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Answer Calls:With connecting the mobile phone, watch will be continuing vibrating alert and show number of the incoming call.
You don't need to be a gadget nut to fully enjoy the benefits of the Polar RS100 Heart Rate Monitor. The RS100 gives you a better understanding of your body's function by tracking goals and providing valuable feedback while running, walking, cycling or any cardio fitness activity. The monitor quickly and accurately reads your heart rate to help maintain an optimal workout intensity and exertion level. The Time in Target Zone feature calculates the total exercise time spent in your personal zone with audio alerts to let you know if you've moved outside your range. The exclusive Polar Owncal feature calculates energy consumption during each session and the accumulation over multiple sessions. The RS100 interface is relatively simple to use but the push button sequencing may not seem intuitive at first. Most professional gyms feature Polar ready equipment that is compatible with the RS100 watch.

Polar has set a standard in heart rate monitoring and continues to receive accolades from runners and fitness buffs of all disciplines. If don't wear a long time, In order to save power, Under in time mode, Press and hold the ABCD four button together at the same time to enter sleep state. Remote Anti-theft:When the mobile phone away from you for more than 10M, or mobile phone shut down, bracelet will send out alarm sound. Analysis in the mobile phone client, the data analysis, to determine whether the amount of exercise every day, to remind you arrange exercise. This device is easy to use, unisex and has all of the features a fitness enthusiast needs, without all of the expensive frills. Polar OwnZone instructs you through an optimal warm-up session and then automatically determines a safe heart rate zone by factoring in your current level of physical fitness. Like any advanced device you'll want to spend time looking through the manual and just playing around with the different features to appreciate all that it has to offer.
The T31 coded transmission prevents interference with other monitors even in a group workout environment.

The RS100 is an excellent self-motivation tool for those looking to lose weight, tone muscle and get in better shape.
Sleep Management:Analysis of the data is transmitted to the installation in the mobile phone client, and gives the data analysis, to determine whether a reasonable night sleep. It features added stopwatch and time-of-day watch functions as well as extra-large digits for easy readability. Find phone:With connecting the mobile phone, entering this function, your mobile phone will vibrate to help you to find it.

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