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An employee handbook template is a document which is used to present a perfect well structured format of an employee handbook in such a way that it can be readily used by the employers or employees for their own specifications or requirements. Microsoft® and Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Write clear instructions on how the employees are supposed to carry themselves around when at the place of work, quite an effective way to avoid commotion in the business. There are not standard rules for filling in the template as every company has a different approach to the same. The employee manual is useful in showing the employee the requirements and rules of the work place. It is useful when there are complain that could lead to law suit in the work place An employee manual template is basically a ready to use document which can be taken into use by many employers of a company for their own requirements and specifications. These templates are like customisable documents which come with guidelines in brackets which aim at explaining the method of filling in personal details for the users. Employee handbook which is also referred to as the employee manual is a book given to the employees by the employer or supervisor in the company and this book includes everything about the job, duties and company that the employees are required to know and understand. When a company hires employees, the basic reason behind that is to increase the company performance and profit along with creating better products.
To eliminate the confusion and misunderstanding among the employees, each one of them is given a book which is also known as employee handbook or employee manual. The first and most important part of the employee handbook is the introduction and brief description about why it is important for the employees to have this book and what this book will bring to them. In order to introduce the CEO of the company to the new employees, there is always a greeting or welcome message added in the handbook so that the employees can get to know their employer in a better and close way. This part of the employee handbook tells the employees about the history and biography of the organization. This is like the most important part of the employee handbook because as we have discussed above that the whole idea of distributing the handbook revolves around giving information to the employees about what the organizational goals and objectives are. Related TemplatesEmployee Termination Notice Although it sounds very appealing that when an employer hires a worker, he pays for his duties and anytime the employer thinks the worker is not necessary for the company anymore, he can terminate him but the termination doesn’t happen that way.
Importance of warning […]Business Plan Template A business plan is actually the whole process of running a business in documentation form.
June 30, 2009 by Editor Our Employee Handbook template includes 140 topics in Word™ format, which can be easily modified to meet your organization’s needs. This template includes 100 pages of material, including sections on Employment Status and Records, Employee Benefit Programs, Timekeeping, Payroll, Anti Discrimination, Harassment, Work Conditions, Leave of Absence, Employee Conduct, Disciplinary Actions, IT Policies, and Health and Safety. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Use our Social Media Policy templates to control your employees’ use of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Blogs and more.

TweetScoop.itFor every business organization, it is important for employees to have a handbook where they would base their policies, procedures, behavior and work ethics from.
The Employment Handbook Template for Word is one of the free Word templates that help companies, whether start-up or big or small, to have a clear, well-organized and professional looking employee manual or handbook.
This Employment Handbook Template helps human resources personnel or small to mid-sized business owners to create a handbook that will effectively acquaint employees with the working conditions, policies, procedures, and employment benefits of the company or organization. The format and template of the Employment Handbook for Word is simple, straightforward and suitable for any business or organization. The Table of Contents can automatically update as you work on your Employment Handbook, giving exact page locations for easy access and reference to employees. Employment Policies – gives details to mandatory laws that need to be followed by the company. Employee Communications – details the various ways management communicates with the staff and other ways of organizational communication. This template also has an Acknowledgment Page where employees sign their name and the date of receipt of the handbook. This template is not available anymore, you can download alternatives templates from this link: Employment Handbook Templates for Word.
It tells of how the employee should conduct himself with other employees, office supplies and equipments. The customizable nature of these templates makes them extremely time as well as money saving. is not associated with Microsoft and templates provided are for guide only and not legal. Their output determines the progress and the success of any business and you can find as Sample Business Templates.
But that is not what ay management team would want to be doing on a daily, and that simply means that creating a suitable employee handbook is the only way out. Thus any such document is quite useful as well as important for those companies which do not want to spend time on drafting these manuals.
This is a handbook that is offered by the employer to the employees and it includes the instructions, job duties for each employee, company policies, strategies, future plans and organizational goals as well as a complete guideline for the employees about how to work and behave in the office. This includes everything from the past including the foundation of the company, founders of the company, year when it was started and many other details.
This way the employees can see what the company wants from them and how can they line up their own objectives with the company goals. If you think an employee with good skills and years of experience is a good asset for your company, you are right but it’s certainly […]Employee Pension Plan Template It doesn’t matter how much you love to work and how much money you are making currently but time will come when you won’t be able to work anymore and you will have to decide to retire. A company runs on strategies and plans and without a strategy, there is nothing for the owners and managers of a company to do or to overcome the possible future hurdles and problems.

After you pay online, you are automatically sent to a page where you can download the template online. Employee handbooks are a small investment with great returns when it comes to employee morale, performance, behavior, and obedience and response to standards and protocols.
The headings and subjects like Building Security, Employee Background Check, Absence and Lateness, Confidential Information and Nondisclosure and many others are applicable policies to any company. Furthermore, the topics are organized clearly and effectively, making it easy for managers, supervisors, employees or any member of the organization to look for and locate the topic they wish to know or read about.
Also, the Employment Handbook Template has Appendices at the end of the document for users to add other documents that are not included in the main handbook.
The employee also gets to know what to expect from his employer, it balances expectation of the employee and employer. They play a major role in implementing tasks as required, usually for the good of the company as well as their personal progress and development. If the employees don’t know what the company wants from them and where they need to take the company in the next few years, it is possible that they won’t prove to be a useful asset for the company. After retirement, you won’t be able to work and thus there won’t be any way for you to make any money […]Personal Flexibility Skills Test Sample While working in an organization, it is really important for the employees to stay focused on their jobs and always welcome the changes in the policies and the way they used to work. Business plan […]Employee Motivation Survey Sample It is very common that when someone is working in the same company, on the same position and doing the same duties over and over again, they might lose the motivation which is the key element in order to get maximum performance and hard work from your employees. However, it is also easy for the users to add other chapters or subjects they would wish to cover or are specific in their industry.
But employees cannot work or execute their duties better if they do not have a proper guideline on how to carry themselves around. It is also very important that when there is an unusual situation, the employees have the abilities to […]Warning Notice for Employees A warning notice for employees is also known as show cause notice or reprimand letter to the workers. If you think that your […]Project Management Task List Template It may sounds like a simple job but actually project management is very difficult and complicated field. This is a standard procedure of letting your employees explain their situation in case they are caught in an unusual activity or act of violence in any way. Besides every other thing and issue, it’s not that easy to please a client or provide him exactly what he wants or needs.
Project management is a very broad term which includes number […]Employee Absence Tracking Template It doesn’t matter if you have a small business with just a few of the employees or you run a big company with hundreds of workers but you have to have some process or tool to track the presence and absence of your employees on regular basis.

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