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Healthy brain activity improves your cognitive ability to remember things more accurately, and helps retain memory for a longer period. Researchers have shown that your brain activity is stimulated when you take part in endurance exercises, daily.
When you get involved in vigorous exercises your heart pumps blood that is rich in nutrients and oxygen to your brain.
Researchers have found that the brain develops better cognitive abilities when one exercises on a regular basis.
Do not burden yourself with too much stress; instead keep on the positive attitude to succeed, no matter what you are doing.
These tips come from experts in this field and following these simple steps can genuinely benefit your physical health and mental performance.
Along with all this came feeling sorry for myself, and I found myself in a place that I never thought I would be…38 pounds heavier than I ever had been.
Surely, constantly forgetting what you were doing in the middle of doing something and constantly looking for your misplaced house keys is not the ideal way to spend your golden years.Don't wait until it is too late to start thinking about improving your memory. So, if we’re so concerned with exercising our bodies, why do we often neglect to exercise our minds? If we don’t do daily activities to help keep our brain in top order, we lose important skills; particularly the skill of remembering. Most people don’t worry about memory loss until they start to notice it slipping away, but the best time to start is while your mind is still sharp. So if you want to keep your mind sharp, be sure to eat right, get enough rest, and exercise regularly. Join our Health and Lifestyle Newsletter today and get Fresh Updates delivered to you each and every week!
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Join our Health and Lifestyle Newsletter and get Fresh Updates delivered to You every week! Even though twentysomethings are thought to have brains that are in their prime developmentally, new research published in Psychophysiology reveals that their cognitive function can actually improve — with just 30 minutes of exercise.

It turns out your sweat sessions are giving you more than just a feel-good endorphin boost — they’re giving you an oxygen high, too.
Best of all: This research suggests you won’t have to spend hours at the gym to experience clearer thinking. You have to make breakfast, deal with chores, make meals, and remember to pay bills on time. When you have enough oxygen in your brain, it caters to all these vital activities without overlapping any of them or creating a conundrum.
If you exercise daily and are on the move for chores, but are consuming candies or fulfilling your sweet-tooth appetites, that might not prove to be too beneficial. It will not only help boost your brainpower but will also make you feel satisfied all day long. If you are bad at remembering simple to-do tasks, other people's names, your girlfriend's birthday, and other relevant pieces of information, use some of the most useful mnemonic devices illustrated below to help you retain things more permanently in your brain space.More importantly, be sure to practice good physical and mental health habits on a regular basis to keep your memory and brain stamina high.
So if you want to remember your mother’s phone number, your grocery list, or where you left your keys; start exercising your brain. There’s no brain gym you can get a membership to with “memory classes”, but there are things you can do on your own. You’ve probably heard people say that learning something new pushes old information out of your brain.
While there aren’t actually gyms you can go to, there are ways to get exercises specifically designed to improve memory.
But did you know that even moderate exercise can improve the way your brain functions, too? While previous studies have established that physical activity is essential for protecting memory and cognitive processes in older folks, this new study is the first to suggest that regular exercise can also improve brain function in young adults. Researchers at the University of Otago analyzed the self-reported activity levels of 52 young women (ages 18 to 30), the oxygen availability in participants’ brains and their performance on a series of reaction-time tasks on a computer. Breathing air with a smaller concentration of oxygen, such as at high altitudes, is associated with worse cognitive performance, and the inverse is also true: Increased oxygen is associated with optimal brain functioning. Among study participants, those who worked out more often had more oxygen availability in their brains — and hence, better cognitive functioning.

Over a span of time, your brain will develop in a manner that permanently increases your memory functions, such as problem solving, decision-making, and multi tasking. Apart from that, you also have to visit relatives and prepare for all sorts of family gatherings. If you jog even for 15 minutes at the start of your day, you will feel a significant change in yourself and your day throughout.
When you have fulfilled your appetite and if you capitalize on cardio exercises, then it would be the perfect blend, which you need in order to improve your memory. While cardio is the best work out to keep you healthy, you can still keep your memory if you can’t perform a strenuous workout. Theses reaction-time tasks were designed to test cognitive inhibitory control, which is the ability to exert self-control when faced with a changing environment. Brisk walking counted as exercise in the study, though Machado says achieving an elevated heart rate is likely important. Additionally, endurance exercises improve your ability to remember words and increase your verbal memory. Eating excessively and without reason (also infamously known as binge eating) suppresses your endorphins, but as soon as you start exercising, your body releases endorphins. Decrease stress and keep up your social life.Challenging your brain on a regular basis is also a must to constantly improve and maintain the strength of your memory.
This is cognitive ability is crucial during daily activities like driving a car or when resisting cravings, says Machado.
So how about tinkering with a Rubik's Cube or learning how to knit instead of watching television? In other words, exercise could provide a lasting brain boost unlike the quick mental edge you’d get from downing a cup of coffee.

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