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Benefits of physical activity during pregnancy During pregnancy your body undergoes changes that can come hand in hand with a number of health problems. In American culture, being healthy and physically fit is emphasized as the ideal and at no other time in a woman’s life is that more important than during pregnancy. Fortunately (though some days it may feel otherwise) it is now acceptable and encouraged for women to keep up their exercise routines during the entire pregnancy. During my own pregnancy, I have been able to keep up my usual three to four days a week workout regimen with the help of a variety of prenatal workout DVDs. One of the best cardiovascular workouts (and the safest) for women is just walking, either outdoors or on a treadmill. Continuing with a light aerobics routine throughout your pregnancy can keep up cardiovascular strength and endurance to sustain you through those long nine months. Yoga increases flexibility and also helps you to focus on your breathing, a good skill to develop for labor. No squat thrusts necessary, but keeping up with a low-impact weight training routine with one to three pound weights or a tension band will reduce the risk of losing muscle mass and also keep some of those areas toned that seem to want to grow right along with your growing belly. Your lungs are now breathing for two and what comes along with that is increasing breathlessness. During pregnancy, your balance will become increasingly off center due to the seven pound weight growing in front of you. These are some great tips, I always thought you couldn’t do very many exercises when you get pregnant. While you are pregnant, you need to be very cautious about your health and fitness as the health and growth of the baby in womb is dependent on what you do and what you eat.
Before we start talking about pregnancy exercises, let us first understand the meaning and importance of exercise during pregnancy.
While pregnant, fitness is indispensable for the health of both the mother and her unborn baby.
To add more, a pregnant lady can take part in regular sessions of moderate exercises lasting for 30 minutes or even more, unless and until she has not been advised by a doctor or midwife to limit her activity level. Need not mention, it is not less than a challenge to find a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy, for the extra 15 pounds in your womb.
Most of the exercises advised during pregnancy include stretching and strengthening of muscles so as to make body strong enough to cope up with pains and aches of pregnancy in a better way. Get your body shape back post childbirth: It is doubtless that every woman wants to gain back the shape that she possessed before pregnancy.

Yoga, the age-old physical and mental disciplines which originated in India, consists of a set of poses and postures specifically geared for expectant moms and their gradually growing bellies.
When you are pregnant, your actions and activities affect the health of both the baby and the mother.
It is always advised to wear comfortable clothes and avoid tight-fighting dresses during pregnancy.
Eating healthy and balanced food is crucial during pregnancy, as you are now feeding two persons at a time- yourself and your baby inside.
The good news is that regular exercise can help to relieve some of these pregnancy-related niggles. So if you are going to become a mother for the first time, this article will be very beneficial for you and your baby. By implementing a suitable fitness regimen including regular exercises, as per one’s individual capacity and needs, a pregnant woman would be capable of securing easier labor as well as delivery. The regular sessions of exercises during pregnancy would help a pregnant lady to go through her daily tasks efficiently, and also boost her stamina to survive with demanding schedules. For instance, walking is advised to improve circulation and stretches are advised to ease back pain. By staying active in pregnancy, a woman feels better, thus helping her to overcome the odds of gaining weight. Exercises done at the time of pregnancy so as to maintain strength also make you get back into previous shape easier and faster after childbirth. It is a great activity to get indulged into exercises during the later months when most of the other physical activities are uncomfortable. It helps to strengthen cardiovascular system and stipulate circulation in legs when baby is in the womb. Thus, before starting exercises, consulting a doctor is necessary so as to know about the postures and poses which should be avoided as per the health of an individual.
Hence, it is recommended to attend exercise sessions every week and take proper rest during the pregnancy period.
Hence, it becomes essential to eat more proteins, drink more water and add more vitamins in your diet so as to supply the baby with adequate vitamins and minerals.
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Regular physical activity may help to: reduce tiredness ease lower back pain reduce varicose veins decrease swelling of your ankles and feet reduce stress and anxiety improve your sleep Changes to your body during pregnancy, such as putting on weight, can make you feel more tired.

The following benefits of exercises during pregnancy would throw more light on the relationship of pregnancy and exercises. Exercises during pregnancy make body stronger so that a lady is capable of bearing the pain at the time of labor and delivery. By exercising regularly, levels of serotonin, a brain chemical linked to mood, gets boosted up and stimulates good mood and lifts spirits. Since the large size of abdomen can have an impact on the balance of the body, exercises in sitting position are considered to be the best for pregnant ladies.
Many doctors advise to walk in the final weeks so as to onset labor pains if someone is overdue.
Avoid over exercising: The reason for exercising during pregnancy is to strengthen muscles and feel refreshed. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). However, physical activity improves your strength and endurance, which will help you to carry the extra weight and prepare you for labour. Some do for strengthening of their muscles, some for losing weight, while some for enjoyment. This is because when you’re in this position your baby is pressing on your main blood vessels, which can lower your blood pressure as less blood is available to be pumped around your body.
You may be used to training for strenuous events, such as marathons, but let’s face it, not even Olympic athletes break records when they are pregnant.
Try and keep up a good level of fitness but do take a break from races and competitive events during pregnancy.
Your pelvic floor muscles support your bladder, bowel and womb and help them to work properly, and when you’re pregnant they help to support your baby.
It’s important to keep these muscles strong, not only to help you during labour but also to reduce the risk of problems, such as incontinence after the birth of your baby.

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