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Receive our most popular health and wellbeing articles via email - subscribe on a daily or weekly basis. Quitting smoking can be nerve-wracking as it is difficult to fight the powerful urge of smoking. If you like roaming under the sky you can opt for cycling this also entertains you as you go out of your house and see places even while exercising. Dancing is a beautiful form of exercise and a form of expression through which you can express your feelings and emotions.
According to research, people involved in strength training show better results and achieve success for quitting the habit of smoking.
Try different types of exercises and do the best suitable, especially when you feel crave for smoking. 10 of the Best FREE Dance Workout Videos (all in one place!) – At Home Fitness While You Shake It! Dancing is a great way to burn tons of calories and with these video workouts, you can do it in the comfort of your own home!
I know, When I saw Ryan and Jesus's pants I wanted to fit in with them:) They were amazing!! Pilates demands less cardiovascular capacity and can be done by anybody, no matter what their age. When you feel the urge if it is possible for you dive in you swimming pool and swim for a while to relax your mind and body.
It will take a long time for you to reach a level where you can perform these exercises as you would need great amount of strength and endurance to withstand the wear and tear of this exercises. Playing sports exercises your body, helps you meet various people and increases your social circle. You just need to stay determined and motivated till your urge for cigarette smoking subsides. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us. Sometimes lifting heavy weights and running on a treadmill are not everyone’s favorite way workout. Get your sweat on while you get your groove on with these 10 great dance workout videos (full disclosure – my wife helped me a little bit on this post!

The cravings make you anxious and stressed and the best way to overcome this is through a positive substitute that is exercise. Moreover gardening is a good form of mild exercise as you need to sit and stand many a times. Do not jerk your knees while climbing stairs and keep a uniform pace which should not be too slow.
You can also curb the urge by riding you cycle across the city when you feel like smoking which aids in diverting your mind as you get many things while cycling around the city. If you have a busy schedule and you cannot spend time going to gym or other classes you can do push ups, squats or dips. This 30-minute workout feels like a party, but it will get your heart rate up, work your abs, and make your legs burn in the best possible way.
You'll be boogying, working up a major sweat, and having fun all while burning a bunch of calories. Exercise helps you to distract your urges and provide you a source for outlet for your anxiety, depression and stress which ultimately helps choose the kind of exercise that you enjoy.
It is always good to start for few minutes and gradually increase your time with days passing by. Find a good gym around your locality and always remember to discuss your health problems due to smoking or while exercising with your instructor.
You may get tired easily because of the reduced lung capacity but gradually you will be able to cope with it being regular in exercise. You can start deep breathing when you want to smoke, this helps you to divert your mind from the craving for cigarettes.
When you do gardening you get close to nature and receive that calmness within you and the beauty of nature diverts you from the urge of smoking. You can start your regime with a few minutes of stretching and then later on do stretching for your whole body before and after every exercise session.
But keep in mind that whenever you do any form of strenuous exercise, do not neglect the salt and water loss which should be replenished. Swimming also helps to improve lung capacity and function as it requires rhythmic breathing. Such exercises release stress relieving hormones, the same as by strength training exercises.

It teaches you to fight against the enemies and while quitting the habit of smoking, the biggest enemy is your urge. Along with exercise, there are a few dietary and lifestyle changes that you need to follow.
The thing I love about fitness is you can truly find something for everyone… and today is proof of that!
It helps in getting rid of the stiffness of your body because of which you might be unable to do exercise easily. It helps you to reduce the cravings for smoking and motivates you to remain smoke free for longer period of time. Start from 200 jumps or 2 minute jumps and later you can go up to jumping for 10-15 minutes. It happens that when you suppress the urge for smoke, your urge gets diverted to sweets and oily snacks. These videos are simple to follow and all contain step-by-step tutorials on how to maximize your sweat sesh.
You need to go to a trained yoga instructor or join a yoga class, this helps you do yoga poses without harming yourself. If you get bored with jumping jacks you can buy a skipping rope and use it for the prescribed time.
It is important to keep these urges in control too in order to avoid gaining extra pounds that may demand you to get indulged you in another regime later on. When you feel like smoking, you can opt for chewing sugar-free gum, salad, popcorn or dry fruits. Bring in variety in your meals but try to eat a balanced diet, and watch your carbohydrate and protein intake.

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