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3- Day Food and Water Tracker Log (Excel)Guide includes water and food intake including amount, calories, type, time, and fat percentage. A good daily log tracking water and food intake which takes into account your moods throughout the day and times when you eat to allow for a recognizable pattern to be corrected.
7-Day Exercise and Diet Log (PDF)All 7 days on one sheet with 6 meal times slots to enter food consumed. Check out What’s the Right Home Fitness Program for You? or make me your free coach so we can work together to find a plan that fits your goals, fitness level and schedule!

Primary and secondary areas for exercises with weight and reps used make up the strength training portion. You can use them to get a feel for the trainer if you’re trying to decide whether to purchase one of their full fitness programs, to kickstart an exercise routine or as alternatives while traveling.
Cardiovascular exercise is assessed as well.Weekly Summary and Goals Log (PDF)A good log to combine with another as this measures your overall performance for the week. Strength Training, Cardio, and Diet sections are all available to measure time, type, and calories burned.

This premier pre workout supplement is for serious athletes it’s absolutely loaded with clinical doses of everything good in a pre workout! If you have any problem ordering a product from our site, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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