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February 28, 2013 by Nicole 9 Comments The best thing about these end-of-the-month roundups is that they remind me to put my rent check in the mail. Before I get to this workout challenge, I have an exciting announcement: I’m officially a Tribesports Blog Partner!
As for this legs challenge, I completed it in 10 minutes and followed it up with the core challenge and then 30 minutes of cardio on the elliptical—a great workout! I like to workout in the morning because it leaves me energized for the day, but some days I wake up and am just NOT. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Besides providing killer workouts like this legs challenge and the core challenge I posted last month, Tribesports offers an entire online community for health, fitness and sports enthusiasts. One minute of high knees is no walk in the park, so right off the bat your heart rate is going to be pounding with this workout. I needed something quick that would hit all the major muscle groups, and the No Nonsense Circuit Workout took about 25 minutes and did just that. I think you can search for me by name (Nicole Perry), but I’m admittedly not very active on it yet.
I'm Nicole, a group fitness instructor, healthy lifestyle blogger (you probably figured that one out by now) and Certified Personal Trainer living in Boston, MA. You create a profile, take fitness challenges (it’s a great way to track your progress and stay accountable for goals you set!) and join “tribes” based on your fitness interests.

It’s kind of like a Facebook for fitness enthusiasts—only it’s way better than Facebook because no one will post 17,000 pictures of their newborn babies on your newsfeed.
In addition to building out my own profile, I’ll be providing Tribesports with content from time to time, and will certainly keep you guys in the loop when I do!
If I were to do it as my only workout of the day, I would probably add a few more rounds of the circuit.

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