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Rannoch moor - layout topics - rmweb, Hello , site started layout updates project rannoch moor. Dog agility - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Dog agility is a dog sport in which a handler directs a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy.
New trailers sale minnesota - absolute trailer sales, Best value new trailers for sale from absolute trailer sales at our dealership in the twin cities area, minnesota. Federal Center South Building 1202 is the result of responding to both the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which focused on improving our nation’s infrastructure and creating jobs, and the U.S. The project’s integrated design-build team developed a design and construction solution that fuses programmatic, functional, and aesthetic objectives while achieving a new standard for high-performance, cost-effective and sustainable workplace environments. Driven by aggressive sustainable design and high-performance goals, the design integrates active and passive systems, materials, and strategies in new ways. Going beyond GSA’s project requirement of LEED Gold certification, the project team has taken upon itself to attempt to achieve LEED Platinum and is currently tracking one point below Platinum.
The project is one of the first in the region to use structural piles for geothermal heating and cooling, as well as a phase change thermal storage tank. To meet Federal security and anti-terrorism requirements, the building is not accessible to the public. The former brownfield site, in south Seattle’s transforming industrial area, is not yet a truly walkable or interactive neighborhood.
Located on the banks of the Duwamish Waterway—a superfund site—the ecology of the site and goal to return the riverbank to the USACE was of significant importance. The project transforms 4.6 acres from 100 percent impervious to 50 percent pervious landscape. Central plant equipment was placed on the roof of the office building to preserve more landscaped open space to further reduce impervious area.
Early design studies were used to optimize orientation and massing for annual energy use, as well as to reduce peak loads and overall HVAC system sizing. Exterior sun-shading elements, clerestory glazing, and internal adjustable window coverings control heat gain, glare and provide uninterrupted views to the outdoors.
The integrated design is developed to avoid the need for on-site renewable generation to meet the required energy goals.
The narrow 60-foot floor plate optimizes daylight penetration, reducing the need for artificial light and associated energy costs. Natural ventilation was originally considered to save energy and promote occupants’ connection to the outdoors. On-site drainage run-off is treated and infilitrated within storm water surface ponds, rain gardens and wet ponds.
An estimated 430,000 gallons of rainwater will be harvested annually—providing a 79 percent reduction in potable water use for toilet flushing and a reduction of irrigation demand by an additional 14 percent. Conventional building systems have been replaced with efficient hydronic heating and cooling. The design aims to capitalize on both daily and seasonal heat exchange patterns to collect thermal energy when available and store it for use when required.
As part of the project’s effort to reuse existing materials, the design-build team reclaimed approximately 200,000 board feet of structural timber and 100,000 board feet of decking from the decommissioned non-historic WWII warehouse on the site.
Construction waste is one of the most significant environmental impacts of the construction industry, with building activity in the United States generating about 40% of the total solid waste stream This project achieved a 99% diversion rate of construction waste. As part of an integrated process, a base building model was developed to explore facade options and a number of technological opportunities. The project is designed to meet GSA’s requirement for a building with a 50-year minimum lifespan, and mechanical equipment that lasts a minimum of 20 years. The U-shaped form of the 1202 building is part of an integrated strategy that provides a flexible workplace footprint with minimal private offices. The highly collaborative design-build project delivery method greatly contributed to the success of meeting, and surpassing, GSA’s performance requirements. During design, as contingency funds became available, the team worked with GSA to introduce betterments to achieve maximum value of the total budget.
Groundsource heat pump system: This hybrid system, in which the GHPS performs the majority of the heating and cooling throughout the year, but a chiller and boiler still exist to handle peak loads, saved $880,000 over the cost of a traditional well field. Under-floor air distribution system provides easy, cost-effective plug-and-play layout reconfiguration options to respond to changing staffing and work structure needs.
The U-shaped building design and inclusion of a covered atrium maximizes the ratio of available floor plate square footage to external skin, minimizing energy loss and envelope costs.
To further enhance the building’s sustainable performance, the team developed, tested and evaluated betterments to the base design during the design and construction of the project so that the owner could incorporate betterments into the project as funding became available. It had a relatively modest budget compared to other commercial office buildings in the NW and for that to produce a building of this quality is quite commendable.
I was interviewed yesterday by a researcher at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government for a case study on the role weblogs played in the downfall of Trent Lott. Another cool thing about driving to NY is when you get close enough to see big green Interstate highway signs that say New York City. We're getting close to June 14, when, last year, to people who read this site I just disappeared. Ed Cone links to a story from Mark Tosczak, a NY Times stringer, on getting credit for his work.
I've given Tim Bray his share of grief, but in this piece about the state of CSS, he nails it. Four years ago: "Salon (justifiably) brags that they've matured to the point where they could send a reporter to Yugoslavia. Cory Doctorow reports on an Apple update that makes it so that iTunes can only stream to people on the same subnet. On Thursday I'm giving a keynote at the Open Source Content Management conference, or OSCOM. There's been a bit of discussion about my last DaveNet piece, mostly users talking about what they're willing to pay, as if they have all the power.
The power of the software developer not to develop is largely silent, so people don't consider it. A professional software organization for a well-supported product has 10-20 people, maybe as many as 30 to 40. Let's say you spend 100 hours a year using a piece of software and assume your time is worth $50 per hour. I don't know if this means anything but there are no stories on Google News about Colorado Governor Bill Owens's veto of the state "Super-DMCA" law. Robert Wiener writes to say that searching for Colorado and veto gets a bunch of hits on Google. Speaking of Google, I was kind of bored and wanted to see how my investment in John Doerr was doing, so I fired up Google, and lo and behold, my story is #3. I wonder why some weblogs so openly say things that are just plain wrong, that are so easily refuted, without presenting the opposing data, or even suggesting it might exist with a disclaimer like imho, or ymmv, or ianal. Most places I don't expect journalism, but some places I do, and they disappoint often enough to make it noteworthy. One thread on a respected blogger's site gives the whole weblog tools market to one of the companies.
BBC: "Jodi Plumb, 15, from Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, was horrified to discover an entire site had been created to insult and threaten her. Ellen Ullman: "To listen to Mr Engelbart that day almost five years ago was to realize that the computer industry, when it started, was not simply about becoming a chief executive or retiring on stock options at 35. Sjoerd: "It is noisy outside, and 2 riot police cars are racing by, because ADO Den Haag has won the 1st division soccer leage. Flying over Boston or NY it's astonishing how much real estate is used to house dead people. I was sitting in a law school cafeteria yesterday thinking how far away I was from the threat of terrorism. Ben Edelman, a Harvard Law student and fellow at Berkman, has been studying Gator, one of the leading advertising servers. Marketing Profs: "Blogs offer the human voice, which can be loud, controversial, and even wacky.
A few people have suggested asking people to send Google API keys they aren't using and rotate them to work around the fatal flaw.

BTW, some people said the Nikon took better pics than the Sony I use now, but I don't think so.
Evan Hansen: "Paralyzed by fears of piracy, the record labels have taken years to get their act together for online distribution. Bloki is "a Web site on which you can create Web pages, right in your browser, with no additional software required. Microsoft's decision to support RSS without arguing over what it is looks smarter every day.
Scoble, who works at Microsoft now, says he likes using a desktop app to write his internal weblog. Disclaimer: I've been trying to work on weblog-tool compatibility issues with Google for the last few weeks. General Services Administration’s (GSA) Design Excellence program which was established to procure the nation’s best architects in order to achieve the most innovative and high performance design in federal government building projects.
The solution synthesizes the Design Excellence project standards, optimal performance, and community connectivity, all fundamental to environmentally responsive design and stewardship of the environment. The project team programmed, planned, and designed the project in under 18 weeks under a performance-based contract with 0.5% of the contract value being retained until confirmation of actual energy performance one year into occupancy.
Its optimized form, systems and building orientation will place Building 1202 within the top one percent of energy-efficient office buildings across the country. Every major aspect of the building is designed in direct response to creating a high performance building that establishes a new workplace standard. Two new products, chilled sails and open office lighting, were developed and manufactured specifically for this project to help achieve aggressive energy targets. The Army Corps of Engineer’s former facility configuration did not meet their seismic, security or operational needs. However, as the first new building on the Federal Center South campus in many years, it celebrates USACE’s mission of transforming and restoring our nation’s waterways with an environmental focus. The site’s industrial past and poor air quality, due to a nearby cement plant, were of chief consideration in the building design. The initial design competition brief required that all storm water be pumped uphill from the site into the city’s municipal storm water system. As a result, the massing concept optimizes north and south orientations and created a central atrium opening to the west, thereby minimizing work spaces on the most troublesome side.
The ribbon system is designed with vertical blades across the entire perimeter and augmented with horizontal sunshades tuned to the orientation starting with zero on the north and transitioning to one, two and three as the facade transitions around the oxbow from east to south.
Initial life-cycle cost analysis of a solar domestic hot water system and supplemental photovoltaic system were outside the range of acceptable return. Ultimately, this was not feasible because of federal security requirements and poor air quality stemming from the proximity of a cement plant. The runoff is collected around the perimeter of the site and directed to the western-most pond, mimicking natural site drainage patterns, and leveraging low-impact development techniques. In addition, potable domestic water use is reduced by 58 percent through efficient fixtures, low-water landscape and rainwater reuse. To enable these systems to perform at an optimal capacity within the project budget, an efficient building envelope—offering a high level of solar control and high performing glass, while transmitting ample daylight—reduces the magnitude of heating and cooling demand. Conditioned air is delivered to the workspace via air handling units and exhausted passively through the atrium to a high-efficiency heat recovery system that preheats the new air as it enters the building. A thermal storage tank containing phase change material (PCM)—a solution that melts at 55°F, is used to absorb heat from chilled beams for use in morning warm-up the following day. Using a phased demolition process, wood components were individually harvested from the warehouse.
A robust building base maintains occupant comfort and is adaptable to programmatic changes without significant impact to energy performance. The campus site can also accommodate the 30-year expansion and redevelopment requirements for a number of other federal agencies. A new model for the Corps that promotes social equity, the open plan creates a healthy, productive, and collaborative environment for the 700 employees who occupy the building. Army Corps of Engineer’s interdisciplinary work culture by providing centralized meeting spaces and kitchen amenities to be shared by all departments.
As part of the one-year Measurement & Verification Plan to ensure energy-performance targets are met, a real-time dashboard system will provide instant feedback on energy use, helping to foster good environmental habits for the occupants. This was especially important because all systems were exposed in the building’s design, thereby making the systems an integrated part of the architectural aesthetic. Driven by the need to optimize schedule and budget, the design solution incorporates a number of strategies to maximize life-cycle, cost savings and value for every dollar of ARRA funding invested.
Through this process the project team was able to add rainwater harvesting, a geothermal system, enhanced lighting controls, an energy dashboard, and improved glass in the main skylight.
This risk is shared between the contractor, architect, and the major subcontractors and design consultants who have primary responsibility for the building’s energy performance. It’s for the Army Corps Engineers and it feels like an appropriate home for them in that sense.
There's something for everyone, whether you like Bill Gates or Richard Stallman, or neither. Bragg's colleagues on the national staff had exchanged phone calls and e-mail messages, angered by comments from Mr. As OSCOM starts, the issues of interop betw content management tools is very hot in the open source world thanks to work by Paul Everitt and Gregor Rothfuss. Using my wingy-dingy new search engine, I found a great reference, a mini-article entitled Oh Lieberman, which should have been entitled Oy Lieberman. Sure the original author may toil at a money-losing labor-of-love long past the point where it has been proven not to be viable, but what about the people he or she is not hiring, the manual writers, testers, more programmers, a sales person, a marketing person perhaps, to work on ease of use and to keep the website current. So when you hear yourself complaining about software quality, think about how much money the developer of the product has to fully support it. They link to one press release from the Music Indistry (sic) News Network commending the governor for the veto.
BTW, I wasn't thinking Google might have been holding back, I was thinking the newspapers were.
Microsoft's developer program was kaput, everyone who was anyone wanted to develop for the Web, and that led them to Netscape and Sun, and away from Microsoft. Being in a dead software market is no fun, even when you haven't signed on with the dying platform vendor.
He's got a Web app that simulates a Gator client, and sends messages back to Gator asking for ads to display on certain sites. Somehow MS has taught its people not to care about issues that are not related to success or failure of products. I've noticed that it colors how I think about them, not in a positive way, and felt I should disclose that, since I write about them here on Scripting News. To optimize the use of the available reclaimed timbers, the team designed, tested, and constructed the first wood composite floor system in the United States. GSA conducted an evaluation of alternatives, including the renovation of the Corps’ existing space and concluded that reinvesting in the site for the development of a high-performance workplace would meet the security and growth requirements more cost-effectively. Building 1202 renews the campus while celebrating the adjacent, historic Albert-Kahn 1930 designed former Ford Motor Company building 1201. While desirable, natural ventilation was not feasible because of particulates in the air and Department of Defense security requirements.
The central atrium approach also provided cost savings and energy-efficiency benefits, allowing the various USACE departments to share conference room amenities, thus resulting in reduced square footage and permitting a different mechanical approach to these spaces from the regular office spaces.
Peak cooling loads are targeted for a 30% reduction in the perimeter zone, resulting in a 10% reduction in the central plant cooling capacity. The roof is designed to allow the installation of a photovoltaic array in the future should the life cycle cost benefits improve.
The atrium experiences a variety of changing light experiences as the sun moves across the sky.
Instead, 100 percent outside air, MERV 15 filtered, flows into workspaces via under-floor plenums and then exits the building through the Atrium. The rainwater reuse system captures water from the roof and stores it in a 25,000-gallon cistern and treats it prior to being used for toilets, irrigation, a rooftop cooling tower and water features in the atrium. Similarly a ground loop acts as a heat source for efficient heat pumps in winter when there is not enough heat collected from the chilled beams.

The team pulled nails, unfastened bolts, removed brackets and devices, trimmed out fractures, and sorted the wood before it was shipped to a local mill for structural grading and fabrication for use in the new building.
The design provides the greatest flexibility and collaboration as well as the maximum building area enclosed within the minimal envelope.
Studies indicate that the operating and employee costs of a building over a 25-year cycle are 90 percent of the costs, compared with the initial construction, which are about 10 percent.
One was a phase-change material as part of their energy management system and another in a composite wood floor that they describe as being the first application in North America of that particular material. To me it was the day I quit smoking, and also the day I checked into the hospital (when I wrote that post I didn't know for sure I'd have to go into the hospital, but I wasn't surprised when I did). In my talk yesterday I said this was a species of software developer with a lot of power, a beast of the 80s, extinct this century. Before that I told the story of how XML-RPC came to be, and how Eric Raymond liked it so much. By making my position public about the equivalent issues in the weblog world, I will be joining with them in requesting that we put aside our differences (I'm not sure there are any) and establish a set of principles on how we build from here. Financiers invested, and gave back to the university so the next generation of technology entrepreneurs could be educated, nutured and launched." It wasn't clear that financiers invested in the companies started by the students, not in the work done at the universities. He met up with the proprietor of that site at a place in NYC called Alt.Coffee on Avenue A in Manhattan. How about a couple of tech support people (so they can take a vacation once in a while, it's a tough job). When you buy a new computer you probably pay a few hundred dollars for software, most of it going to Microsoft. How much self-respect is there in paying nothing for software that leverages so much of your time? So even if you don't want to pay for the time-leverage software delivers, would you pay money to keep your money safe? Is it based on features, or any deep understanding of how the products work, or the economics of the market? Hosting is a tricky business, as we found out, there are ISPs who now host MT sites that must somehow be included in their plans, yet there seems to be no mention of them in the FAQ. Here's how I like to look at it -- formats and protocols are tools, details; the important thing is functionality delivered to users. In addition to creating a more sustainable workplace environment for the USACE, a key design goal was to create a flexible work environment offering a sense of place and community for the 700 employees who occupy the building. The new 1202 building signifies the resilience and future of the campus and the Corps, akin to the 1201 building, itself a recovery and sign of regeneration following the Great Depression. To ensure a high level of indoor air quality, 100% filtered outdoor ventilation air is delivered underfloor.
On-site drainage runoff is treated within storm water surface ponds, raingardens, and wet ponds, and then infiltrated. A varying degree of frit across the glass roof responds to solar exposure, balancing light, views to the sky, and solar gain. Air handlers with heat exchangers at the top of the roof filter and temper incoming air from the exhaust air that rises naturally through the atrium.
To optimize the use of the available size the engineer suggested the use of composite design for the floor system.
It had an intriguing structure of composite, concrete and timber, with each material, each component, working the best way that it can.
That's all there is to it, except when you really want to get it you should let just a hint of an R back. Shortly after my reappearance, Seth Dillingham said something really nice and very memorable. Apparently he went over his allotted time, I wanted to ask him to comment on the opportunities for open source projects to integrate with commercial software. I polished my skills as a user, and watched other people learn weblogs, saw what they got, and didn't. Then I hazarded a guess that if Eric had dinner with Bob Atkinson, one of the co-designers of XML-RPC, that they'd agree on a lot, and probably enjoy each others' company, even though Bob is a senior guy at (you guessed it) Microsoft. I've tried to explain the issues in non-technical terms, yet of course as soon as words like APIs and XML appear a lot of ordinary people tune out. Some of them are great writers and have passion for the truth and aren't serving the same masters that the bigtimes at WSJ, NYT and CNN. It's about a 20-minute drive to the office, not as convenient as living in Cambridge, but very sweet. If you pay nothing for software, you probably won't die from it, but you may lose data, you're virtually certain to waste time, and at some point, money. I have data that contradicts theirs, fairly superficial stuff -- why, on investigation didn't they uncover it?
If there are any busdev people I need to talk with at Google, I guess now's the time to do that. 100% of the storm water will be collected around the perimeter of the site and directed to the western-most pond, thereby eliminating the need to connect to the already over-taxed city storm water system. A series of exterior rain gardens were designed to drain and treat a 95th percentile rain event, entirely on-site eliminating the need for a connection to the city’s overtaxed storm water system.
Also, reading the highway signs I kept seeing Oxford, which I wanted to write as a hex number: oXF08D.
And for sure, on May 31, 2002 I had chest pain, and was in denial on how sick I really was. I asked other people for ideas of what made weblogs different from professional pubs and Wikis. They still are, but after SOAP and XML-RPC they could just as easily be running on a server farm.
And most of them don't have websites, yet, largely because it is too complicated and expensive to have one. And if you pay $10 or $20 to use a piece of software, the software isn't paid for if the software isn't generating enough money to be fully supported or developed. Why don't a small number of users of the popular weblog tools work together to create an authoritative review of the category and show us how the products compare. It takes better pictures than the Nikon if I actually have it with me when I see something photo-worthy.
Unfortunately I don't have any money to pay them for this, but I'm afraid that's what they're going to want to talk about. Current air quality conditions don’t warrant the additional system, but space has been built in to accommodate a charcoal filtration system in the future as needed. You can certainly feel good about giving the money, but you're probably not going to get what you want or think you deserve in the way of support or upgrades for that kind of money.
I'm working on a taxonomy of weblogs for the two conferences I'm keynoting in the next two weeks.You can start there if you want but you probably don't need my help. That's what I liked the most about Ringo, he needed a little help from his friends, and he appreciated it too.
If you have a pain inside your chest where your heart is, go to see a doctor now, don't think you can exercise your way out of the corner. In other words, I did something rather unlike a weblog to try to get to the core of what one is. And get this -- this isn't just for Radio users, we created an open system that anyone can ping. The first hit took me to a guy about the right age, living in about the right place, but on further inspection I noted that (gullp) he died. Since there's no year on it, it's impossible to know if it's the Mitchell Stern I knew as a kid.
Here I sit 4 hours by car from NY, if I want a good pizza, I have to go there, they don't make it here. Think of all the bandwidth that's wasted by search engines looking for changes on pages that never change.

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