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I think the cyborg box would be alright if its nto your daily driver and its just 5th gear your worried about. In the link i posted they said some parts of the center differential (couple of rods) are in the transfer case, aswell as most of the front diff..
I guess ideally I would talk to someone who has experience with these cars.The transfer case cannot stay on or it won't fit so if it can be removed then it should be viable.

But yeah saying that you're right on that the FWD box is very similar minus the transfer case. I might get a higher FDSo, if the cost of installing an Evo IX gearbox (with 5.6FD if possible) minus the cost of selling my current gearbox is similar to a new diff (as I want to swap the Cusco) and the higher FD then it's viable, but of course if we are talking $5k to make this work then I would not bother.
I am a bit apprehensive though as I have never built an engine before, but I am in no rush so if I do it bit by bit over a year I think I should be able to finish it.

But also the Front Diff the thing that you need the most is on the right on the AWD box and that makes it also part of the transfer case..

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