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If you want to build muscle fast there are a few very important factors you need to be aware of. Productive mass building workouts are centered on one concept and one concept only; progressive overload. Also, you need to be sure that you are using big, compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and chin ups with heavy weights.
Another thing that will help you build muscle fast is paying the utmost attention to your recovery. Although most people overlook its importance, stretching is another crucially important component of a good muscle building program.
If you follow the tips above you will build muscle fast; perhaps faster than you ever imagined.
The image on the right is a sample of the second set of pages that come out of your printer when printing a workout routine using FitnessBliss Bow.
This section displays 2 images for the two frames that make up each bowflex exercise selected. Also, just below, the name of the main target muscle as well as the list of every secondary muscles being targeted is displayed here.

So whenever in doubt, consult this section for some tips on how to best perform the various bowflex exercises.
The Adductors are a group of muscles that include: the Adductor Magnus, Longus and Brevis, the Gracilis and the Pectineus.
The Adductors originate on the pelvic bone and attach at intervals along the length of the femur. The primary function of the Adductors are adduction (the movement of the leg in towards the centerline of the body). The muscle anatomy descriptions and picture on this page were provided courtesy of Nick Nilsson.
First of all, if you have less than Herculean genetics you need to be sure to avoid overtraining.
You have to consistently get stronger and lift more weight and do more reps if you ever want to get bigger. Don’t waste your time with isolation exercises and pumping techniques that do nothing to help you build muscle fast. You should be getting as much rest as possible which includes sleeping a minimum of eight hours per night and hopefully even taking a short nap during the day.

Stretching can help tight muscles grow more efficiently and can even help prevent injuries in certain instances. This interval attachment provides the most power and stability for the hip joint and the femur. Doing the same thing repeatedly will get you absolutely nowhere and is a complete waste of your time. Going longer than this without a meal will impede your progress and you will never get huge. You should be focusing on organic whole foods such as grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds for the majority of your calories. This can be a real massage from a masseuse or just a simple self massage with a foam roller or tennis ball.

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