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While young people may workout and diet for superficial reasons, most seniors recognize that these are key components to maintaining their quality of life. The key to effective senior citizen exercises is to utilize movements that target multiple muscle groups. Adding massage to senior health management isn’t a huge adjustment time-wise because typical sessions last 30 minutes to an hour. Look for apparatuses that can be used for a variety of exercises, such as dumbbells and stability balls. People exercise for myriad reasons, and even if prolonged health isn’t one of your top priorities, it is certainly one of the benefits of a regular exercise program. Instead of embarking on a grueling eight-mile jog, simply go for a long walk with a friend, pet or your spouse.
This 2-day program will explore both the physiological and psychological needs of your older clients and allow you to conceptualize and administer training programs customized to the individual needs of seniors. You can register for each class individually or you can register for the complete 2-day class series and really save! You’ve worked hard to advance your career and now that hard work can pay off: Take all 8 of our "Senior Fitness" workshops and you can register those credits to earn a Certificate as a Senior Fitness Specialist. On Sunday afternoon, after you have completed all 8 of our live classes you will receive access to a special page on our website. This is a low-resolution representation of a high-resolution photo suitable for print reproduction. This preview does not represent high image quality of the products that can be ordered from this site.
Many people think of heavy weightlifting and strenuous cardiovascular activity when it comes to exercise routines, but this isn’t the only route.

Look for geriatric massage practitioners who are specially trained to adapt their techniques for the more fragile older body. And while exercising early in life can improve organ function, strengthen bones and maintain normal vital functions, it is important to sustain your workout routine later in life. Many people think that weightlifting can be detrimental for the elderly, but these senior citizen exercises are one of the most effective means of exercise and can improve bone density. Inevitably, your health will begin to slowly deteriorate and you will be unable to do some of the activities you could when you were young and spry. Once you hit 65, you will be eligible for senior discounts at many restaurants and entertainment venues.
Lack of physical exercise can lead to muscular atrophy, in which muscles shrink and weaken from disuse. Endurance routines such as walking, biking and swimming keep the heart pumping at a healthy pace.
If you are working with older adults, or anyone who eventually hopes to be an older adult, you need this series of workshops! Better yet, this special credential does not require a test, does not have Continuing Education requirements and does not expire!
All you need to do is click on that link, enter your email address and then fill out a short attendance form.
For seniors especially, light to moderate exercise is sufficient to maintain proper health.
Some of the best exercises that workout several muscles simultaneously are: squats, lunges, bench press and lat pulls. Massage therapy can be valuable for alleviating the aches and pains that go along with growing older.

Geriatric massage practitioners are particular about where a client is placed so they don’t have to ask an elderly patient to change positions, as is typical with younger clients. Exercise for the elderly is often as simple as taking a walk around the park or doing some light yard work. Use some light dumbbells are even some bags of frozen vegetables—ala Sit and Be Fit—to perform multi-joint lifts, such as presses and squats. Just because you are entering your Golden Years, however, doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun. Use this opportunity to go out more and do some things you may not have been able to afford in earlier years.
It’s also crucial for seniors to maintain healthy circulation by keeping their cardiovascular systems in tip-top shape.
Elderly massage often concentrates on the hands and feet, as the extremities often have the weakest circulation. Some individuals may require more vigorous activities, and finding inexpensive and versatile senior exercise equipment is relatively simple. With a few simple exercises, you can get a complete workout and ensure health for years to come. The National Institutes of Health recommend four general types of senior citizen exercises that greatly benefit active adults.
Lastly, balance routines decrease the odds of suffering from a broken hip – one of the most dangerous risks faced by the elderly.

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