or as aggregate in new concrete.

The unique variable speed control system promises the concrete feeding continuous, stable, easy to control.
From a safety standpoint, the tiles are noncombustible and won't burn when exposed to flames or sparks.
Because of their light color, concrete slabs also have higher light reflectivity than asphalt pavements, reducing urban heat-island effects. If you like the look of traditional wood clapboard siding, consider installing cement-based cladding, a composition of cement, sand, and cellulose fiber that offers the performance benefits of stucco yet looks like wood. If you want to enhance the appearance of your pervious concrete driveway, you can add integral color to the concrete before it's placed or spray apply water-based concrete stains on the surface after installation.
Widely feeding within the working diameter, one feeding conveyor can be used for the two positions machine.2) Head Pressing machine,It is a movable gantry frame with automatic hydraulic pressing for left and right direction, also up and down direction. They also are available in a variety of classic styles such as barrel, shake, and slate profiles. It is full-automatic the whole production.3) Central Vibrator,This vibrator is installed in the inner pipe mould, consists of four independent sections, sealing reliably.
There is a unique design of the locking system, it is very easy to disassemble and assemble the vibrator when change the inner mould for different pipe specification. Our vibrator is with longer using life, and good performance, easy to maintain, it is the critical part of the whole machine.4) Machine Base Frame,The entire machine frame is made by high strength steel, using the Carbon Dioxide arc welding. Then the cooling system is very important, which will decide the whole vibrator life and working performance. All the electric parts are Schneider, we also design the limited position switches to protect the whole machine, besides, each operation between the machine running will be locked in case of wrong operation.
Our control system is the fruit of our over ten years of efforts, very easy to learn, and use.

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