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Asymptote is a line that a graph gets closer and closer to, but never touches or crosses it. The number of rows, dots or lines from top to bottom on a printed page, display screen or fixed area such as one inch. Vertical Line Test is generally used to check whether a given relation is a valid function or not. By using vertical line test, first of all draw a vertical line to all the graphs as shown in the figure. Curve 1 is graph of function because its curve satisfy the requirement that each vertical line intersect the curve in almost one pointCurve 2 is not a graph of function because the graph of function x because the vertical line shown there intersects the graph at three points. A vertical line bounded by two points on both its ends is known as vertical line segment and those points are known as end points.
If graph of the function intersects the vertical line more than once at any given value of x, the graph is not a function.

Question: Draw the vertical line for the equations x - 3 = 0 and x + 4 = 0 in the graph and draw line for the points (1, 3) and (1, -2). Graph of the equations x - 3 = 0, x + 4 = 0 and line passes through points (1, 3) and (1, -2) are parallel to y-axis. In this test, we draw a graph of the given relation and after that draw a vertical line on it i.e. Vertical Line Test is generally used to check whether a given relation is a valid function or not.
In an arrow diagram, examine whether each element of the first set has only one image in the second set or not.
The equation of the line which is parallel to vertical axis and perpendicular to y-axis is x = k, where k is the point where the vertical line crosses x-axis. However, if the graph intersects the vertical line no more than once at any given point, it is a function.

A vertical line of symmetry is parallel to a vertical plane.In the above figures (i), (ii) and (iii), the dotted lines are the lines of vertical symmetry, and both the parts of each figure are identical. If the line intersects the graph only at one point then the given relation is a function otherwise the relation is a not a function.For example, f(x) = x is a function because each number x in the domain has only one possible root.
On the other hand, y2 = x + 1 is not a function because there are two possible values for any positive value of x.

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