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Our exercise program combined with a nutritional and balanced diet can lower our overweight health risks.
Calorie Chart You can use the chart below to decide which activity is best for your workout routine. The TargitFit Pro Trainer provides your guests a way to get a workout within the privacy of their hotel room. Extra income can be generated if the TargitFit Pro Trainer is billed as an extra room charge - when the guests check in, your hotel clerk can ask the guest if they would like a portable gym delivered to their room. Doctors and professional athletes have known for years that the best form of resistance training utilizes bands rather than free weight to increase strength and keep injuries to a minimum.

You can use the Calorie Chart below to help you decide which activity is best for your workout routine. And even if the hotel already has a gym offered - many guests will appreciate the ability to also workout within their own room. We are above the upper limit of what is considered a healthy weight if our Body Mass Index (BMI) is above 25. We need to find an everyday eating plan that keeps the weight off and also provides the right balance of calories and nutrition.
It is a simple diagnostic tool based on weight and height to determine if we have a potential weight associated health problem.

Your guests will be able to perform any exercise they normally do in the weight room on the TargitFit Pro Trainer and all without leaving their room. We must turn our diet and workout programs into a lifestyle that leads to lifelong weight control.

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