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The 77-year-old star said older women are finding it increasingly hard to get work in the film industry because of age discrimination, reported Contactmusic. London : Veteran actress Jane Fonda believes women who have suffered sexual abuse are more likely to undergo extensive cosmetic surgery.
Washington, May 15 : Jane Fonda recently revealed some juicy secrets during her appearance on Ellen DeGeneres show saying that she was 50-years-old when she joined the Mile High Club.
The American actress played the 'Never Have I Ever' game with the TV host also spilled the secret she never has ever made out with someone half her age, Us Magazine reported. Talking about the Mile High Club, the twin Academy Award winning actress asserted that it was her fourth date with Ted Turne and he had his own plane. Washington, Feb 18 : Jane Fonda has admitted to smoking marijuana "every now and then," but says it often clouds her judgement. The 'Grace and Frankie star' added that she has developed "a greater sense of well being" in recent years and feels "like a different human being" than when she was 60. Washington, Jan 21 : Jane Fonda has expressed regret over the infamous "Hanoi Jane" picture taken of her during the Vietnam War, in which she is atop an anti-aircraft battery, holding a weapon.
The 77-year-old actress, who whenever possible tries to sit down with vets and talk with them because she understands, said that it hurts her and it will to her grave that she made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think she was against the soldiers, the ABC News reported. Wellington, Sep 29 : Jane Fonda recently revealed that her mother was sexually abused when she was a girl and eventually committed suicide. Washington, May 6 - Jane Fonda has been roped in to play a key role in Italian director Paolo Sorrentino's upcoming movie ' Youth'. The 76-year-old actress, who earlier had revealed that she went on an exercise bike for five hours the night her second husband Tom Hayden left her for another woman, credits keeping fit with maintaining her sanity, the Daily Express reported. London, Oct 05 - Two-time Oscar-winning actress Jane Fonda is all set to receive American Film Institute's lifetime achievement award , which is one of the highest honours in Hollywood.
Chairperson of the AFI board, Howard Stringer said in a statement that the 75-year-old actress is American film royalty, the BBC reported. London, Dec 4 : Jane Fonda, who won millions of fans with her workout films of the 1980s, has released a new yoga DVD which she has described as a "fun and easy" way to stay fit. The 75-year-old actress revealed that punishing yourself was the main point of classics like her 1982 video `Workout' that sold 17 million copies worldwide.
Washington, July 10 : Jane Fonda has revealed that she is having the best sex of her life with partner and music producer Richard Perry at the ripe age of 74.
The septuagenarian star, who has been married three times insists that she and her partner Perry, whom she first met 40 years ago, have discovered "true intimacy" and she is more confident than ever about her desires. Washington, May 21 : Jane Fonda has revealed that she is a big fan of her `Monster-in-law' co-star Jennifer Lopez, saying the singer is one of the most beautiful women she has ever met.
The movie legend admits she has become hooked on TV talent show `American Idol' because she loves to see what looks judge Lopez adopts for the show.
London, Dec 14 : Jane Fonda is finally going to grace the small screen by making her acting debut on TV. The 73-year-old actress from the sixties has been signed to star in the new American television series Newsroom, which tells the story of a US cable news network.
Fonda will play the role of chief executive Leona Lansing, with the HBO show also starring Jeff Daniels and British actress Emily Mortimer. London, Dec 10 - Veteran actress Jane Fonda has never considered herself a sex symbol, insisting she has worked hard to be taken seriously as an actress. Fonda became a global pin-up girl after landing the role of the futuristic siren in the 1968 cult classic "Barbarella", reports dailystar.
Washington, Dec 9 : Jane Fonda has asserted that late pop star Michael Jackson would have hated growing old as he was extremely scared of death. The actress and the King of Pop became friends in 1980s, and Jackson even stayed with Fonda at her farm in California while she was filming `On Golden Pond'. Los Angeles, Dec 9 - Veteran actress Jane Fonda has urged Hollywood bosses to offer more behind-the-camera jobs to women in the showbiz industry.
Washington, Oct 29 : Hollywood actress Jane Fonda has said that it is important for older people to ‘‘stay flexible’’ to enjoy a good sex life. The 73-year-old actress admitted that not everyone is interested in making love as they get older but believes it is important to stay healthy and active. London, Oct 4 Veteran actress Jane Fonda is set to be honoured for her dedication to good health by editors at Shape magazine. Fonda, who has released more than 20 exercise videos since 1982, will be presented with the Shape Your Life Award this month.
London, Sep 20 - Veteran actress Jane Fonda had once bathed in her late dog's ashes after mistaking them for bath crystals. The "Barbarella" star had mistakenly poured the ashes in a bath tub, but when she spotted a bone, she realised it was the ashes of her dead pooch Roxy, reports contactmusic.
London, Sept 6 : Jane Fonda believes that her biggest regret is not sleeping with Che Guevara, a new book has revealed.
The Daily Mail has highlighted excerpts from a new book on Fonda by author Patricia Bosworth, titled `Jane Fonda'. The book chronicles the many loves and lovers of the now 73-year-old actress and her love for radical causes. London, August 30 : Veteran actress Jane Fonda has dismissed rumours that she is set to wed for the fourth time, insisting that she will never walk down the aisle again. The Barbarella star, 73, is happily dating music producer Richard Perry, and the pair was reported to be planning nuptials for this year. London, August 27: Researchers have finally backed the claims once made by American actress Jane Fonda - she attributed her youthful appearance to a continued healthy libido.
The double Oscar-winning actress, 73, devoted a chapter of her autobiography, `Prime Time', to explain how the passage of time need not dampen a couple's ardour. The `Monster-in-Law' actress has discovered that "giving back" to others has helped her in bedroom - because generosity has made her a better lover, reports Contactmusic. London, Aug 8 - Veteran actress Jane Fonda, 73, thought she would "die of loneliness" when she was 20. Fonda suffered the eating disorder bulimia throughout her teen years, also she lost her mother at the age of 12 and was going through a distant relationship with her father, actor Henry Fonda.
Jane Fonda is best known as an actress, star of exercise videos, and ex-wife of Ted Turner. Manage your email preferences and tell us which topics interest you so that we can prioritize the information you receive. Since its release nearly 30 years ago, Workout has sold more than 17 million copies and still ranks as the best-selling fitness video of all time.

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older improve the quality of their lives. Now at age of 74 she has released a new yoga DVD which she describes as a a€?fun and easya€™ way to stay fit.
As the years have rolled by Fonda has had to cope with osteoarthritis, which causes joint pain. Fonda said she used to do two hours of strenuous yoga every day but admitted a€?those days are long gone. As a result her new yoga DVD is more easygoing and focuses on light stretches that will improve mobility. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I am one of those few-and-far between American women who do not struggle with their weight. I cannot define all weight loss centers and groups as cults, but many of them share cultish characteristics (as defined by our page, Cult Test). In evaluating a weight loss method or program, one should not be distracted by anecdotal 'success' stories, or by advertising claims. The number of participants who experienced negative medical effects as well as their kind and severity. Reliable statistics of this kind are not provided currently by any commercial diet plan or program. I have successfully lost all my excess weight and learned healthy eating with the weight watcher's program---Twelve times!!! According to the site, one million people from all over the world come together to join a weight watchers support meeting, led and organized by "successful" meeting members (wonder if they get paid?), every week. These meetings are very much like AA, in that they center around personal testimony; however, much of it is not voluntary.
From this testimony, it looks like weight watchers, or that particular group, is on the old "drink tons of water" dieting technique. I don't think weight watchers is a cult, but there is pressure to stay in the group, as well as groupspeak, confessionals, faith in the efficacy of the system-fault lies with the individual, the idea of "salvation" coming to those who lose weight, a lot of conditioning and behavior modification, a little deception (as in the success numbers), and a little fear of "what might happen if I leave?" Cultism points? The purpose of the Slipper is to stimulate the areas that effect digestion and weight control, such as the Stomach, both Intestines, Liver and Kidneys, with magnets and pressure point therapy. Here you will find a clearinghouse of all manner of horrible, horrible pills, gel, creams and programs.
Anorex: "Designed to mitigate the profound effect that variations in the human genetic code have on the storage, use, and disposition of body fat." Wow!
CAUTION: Although Trim Spa contains no drugs whatsoever, and is completely safe, do not let yourself lose weight too quickly. I wonder why so many people are fat with so many miracle products available through E-Z Weightloss!
FTC alleged that the company's product names connoted that the supplements trapped fat and gave the same benefits as exercise.
It does not surprise me that we had to exhaust every available weight loss method created by man before we would finally ask God to help. Once you are obedient to God's rules in the area of eating (hunger and fullness), you not only lose the excess weight, but you will lose the desire to overeat. Now, I don't know if Jesus existed, let alone if he was physically fit (what was Jesus' cholesterol level, and percentage of body fat?). First Place is another Christian-based weight-loss system: but this group manages to worm their slim and fit way into community churches. I don't want people to think that my philosophy is simply that "fat is beautiful." Indeed, I think it is better to be fit and healthy than fat. Unfortunately, most weight-loss plans are actually more dangerous and less healthy that being fat. I am also of the opinion that the definition of fatness and obesity has changed with culture, economics, and fashion. This legendary star and exercise queen has always been the most fashionable woman of her time. To see the full range of Jane's hairstyles, and many others, visit our celebrity hairstyles gallery now! A fitness craze swept the country in the 1980s, an obsession with health, beauty, youthfulness and sex appeal that had profound effects on American culture. The fitness phenomenon took root in 1971, when Jackie Sorensen opened an aerobic dancing studio in the basement of a church in South Orange, New Jersey. Understanding that healthy employees were more productive, corporations invested millions in in-house fitness facilities staffed by full-time physicians and physiologists. Americans spent billions of dollars a year on fitness-related products -- $5 billion for memberships to 5,000 health clubs, $8 billion for sportswear, $5 billion on vitamins and health foods and $6 billion on diet drinks. Medical experts usually agreed that those who worked out on a regular basis were markedly healthier than those who did not. Fonda, 77, said they take surgery too far as they attempt to change their past, reported The Guardian online.
The number of movies she has seen thinking, "This is probably the best I have ever seen," and then she'll see it again sober and think, "What was I thinking?," E! Actress Jane Fonda admits she is "happy" with her life, and says one has to have love in their lives to have a glow on their face.
Until then, we're accepting supporting roles in an industry many of us have devoted our lives to," contactmusic. Her first video, the decade-defining Workout: Starring Jane Fonda was released in 1982 when she was 45 and far better known for her screen and stage work (and her political activism) than for her aerobics routines. She has had her hip and knee replaced and is still recovering from back surgery which took place in March.
1980's number-one song was Physical, by legwarmer and sweatband-wearing Olivia Neutron Bomb. Now that I am mostly at peace with the issue, I thought I'd take a look at how things are going. Food points are based on, origially, calories, later on fat grams and fibre, and recently, of course, carbs (we'll discuss those later).
Everyone at the meeting is weighed, and that weight is not only announced, but any weight loss or gain is announced, too, opening one up to the "motivational" response of the peers-you're left open to the mood of the crowd that day. The Get Slim Slippers are designed with No Heel, and a bulgy middle that, when combined with powerful magnets, stimulate the untouched sole of the foot, thus activating the nerves responsible for digestion and eating habits.

Outside use is not recommended, as the heat of the sun can damage the magnets effectiveness; however, an evening walk after the heat has subsided will do. It "cleanses" and "detoxifies" the body, mind, and spirit," and they do it in Europe, so you know it's good. A little advice to marketers of diet programs and products: just saying that the plan or product is different and unique does not make it so. But the hard fact is that food is NOT a friend and it cannot give back to you; in fact, it robs you of time, money, self-esteem, clothing, relationships, everything. They brilliantly offer their services to your neighborhood church, let that church tack on 10 or 20 dollars to every kit, tape and session, and let the church leaders members fellowship and pressure the laity into attending meetings and joining this strict program of dieting and rote bible-verse memorization. Striving to fit the particular mode of the day, or achieving your perfect body for the purpose of getting control of your life or your status in your family (as is the case with many anorectics) is a symptom of psychological and broader sociological problems, such as sexism and classism.
Her hairstyles are always changing for the better, and even though Jane is now out of the limelight, her hairstyles will continue to be timeless classics. This style has the right amount of height though the top and texture throughout the sides to create a great look, and the swept bangs add just the right amount of shape to Jane's face.
The long textured flicks add width to her face and the side swept bangs add softness around her face and to her style. Copper tones really look great on Jane and they show off her features and complexion perfectly. Department of Health and Human Services reported in  1986 that 80 percent of Americans did not exercise enough.
I don't consider myself beautiful," Fonda said on the set of People magazine's 'Most Beautiful' photo shoot. Better late than never, though: The video, and Fonda's iconic '80s exercise outfit of leotard and leggings, was a sensation. The new Foodie craze was Nouvelle Cuisine, a California yuppie thing where you got three tiny strips of some colorful food artfully placed on white cafewear for fifty bucks.
When you run out of food points, you either make them up with exercise points or stop eating for the rest of the day.
Drinking lots of water makes you pee a lot, and helps you lose that essential 5 pounds of "water weight," something dieters know very well about. There is a christian demand for christian-flavored everything, from home decor, cosmetics and sporting goods to, yes, diet, exercise and weight-loss programs.
He programs us to long for a correct weight and the good knee joints and circulation that go with it, and He does not reward Band-Aid approaches to these problems. Please, for the love of Jesus Christ, whom you love so much, find something unique about the program and focus on that.
If you're a literalist, though, some people lived 900 years or so (so why isn't it What Would Methuselah Eat?). The color is right for her features and the highlights show off her beautiful complexion perfectly.
The long shaped bangs give her shape around her face and the golden tones really suit her complexion. This style has the right amount of height, and the long soft swept bangs shape Jane's face perfectly. The videos are less strenuous than her earlier ones and aimed at the older fitness enthusiast, but rest assured the 72-year-old Fonda will still bark out her training orders like it’s the '80s again. Kathleen Hanna, lead singer of Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and the Punk Rock Singer, Julie Ruin. In its defense, I will say that Weight Watchers allows for one to do it oneself, online, using the message board community in place of meetings.
News & World Report claimed in 1984 that over half the population had been on a diet in the previous five years. While Kathleen was intensely busy creating her revolution in the various bedrooms next to mine, my own was brewing. I’m simply stymied as to why a supposed "nutrition program" promotes eating-disordered thinking.
Jane Fonda's Workout Book was also a number-one bestseller, followed by a hot-selling high-impact exercise video. The idea that food is an enemy is quite a bit like Alcoholics Anonymous cult-speak (or, of course, the AA spinoff, Overeaters Anonymous). The scriptures have cures for allergies, obesity, diabetes, depression, hepatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, prostate disorders, memory loss, ADD, yeast infections (!), chronic fatigue syndrome, menopause symptoms, sleep disorders, cancer, PMS, Osteoporosis, high blood pressure, headaches, arthritis, heartburn, heart disease, stress, skin disorders and back pain (that's one book per, folks. Food and Drug Administration got involved, labeling starch blockers -- all the rage in 1983 -- an ineffective diet aid, and warned that appetite suppressants containing the stimulant PPA (phenylpropanolamine), used by 10 million Americans, could cause high blood pressure, insomnia and even strokes if used in excess.
I spent years being ridiculed by the kids in school, and worried over by parents and doctors.
I created a fanzine called The Adventures of Big Girl, a feminist, anti-diet, fat-acceptance, personal fanzine. We are powerless over Alcohol the Demon, and we must surrender to God, because we know it has control over us. Both walkers and joggers, for example, burned approximately 100 calories per mile and increased cardiovascular efficiency about equally. After seventeen deaths were linked to low-calorie, high-protein plans, the FDA required warning labels on many such diet products.
I had extremely low self-esteem, and bore the name-calling in a very christian, turn-the-other-cheek sort of way.
I only wrote two issues of the thing, but I hear it was included at the first Riot Grrrl National Conference in DC, and I managed to get issues sent all over the world. Well, as it has been said-there's only one book worth reading, one book that has all the answers: the good ol' KJV 1611. All with promises I had stopped believing in, just as I stopped believing in the christian promise of heaven and Judgement Day.
That's what it took to be able to hold my head up, smile, and actually, for the first time, really talk to people.

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