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I was interviewed for a big name fitness magazine recently and they asked for my top five muscle building and fat loss tips. Just about everyone I know wants to look like Reggie Bush, Nate Marquardt or even Dwight Howard. You should be training for enhanced performance, first and foremost, trying to improve at every workout. When you move your own bodyweight (or bodyweight plus resistance) like you do in a chin up, pushup, squat, parallel bar dip, inverted row, etc.
As far as conditioning and cardio goes, you have to realize that the human body wasn’t designed for repetitive steady state activity but rather short bursts with a wide variety of different movements. So focus on free weights and bodyweight exercises like chins, dips and sprints, play as many sports as possible, and avoid the majority of  strength or cardio machines like the plague. When training for size, strength and speed, quality is always more important than quantity. While some people will argue that extreme amounts of volume are necessary to induce gains in muscular size and strength you have to realize that the single most important factor is progressive overload. Simply focus on doing a low volume of quality training and getting as strong as you can on 5-10 key exercises that always remain constants in your program and you will see dramatic changes in your physique. The first rule of thumb to follow is that if a caveman couldn’t eat it you probably shouldn’t eat it.
Focus on getting the majority of your calories from vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds (all of which can be turned into delicious meals by following the Renegade Recipe Guide) and lean, grass fed beef, free range chicken, bison, wild game and organic eggs, and limited amounts of wild caught fish.
Be sure to drink nothing but pure water and the occasional cup of green tea or glass of red wine.
To take it to the extreme it’s even been recommended to unplug all electronic devices in your bedroom at night.
Jay Ferruggia is a fitness & lifestyle consultant who has helped thousands of guys get fit, get their shit together and start living awesome lives. What if you could gain impressive strength, build serious muscle, and get ripped with no gym memberships or fancy exercise machines? The Rough Strength Files will share with you 42 useful ideas on getting more with less in regards to strength training, nutrition, and mindset.
If you want to add intensity while not adding weight your number one option should be movement further through proper progression.
Its jaime again, how long should I do those basics before I can start doing the extreme calisthenics workouts ?
If you want to train just for fun go to the park and do some pull-ups, dips, push-ups and bodyweight squats.
There comes a time in a gentleman’s life when he realizes that his physical health and physique are important.
Sometimes going back to a routine that you have used in the past is a perfect way to rev up your results. There are fun things to do in this world (besides buying clothes) that actually help you get in shape.
Changing up your workout is essential to continue your progress and advance toward your individual health goals. In celebration of their new launch and the Fitness Challenge, CoolSculpting has a pretty sweet sweepstakes going on.
Some of you may be reading this wondering, are y'all really giving instructions on how to do a push-up? What I've learned in all of my studying and research on nutrition is that simple is best, or less information is more. So if you want to burn fat, EAT, but eat a portion of protein and a portion of carbohydrates for as many meals as possible, and be sure to add a serving of vegetables to at least two of your daily meals. Today we're leaving behind our crazy eating habits and committing to working out on an almost daily basis.
LSU graduate, former athlete, and fitness trainer Starvos will be bringing us weekly workouts to burn fat, gain muscle, or both for the next 3 weeks. When the barbells and machines began to really take over in the second half of the twentieth century, all of the hard-earned, ancient knowledge regarding bodyweight training became considered redundant. Today, bodyweight strength training has been almost totally replaced by weight-training with machines, barbells, and dumbbells. There was one place that the old school calisthenics never died out; a place where the older systems were perfectly preserved, like an ancient insect trapped in amber - in prisons. In my time, I’ve read everything I can about training and exercise, and ways of developing the body with little or no equipment. I’ve made it my job to find out more about old school calisthenics than any other man alive. Paul first entered prison in 1979 and spent nineteen of the following twenty-three years behind bars. Add in some throws, jumps or Olympic lifts for explosive power and strongman training for functional strength and conditioning.
If I had a kid who squatted 135 for 1o reps work his way up to squatting 405 for ten reps he is obviously going to be significantly bigger. Almost nothing that comes in a box or plastic wrapper or that contains any artificial ingredients whatsoever can be considered healthy. If you can’t chew all of your protein (which is the best option) add in a top quality protein powder like Sun Warrior or All Pro Science Grass Fed Whey. Also, remember to avoid conventional, pasteurized dairy, corn, wheat and sugar as these cause inflammation throughout the body leading to pain and disease.
If you are not sleeping you have a major problem and it needs to be addressed with high priority.

First, write down everything you need to do tomorrow so it’s out there on paper and hopefully off your mind. I was quite ignorant for some time and thought that weight training is a must if your goal is to gain strength and build muscle. For me, bodyweight strength training provides one HUGE benefit that blows away any other training implement with ease. Progressions divide your path in learning given exercise from the easiest step to the hardest. This book is an organized treasure chest densely packed with knowledge and practical advice on how to make everything work even if you have nothing. If your body weight excercises take you to failure or near it doesn’t matter if it is a bench press or push-ups. Some people say it’s efficient to build muscle without adding weight (such as vase or sandbag). I’m obsessed with training the legs, and I know about the pistol squat, but I really dig the barbell.
Put time and effort into Weighted Dips, Bulgarian Ring Dips, and Ring Flies, and soon you’ll need a bra. Follow the advice from this article and restrict your daily calories to maintenance or lower. In this moment, he may feel the need to lift some weights, jog on the treadmill for a few miles, or (if he’s bold) take a workout class of some sort.
Adding in a hike, going kayaking, hitting up one of those cool trampoline parks, or playing a sport recreationally are all great ways to burn extra calories and beat that plateau. Hold a light pair of dumbbells with your palms facing each other, and get down into the push-up position.
Then lift the Dumbbell toward the ceiling while rotating your torso in the same direction so you face the side.
Staying in the push-up position bring your feet closer to your head until you body forms an upside down V. As your push yourself up, forcefully pull the weights upward and catch them in front of your shoulders.
With your arms straight, position your hands flat on the floor directly under your shoulders. An easy way to start back working out, if your exercise libido has been low, is to do as many push-ups as you can between commerical breaks. That being said, I never advise clients on caloric intake, but rather STRESS portion control. The bulk of your groceries should be from the perimeter of the store and not from the shelves. And while the challenge officially starts June 1st, we're going to give you the rundown on CoolSculpting now.
Bodyweight training is seen as the feeble sibling of these newer approaches, and has been relegated to the sidelines. The massive revolution in training technology, which killed off old school calisthenics on the outside, never occurred in prisons.
The traditions that were being killed off in gymnasiums up and down the country stayed alive in prisons, because they weren’t choked to death by technology and the money associated with novelty gimmicks.
Beatings and cruel treatment were a part of the expected daily grind, and inmates killed and seriously wounded each other as a matter of routine.
I’ve had the privilege of seeing how hundreds of unbelievably strong and athletic prison-trained men work out, using only their bodyweight. It is the system which is known today as Convict Conditioning, and it’s the subject of this book. During that time he amassed a unique knowledge of how to build body strength through calisthenic movements.
Typical bodybuilding protocols don’t work exceptionally well for the genetically average, drug free lifter. Always strive to increase your performance from one workout to the next by lifting more weight, doing more reps, jumping higher, running faster or getting done in less time. This means you will recruit and activate more muscle fibers, thus you will get bigger, stronger and leaner a whole lot faster. Mercola and Paul Check have gone into great detail about why having these devices on or anywhere near you when sleeping is a bad idea so make sure they’re off and in another room.
The best of them are the ones that have more steps, so the exercise is learned in more gradual manner.
I’m an old skool weight lifter thats drifting towards the wonderful sport of calisthenics. But if your goal is to get stronger and learn some advanced calisthenics skills then you need precise programming.
The difference is that Pistol requires much more balance and control comparing to the Squat. Working out with a friend can help motivate you and the change in routine will challenge your muscles.
Boredom should never be an option, whether it relates to your clothes, to your life, or to your workout.
I use the chart below, which comes from Bill Phillips Eating-for-LIFE Program, to keep it really simple. Dazzled by the new gadgets and the methods associated with them, fewer and fewer people continued using these ancient old school methods and they began to die out. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the guys who got incarcerated and knew how to do true bodyweight training based on strength - the gymnasts, acrobats, circus performers and strongmen - passed their knowledge on to other inmates.

The handful of guys who trained for strength in their cells did so to literally stay alive. This is why squats are superior to leg presses, chins are superior to pulldowns, dips are superior to pushdowns, glute ham raises are superior to leg curls, and inverted TRX rows with a weighted vest are superior to machine rows.
But if I increased his sets from 1 to 50 over that same time period would he make the same gains? And when you finally hit a plateau (which usually comes long after most people think it will as long as they’re training smart) you would simply need to make a few adjustments to get back on the road to progress again. Start following any or all of these tips today and I guarantee you will see some definite improvements. Just imagine (well, super hypothetically), apocalypse came and there are no gyms or weights left on Earth for some reason. If you feel that basic strength training is not enough for growth, add assistance exercises to increase training volume. When you master pistol there’s nothing really you can come up with except adding weighted vest or some kettlebells etc. I have had great success with the classic isotonic lifting in gyms for many years, and have experienced great gains in hypertrophy. It seems the reason barbell back squats can’t be matched is the combination of spinal loading as well as loading on the knee joint and hip.
Especially when your never-ending cycle of weight lifting or treadmilling has left you without results and even worse- bored.
The average water bottle is a little over 16 oz (2 glasses of water), so that means drink 5 bottles of water a day (be sure to recycle). It's one of the best, if not the best total body workouts you can do to not only build muscle and gain strength, but it can expedite the weightloss process. This knowledge - old school calisthenics - was gold in prisons, where no exercise equipment at all was to be found, with the exception of the bars overhead and the floor below. They trained furiously and with enormous seriousness - being powerful was a life or death matter! Medium intensity, steady state cardio that drowns your fast twich fibers in lactic acid, is a great way to kill your speed and explosiveness. Now I have solid experience with this kind of training and here’s the question I want to discuss today: is bodyweight strength training optimal for building muscle? In BBP you can start with an empty bar (which is 20 kg), hardly difficult task for anyone except maybe some weak girls. I think tempo of the negative and positive phases of exercise are much more beneficial to hypertrophy than beginning and end postions. As for leg strength, assuming that you will use additional weight once you’ve mastered the regular Pistol they are pretty close. Whether you lift big like The Rock or prefer to take a more Richard Simmons approach to exercise, there is one thing that is essential to becoming the most in shape you: change. Your body needs energy to burn fat, and it also helps to keep your metabolism (the rate at which your body burns fat) high and steady.
In this sense, those inmates from our past were no different from the Spartans led by Leonidas sixty-eight centuries ago. Seriously, progressive calisthenics give you a lifetime opportunity to train and get stronger. In PPU you start with Pseudo-Planche Push-Ups, these require decent regular push-ups and are pretty hard if executed properly. If your goal is only to build muscle and as fast as possible, then calisthenics are probably not for you. Due to this my weight training and hockey has suffered tremendously, i continued doing weights, but with a technique that allowed some range of motion to ease pressure from my lower back. Develop strength, don’t forget about volume, eat big, eat enough protein, sleep well.
Thus, for example, while performing Pull-Ups bottom position hold will increase demand on the performance but in way of tiring the grip and the whole chain, not tiring target muscles.
They all depended on their power to survive, and in order to develop that power they trained in traditional calisthenics. These exercises are given to school children, weaklings, or are done as warm ups or to develop light endurance.
Compared to the traditional, strength-based attitude, this approach could be called new school calisthenics. But those of you, my friends, who think outside of the box, who are not obsessed with their appearance and want to become superstrong with their own body, are welcome to try bodyweight strength training and get awesome body like a byproduct of proper training and nutrition. Old school calisthenics - which involved bodyweight systems designed to progressively develop inhuman power and strength - have almost died out. I started this blog to give back to the Bar Brother community by sharing my routines, diet tips, failures (An occasional faceplant ;D) and successes.
It doesn’t matter whether you move to another city or another country, whether you have money for gym membership or weights. Ive thoroughly enjoyed doing them, in fact ive enjoyed them so much that ive decided never to punish my back again through weights and to take up calisthenics instead.
Also ive only ever been able to gain mass by going HEAVY in the past ( ive tried press ups before, but i didn’t achieve good mass gains) I understand that calisthenics is great for building strength for core stability (which is the main reason why ive taken up the sport, and to aid in rehabilitating my back) I also would love to gain the mass i used to have via weights. Due to calisthenics being low intensity high reps type of exercise, ive thought about adding a weighted vest to some of the exercises.

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