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For many individuals, simple exercises for spinal stenosis can help alleviate some of the pain associated with spinal stenosis conditions.
It is important to maintain a strong back to avoid pain and slow the degenerative process which eventually leads to some type of spinal stenosis treatment. Strengthening – through repetition of muscle groups the back becomes stronger over time.
By increasing muscle tone, especially in the abdominal core, the body will end up with a more stable spine. Curl ups are a technique which involves the person lying down on their back with arms at side.
This spinal stenosis treatment exercise involves lying down on the floor with arms at side and the knees are slightly bent.
While laying face down on the floor with arms at sides, tighten buttock muscles and raise head and shoulders up from the floor to a level that is comfortable – hold for 5 seconds and do 10 repetitions. Once again in the prone position (laying face down arms at side) place a rolled up towel under forehead.
In addition to the previous mentioned exercises, Flexion exercises create room in the spinal canal allowing irritated nerves room to decompress, in turn, relieving the pain associated with spinal stenosis. By stretching a person can attain more flexibility, and the more flexible a person is, the more range of motion they will achieve.
To begin, lie down on your back, raise one leg and pull it towards your chest by placing your hands behind your thigh, while your thigh is brought towards your chest, raise your leg as straight as possible – hold this stretch 15 – 20 seconds.
Begin by lying down on your back, place both hands behind your thighs and slowly draw them towards your chest until you feel a stretch in your lumbar spine (lower back) – hold this position for 5-7 seconds and repeat 5 times with small breaks in between. If you notice an increase in pain in your legs while doing any of these exercises make sure not to ignore it. The fact is that not everyone will feel relief from spinal stenosis exercises and stretches. In our next blog we will discuss spinal stenosis treatment options beyond stretching and exercises. I found this blog post (in addition to the entire website) to be very thorough, user-friendly, and helpful. I find that stretching before I get out of bed in the AM affords me the best relief all day for my Spinal Stenosis. I find this is stretch exercise is best performed first thing in the AM and on a bed because if you do it on the hard floor you will tend to roll over to much when you go to the right & left side while holding both legs up.
Spinal Stenosis exercises are one of the conservative measures used along with painkiller drugs and heating modalities for symptom relief.
The exercises for spinal stenosis performed regularly increase and maintain muscle strength.

These spinal stenosis exercises combine movements aimed at improving the strength of the muscles that moves the spine forward and backward. Strengthening Exercises – These are specifically aimed at improving the abdominal and the trunk muscles, two of the important muscles that form the support system of the spine. Aside from the spinal stenosis exercises program, patients may be recommended assistive and supportive devices to aid in mobility. Whether you suffer from cervical or lumbar spinal stenosis and depending upon the severity of your condition (make sure you check with your doctor prior to doing any exercises) simple flexion exercises (forward bending) may be right for you. In addition, leg strengthening exercises make proper lifting easier which will help prevent back injuries and promote a healthy spine. Next, the patient bends his or her knees slightly and tilts their pelvis up until the back is flat on the floor. Next, the patient reaches with one hand toward the opposing knee, slightly raising their shoulder off the floor – hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times. Normal spine movement and range of motion is dependent upon normal levels of flexibility around the pelvis and lumbar spine.
For many degeneration of the spine has already set in or some other condition attributing to spinal stenosis (like a bone spur) gets in the way of relief. Cooper on Back Pain and Difference in Leg LengthStephen Hedley on Diam Implant for Spinal StenosisDo You Need a Lower Epidural Steroid Dose if You Have Diabetes? The reality remains that spinal stenosis has no cure; however, these exercises help improve the symptoms. The physical therapist not only teaches the patient regarding these exercises, but also explains the role of the patient as well as his family members in the treatment sessions. To stretch the back, patient actively draws his knees toward the chest, done easily by grasping the back portion of the thigh. Motions for flexibility – The basic active movements of the joints are taught, which often help to relieve the pain felt by patient. General Exercises – These spinal stenosis exercises include aerobic exercises and swimming; may be done on land or water. Depending on the client’s health situation, treatment may last from several weeks to months.
The combination of several conservative measures including drugs, exercise and use of assistive devices may work to relieve the symptoms of spinal stenosis to a large extent.
While in this position the person lifts their head and shoulders until the shoulder blades clear the floor – for a 5 second count. Next, keep your right knee straight and lift your leg about an inch off the floor, at the same time lift your left arm – hold for 5 seconds and repeat 10 times alternating legs and arms.
If the range of motion is normal, this results in a decrease in injury risk by preventing abnormal forces on joints within the spinal column.

It is recommended that each stretch exercise be completed slowly without rapid jerks or bounces. At this point one must make a choice to either deal with the back or neck pain or move to a more aggressive therapy than exercises. Spinal stenosis exercises, that target those of the arm and legs, enhance a person’s mobility, gait, endurance as well as stability.
The patient is also taught how to use his body properly and improve his posture and stability. Then patient holds this position for 30 seconds before going back to the original position. For someone just starting this spinal stenosis exercise, doing both knees may be hard at first. As backward bending, rotation and side bending is avoided in spinal stenosis, patients may prefer doing these exercises seated or on a bike. However, when the conservative measures are not able to provide enough relief, one may opt for the last resort, surgery.
Extending, side bending, and twisting the body is limited; some individuals are in such severe pain that even standing up is a great challenge. Education is the guiding factor that may make the Spinal stenosis exercise program a success or a failure. For this reason, patients experience less pain or discomfort when they walk with a stooped posture with the use of a cane or a walker. If this cannot be tolerated, spinal stenosis exercises are done in water, under the supervision of a physical therapist specialized in aquatic rehabilitation. All parties involved including the therapist, patient and his family need to listen to one another.
They are allied health professionals who develop individualized spinal stenosis exercise programs for patients. Then patient sustains this position for 2 to 4 seconds before going back to the original position.
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