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After huge success of our post; 5 Best Lower Exercises that work  we decided to take another deeper dig into lower abs exercises. If you fall in the latter category we recommend you get rid of that unappealing fat  by including  Top 10 Cardio Exercises To Burn Fat Faster  and 3 Power Exercises to Burn Fat Faster in your workout schedule. With full control and focus on your core, raise your legs high and try to reach your chest with your thighs. To make it a lot more effective you can raise your legs up slightly bent sideways and alternate between each direction. You can also move your legs in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction gradually when they are parallel to the ground. Bicycle crunch focuses on your lower and upper abs together but demands a strong core for maximum benefits. Now, while you press your lower back further into the floor, tighten your abs and lift your head, shoulders, and upper back off the floor sequentially.
While you do so, simultaneously move your right elbow and left knee into each other, stretching your right leg meanwhile with the same accordion. Make sure you don’t let the right leg reach the ground, keep it atleast 30 degrees above the ground. Because this exercise is called a Bicycle crunch and because that is how it is most effective, you need to simulate bicycle speed and motion as swiftly as possible to gain max effects. Place your hands on floor like in a push-up position with hands a little more than shoulder width apart.
Bring your right leg  forward like shown in the image and while you do, the other leg needs to be extended.
While swapping your legs, make sure your upper body is in place and you are using your hip-motion to guide your legs forward and backward. Bring down your feet to the ground while maintaining the bend and reverse till you touch your chest with your knees. Mogul Jumps  helps carve out lower abs, sides and overall enhances your strength to carry out other core exercises as well. Get on the floor with your knees pressing against floor and hands a little more than shoulder width apart.
With your legs together and arms straight, hop and rotate your knees and feet to the right and to the left. Ab V Holds work on both lower and upper abs and depending on how long you hold and which portion you use to stress, you can target any or both of the abdominal muscle groups. With one single stroke, lift your legs to about 45 degrees and brings your arms up, so that your hands float right beside your thighs, like shown in the above image.
If you have a Swiss ball around, you should try jack knives as often as you can, as this exercise targets lower abs better than any other workout. With stress on your core, tighten your lower abs and bring the ball towards yourself until your quads are perpendicular to floor, bending the knees simultaneously.

The most prominent thing about this best lower abs exercise is that it can be done anywhere you can find a decent bench. Support your body by holding the back edge of the bench while slightly bending your torso backwards.
Now, stretch  and extend your legs so that your whole body and legs are almost parallel to the floor. In the next step, just pull in your lower abs and crunch your upper abs to form a “V” with your quads and stomach. You can increase the intensity by holding a swiss ball, a medicine ball or slight weight between your feet. Place your arms on the floor and focus on your lower abs and lower back by tightening it without compromising posture or stability.
Maintain the Plank position for about 60 seconds, you can increase the time as you progress.
Scissors lower abs exercise are simpler to perform but they show dramatic results if done regularly with proper posture, reps and guidance. Now, without bending the knees, get your right leg across your left leg, so that both legs are crossed.
Keep repeating this scissoring movement, while maintaining the stress on your lower abs all the time. You can either perform these best lower abs exercises alone, with requisite sets as suggested in individual lower abs exercise or you can alternatively pick a few exercises and do them in a circuit.
If you have any queries, suggestions or personal stories, feel free to mention in the comments section. The calf raise exercise can be done in a variety of ways including on a machine or simply standing at the edge of a platform. If you have sensitive traps, the machine version may be uncomfortable for you, this is when you would want to do stair calf raises to get your workout done. Stair calf raises tend to focus more on the superficial gastrocnemius muscle which is the stereotypical muscle you see when you flex your calf. You can make this exercise more challenging by placing your hands behind the head in the “relaxed position”.
To really work those abdominals, breathe all the air out on the way up and pause and contract before lowering your body. There will be days when you won’t feel like lifting weights, so, do some aerobic exercises. Some of the beautiful abs that we know today, like Taylor Lautner Abs from Twilight can mostly be attributed to Hanging Leg Raises.
It also puts your CVS system and other muscles to work, which leads to fat burn simultaneously. This Ski inspired best lower abs exercise also focuses on glutes, hip flexors, lower back and chest to accentuate all the muscle groups that  regular crunches just miss.

This is true because in-order to just stabilize yourself on a Swiss-ball, you need to engage the right muscle, in right posture. Like the name suggests, you just have to maintain a fixed position for certain time period. We recommend circuits with 2-5 sets,  as it focuses on different set of muscles, thus elevating the fatigue threshold.
Am really working on Ab V Holds and the Scissors exercise to get rid of excessive fat on my tummy and make it in shape (even if I do not manage to get 6 packs). The solues is underneath this muscle and gets worked as well- just less focus is placed on it. We aim to provide new information covering a wide range of health, wellness and fitness topics.
We publish useful and informative content to promote health, wellness and continued success in your fitness goals. The benefits from Aerobic exercises go directly to the lung’s function and heart’s activity. The disadvantage of is small amount of cardiovascular exercise and little loss of body fat. Love handles can be carved into Adonis belt to give your lower abs a more subtle and beautiful frame. But the catch is that you need to have an appreciable overall strength and stamina to follow through all the sets and reps.
There are many variants of plank like Raised Plank, Swiss Ball Plank, Planks with Push ups, Plank Laterals and depending on what you want to achieve, you can exploit any of them separately. Have been trying for the last 1 month along with some other aerobics such as push up and sit ups and I have managed to shed around 5kgs in the span of 20-25 days.
The stair calf raise uses your own body weight to provide strength building to the calfs and can prove to be very effective. To really see improvement in your calf muscles both standing and seated calf exercises should be combined! And like pointed out in the earlier post, these best lower abs exercises won’t help if there is a layer of fat surrounding your tummy. Almost all Plank exercises focus on core muscles, like abdominal muscles and lower back but they also can give you that arched Adonis belt to frame out lower abs beautifully. No matter how many crunches, pull-ups, curls or pikes you perform, there is no way your abs are going to show if there is adipose  over them. Since we have decided to include only the advanced best  lower abs exercises, we will take the regular plank up a notch with this Swiss Ball Decline Plank.

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