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I got to spend some time with the Crossfit Women who 1 year ago were my direct competition. This meant we spent the time before our heat warming up, hanging out, talking and getting to know each other better. Each one of them shared something with me today that I think every Crossfit athlete would love to know and embrace.
When we finished today, as everyone was leaving, she came up beside me, put her arm around my shoulder and gave me a squeeze. Mel and I have had many conversations over the past year at various competitions in the area. Sarah herself is an intense competitor, again, quietly going about her way crushing her competition. There have been countless times that I have received a text from Noelani that contained words of encouragement, praise and celebration even when I felt it was undeserved. Contact me for help with Nutrition, Crossfit, or if you want to try the Best Chocolate for Athletes…Chava! Everyone comes from a variety of athletic backgrounds, but they could not be any nicer or more encouraging!

One look at her, and there is not doubt she is the Sh*t! She is the picture of the strong, lean, focused athlete practically all of us would love to be.
This just struck me as the simplest and most powerful way to affirm and support a fellow athlete. She was a competitive gymnast for 18 years and it seems that there is literally NOTHING she cannot do! She too has a gymnastic background, has an incredible work ethic,and is phenomenally strong and beautiful. Her competing and coaching style reflect her gentle but determined nature and she contributes to the growth of all the athletes she inspires.
She is so aware of the needs of others, it is no wonder she has found her vocation in medicine. Do you bring with you a benefit to the other athletes around you, or do you drain everyone by your ego, excuses, demands and complaints? We all know that good coach will tell you when to pull you head out of your butt, what you need to do to get better, pick you up when you're down. Just one day with you and I felt a big improvement even though I couldn't get my rep after getting wrecked in yesterdays double WOD!!

In a world that is dog eat dog, especially among women; Melissa is humble yet completely capable and powerful.
Within the first 5 minutes of meeting her, she had me off to find a wall so she could  teach me how to do a Kipping Handstand Push up. I absolutely love to watch her work and am grateful when I have the opportunity to work alongside her.
It was coming up in my next workout and it would make a huge difference for me to be able to do it. She did an expert job of coaching, because I was able to execute it in the workout that night.

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