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The Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG Report on Jobs – published today – provides the most comprehensive guide to the UK labour market, drawing on original survey data provided by recruitment consultancies. The survey’s index of job vacancies rose to a five-month high in March, signalling strong demand for staff.
Average starting salaries for people placed in permanent job roles increased further in March. All four monitored English regions saw rising permanent placements during March, with growth strongest in the Midlands and the South. Midlands-based agencies recorded the fastest increase in temp billings during the latest survey period. Private sector demand for staff remained stronger than that in the public sector during March.
All monitored types of permanent staff registered higher levels of demand for their services in March. Growth of demand was broad-based across all monitored temp categories during the latest survey period.

Athletic trainers are in constant contact with athletes and coaches during most of there job.
Education for an athletic trainer would be a minimum of a bachelor’s degree but most have masters.
To be a good Athletic trainer you need to be friendly to your patients and be able to not get upset when the athlete is upset at you.
Permanent staff placements rose at a rate unchanged from February’s considerable pace, while temp billings growth was only slightly slower than the five-month high recorded in the preceding period. The latest drop in permanent candidate supply was the sharpest in four months, while temp availability deteriorated at the fastest pace since last October.
Some high school courses to take would be in the area of health fitness, safety first aid or psychology. Most athletic trainers move on to bigger an better things like going to a bigger school or even a professional team.
It is very important for the athletic trainer to think and act fast and be ready to perform first aid.

You will need to have good communication skills; it would be helpful during and interview for this job. Athletic trainers do a variety of things like wrapping ankles, wrist and other body parts, and also travel with the team on away games. Physical demands for an athletic trainer would be they have to be able to stand for long periods of time and speak clearly. They also work with the athlete, coach, and family to decide when the player can safely return to play. Athletic trainers have to inspect equipment or playing field to tell the coaches if its safe enough to play on. Another common work activity would be to schedule work activities for an injured athlete to help him recover as soon as possible.

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