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I’ve used this strategy with many clients, and they have discovered that we, (yes including me) typically spend most of our time focusing on those things that are Urgent and Important (#1) instead. I feel so bad sometimes I just want to hear someone else’s shitty story to feel better about myself. Is it possible to experience a mental health challenge and be effective and succeed at work? Many wonder if it is indeed possible for a person living with a mental health challenge to work effectively, accomplish goals, reconnect with self and others, and recapture meaning and purpose in life.
I’m short on cash to pay my visa bill at the end of the month, and it’s a reminder that I don’t have a consistent group of clients paying me for the work I love to do.
I view job boards, get interested in a position, only to realize I don’t have the qualifications to be considered for an interview. I’m taking the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course and have failed to keep up with the homework. I’ve continued to share my vision of finding a grant for my Unleash Your Mental Wellness coaching program and have not come close to securing one.
I believe reviewing the last six months might just be the piece that has been missing for me.
When you have been diagnosed with mental illness, life doesn’t stop giving you obstacles to overcome. We get married and divorced; our loved ones die, and there are wonderful births in our families. I no longer compromise my true self in order to be like the crowd, doing the same as the rest. Living with a mental illness is challenging, living with one that is not stabilized can be debilitating.  So what can you do?
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In high school, I climbed on a stair machine and worked out to videos in the game room out of teen appearance pressure.
So how did I get from forcing my body into exertion to excitedly pushing my physical limits?
Hearing my friends talk about bike rides and marathons and watching them in the ring gets me charged up.

In addition, meeting friends in the same sports gives you people with whom you can exercise—which holds you accountable and turns exercising into socializing. My friend, who is a pain management specialist, said that the worst thing you can do for your body is running.
That is, making sure all the Important but not yet Urgent ( #2) activities are in your calendar first. I’ve heard it over and over again – if you want to be considered an expert in your field write a book. It so easy for me to DROP what I’m doing and support another person, however I’m not sure I’m driven by the most purest of motivations. Both my mothers’ parents took their own lives when she was a teen, and died herself by suicide recently.
Reading signs and understanding where I’m going was something I did easily when I was young. There is research that shows the link between how often reflection is done and the ability to lead more effectively. Even if I know it would help the situation in the moment, I know it won’t in the long run.
So I’ve decided to write a couple of blog posts on this very point.  I use the acronym FSTEP that stands for Food, Sleep, Treatment, Exercise, and Perception.
I use someone else’s pain and suffering to manage my own, instead of exploring my own pain.
I’ve often wanted to review my goals at this time and have either forgotten, or it was too late when I remembered. Those who engage in reflection are said to be more grounded, able to handle a crisis effectively, are empathic with their peers and more successful in their stated personal and business goals. We deal with and work through all the same challenges as people who haven’t been diagnosed. By assessing and keeping my attention on each one of the FSTEP elements, it supports my mental health stability and high function life I’ve been accustom to for the past 15 years. It’s a numbing technique that on the surface seems to be fulfilling, as long as I don’t look at what’s under the hood…I do this to cover up my own pain, this might be as harmful as numbing out for six hours in front of the TV eating candy. And so I was honoured when Leslie asked me to speak to her group Professionals Working Well about the importance of exercise and sleep for our mental health.

I no longer try to fit in, even when that voice in my head erodes my confidence in the moment nudging me, asking me to conform, I won’t budge.
It doesn't matter what you do as long as you love it and it becomes part of your lifestyle.
Looking at what we have done in the 1st half year will give new insights into what needs to be focused on for the remainder of the year. We are all leaders of something, our lives, our family, our mental health, and our physical health. Moving our bodies can't be this big deal thing that we have to make special accommodations for. You might want to read "Born to Run"--such a compelling work of creative nonfiction! I could think back to the multiple incidents in elementary school where I began relating to myself as dumb, stupid, and incompetent in writing and reading, but I don’t think that part matters.
We never did any driving trips to Quebec so there was no need to learn or understand the Quebec road maps. Research has shown that anything that puts a stress on our brain (positive and negative) can affect our mood and our stability.
We all have our self-limiting beliefs, what’s important is becoming aware of them and determining if they serve us well. It is critical to have support around you and a way to manage these kinds of changes in our lives.
I'd like to try boxing but due to my anger issues my husband would prefer I stay away from activities that teach me to hurt more effectively and all weaponry.
The “I’m dumb” limiting belief not only interfered with what I want in life, it was having a devastating impact on my self-confidence.
You see my Dad is originally from Val D’or Quebec, speaks perfect French and always knew what to do when we were lost. Something I’ve noticed about living with mental illness is anything that erodes away at one’s self-confidence, does not serve the prospect of full recovery or good mental health.

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