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As you know, I have been working on designing my workouts for the best ways for building muscle.
This new email was dedicated to building chest muscle, but it made me realize what I needed to do to set up a weekly workout plan, interspaced with aerobic exercise. Now my plan requires only 4 days in gym, working one specific set of muscles once each week. Incline Dumbbell Press is similar to Incline Press with the only difference that here the chest exercise is performed using dumbbells. Dumbbell Bench Press is very similar to Bench Press, with the only difference that here we use dumbbells instead of barbell.
Incline Barbell Bench Press is a chest exercise that works on the upper part of the chest muscles as well as front part of shoulders. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. That was the “rock and a hard place” I was constantly in.  However, one of the big things I simply love about the P90X workout program is the fact that it doesn’t focus or harp on one major factor, it encompasses several pieces of the puzzle (something you simply don’t see with other fitness and diet routines). And, with P90X you don’t need any special equipment or even a gym membership!  You can do all of these routines right in the privacy of your home, with no one else watching (if that’s what you prefer), and needing little more than a few dumbbells, a chin up bar, and maybe a jump rope.  That’s all that’s needed to build the body you see in all of the success stories for P90X.
There are even well known, extremely rich celebrities (who could afford all kinds of trainers, programs, supplements, etc.) that have used P90X to get in shape for extremely important events, like Grammy Awards performances, such as Pink, as she herself recently stated on the Oprah Winfrey Show. You don’t have to guess at anything since the DVDs will tell you what to do, how to perform them, and on what days and weeks. Look, I could go on and on about why P90X works, but frankly I don’t want to make you feel like you’re reading the latest version of The Odyssey.   But I do want to tell you what all comes with this package. Hey, even if you end up deciding that it’s not for you after giving it an honest shot for 30 days (and that’s all the time you’ll need to realize how awesome it is), you can return the set, yet can keep the Ab Ripper X workout for FREE. Each chest workout found in the free workout plan section below is designed to help you build muscle fast by hitting all the area of your chest. When designing a chest workout, you must target your pectorals from several different angles. The foundation of any chest workout, including the free workout plans below, should be multi-joint, or compound, pressing exercises.
Dumbbell and Cable Flyes for Your Chest WorkoutFor a description of the dumbbell, click here.Flyes are isolation exercises for the chest.
This free workout plan, designed for the intermediate weight lifter or bodybuilder, is a total chest workout designed to build muscle mass fast.
This free workout plan, designed for the advanced body builder, targets the lower portion of the pectorals during your chest workout.
This free workout plan, designed for the advanced body builder, targets the upper portion of the pectorals during your chest workout. I thought that the best way to hold myself accountable for my goals would be to create a thread and have people yelling at me. Now that I have graduated from RIT and gotten my mind in order, it is finally time to get my body in order. I am morbidly obese (or as the nurse who performed my last physical put it, chronically obese). Anyway, as interesting as it is for a 361 pound person to say, my weight is not my primary concern at the moment.
The other thing that may be off some relevance is that I challenged my other overweight friend to a two mile race on July 11th.
I have another plan in place for the last 12 weeks, but for now, that is what I am focusing on. Something that you should know about my workout is that the third set is the most important.
I'm really excited because I am supposed to get my Controlled Labs stack today, so I can't wait to try it out.
I'm really impressed on your planning and preparation for this; both on paper and mentally. When reading what you were saying about yourself; I felt like it was words coming out of my mouth. Before you can make a decision about which workout is best you need to set your fitness goals. If you are looking to build endurance, maximize your fat burning capabilities and get a killer 6 pack quickly, I would go with Insanity. In the Insanity Workout (or like many like to call it The Intensity Workout), the routines are extremely intense and very fast paced. Although P90X Workout is also really challenging, it is not as intense, and it almost feels as if you can start it with a lower degree of physical shape and work your way up during the course of the program.
P90X takes the conventional approach to develop your mid section using many moves that you are probably familiar with. To be able to perform some of the P90X routines you will need basic equipment such as a pull up bar, a chair, and dumbbells or resistance bands. The beauty about insanity is that you can perform the entire program with no extra equipment.
In my opinion, and based on the fact that no extra equipment is needed to do Insanity, it believe that the Insanity Workout is best suited to do at home.

If you want to do P90X at home you will have no choice other than to get the extra equipment (pull up bar, and at least the resistance bands), otherwise you will not be able to complete the workout. Definitely, I would say that Insanity is the best choice of a workout for those that are constantly on the road. Let’s say you are away from home for a whole week, it is much easier to follow your Insanity Workout to the T, than to follow P90X.
The hybrid that worked for me was a 8 week combo where I did hardcore workouts five days a week, alternating with one stretch routine and one rest day.
The P90X Chest and Back workout focuses on supersets of body blasting push-up and pull-up exercises, designed to develop muscle tone, definition, and strength.
It gives my muscles the necessary breaks that I need to get the best growth response for size and strength. They lift heavy weights, do lots of bench presses and as a result get a pumped chest…for a short time period.
It is performed by dumbbells. Dumbbell Flyes  emphasize the center line area between the pecs and works the pectoral muscles of chest. It works out the inner chest muscles. Butterfly Machine Fly works on pectoralis major muscles. It works the upper chest. Incline Dumbbell Press is recommended because using dumbbells allow the weight to be equally lifted, which is not the case in Incline Press. This exercise is very effective as it helps in developing the upper and middle chest muscles.
It is the ideal chest training exercise for all builders, be it advanced or beginners. Barbell Bench Press works on the chest, triceps, deltoids and lat muscles. If you are like most people, you probably keep doing the same routines and exercises, using the same weights, the same rest periods, over and over and over.
The philosophy behind this fitness approach is to perform bursts of high intensity exercises followed by short rest periods. I’d say that both programs are equally challenging, and that depending on what you want as an end result, one program might be better than the other. With P90X you will lift weights some days, and throw cardio, stretch and yoga into the mix on others. During the 10 minute warm up of each routine you will sweat more than when you run or bike for hours. These programs are designed to push you to the limit, but at the same time they allow you to do it at your own pace. Personally, I wasn’t sure I would be able to get pass the 10 minute warm up period of Insanity, let alone complete the 45 minute workout. Even the warm-up portion is brutal, and if you are not in some sort of good physical condition, it’s very likely that you will not be able to keep up with it. You’ll see that eventually you’ll be able to do more pull ups, more push ups, and be able to use more weights.
During the 60 days you will constantly feel an adrenaline rush and motivated by Shaun T to keep pushing.
Many people who I talked to started seeing results when they were at least 45 days into the program.
The days that you do Ab-RipperX your abs will be on fire and sooner or later you will be sporting your six pack.
There are tons of move throughout the workouts that target your core, and the great thing about it is that you barely have to be on the floor doing crunches or any of those conventional moves that most of us hate. Comparing both programs side by side,I think that Insanity can be more intense, just because of its fast pace, nonstop nature. The program is based on using the resistance of your own body weight, and trust me, that’s more than enough! Also a heart rate monitor will come in handy to keep track of your heart rate all along the workout. Probably you will be able to have a great Yoga or Stretch session, but I doubt you can push to your max or improve your previous week’s performance on a Chest and Back routine if you are in a hotel room and without a pull up bar. I combined the resistance training routines of P90X with the cardio routines from Insanity.
The one thing I highly recommend is that if you are up for this challenge, you will need to focus on your diet.
Well today, I received another email from Sean Nalewanyj, which helped me redesign my workout schedule to match what I really needed.
As soon as they leave the gym, the pumped chest returns to normal and all that effort that goes in lifting heavy weights seems to be wasted.
It is a good chest exercise because dumbbells allow one to fully work the chest equally from both sides.
It is very effective for both beginners and advanced builders. Butterfly Machine Fly workout is one of the best chest exercises out there.
This exercise can also be performed using dumbbells, Smith Machine, or by varying the grip.
With wide grip, Barbell Bench Press works most on the chest muscles while a narrower grip works on the triceps. These high intensity bursts can last from a few seconds up to a minute, usually spaced out by short rest times or lower intensity exercises.

Day in and day out you’ll be exposed to plyometrics, core and cardio training, jumping like a maniac.
Every day you will work out your entire body, and some muscles that you didn’t even know that existed will feel sore. At the beginning you will find yourself constantly gasping for air, and you will sweat like you have never done before.
Tony Horton constantly reminds you to keep track of all you do, and this is key to track your progress and keep pushing y0urself during the next workout.
In my opinion the fact that it has a faster pace, that the workouts and the program are shorter, and that I saw results quicker, that it’s easier and requires less will power to compete the program makes it best for those with short attention span. Tony Horton also uses longer workouts, which can cause that some folks to give up before the 90 days. Shaun T has become a master when it comes to designing workouts that can deliver a 6 pack without doing crunches.
During the second month of the program, the routines range from 50 minutes to 60 minutes long.
The idea is to combine the most extreme routines of both workouts and mixing them into what I consider one the most extreme, hardcore workout ever put together.
The main reason for this is that most men tend to perform chest exercises without knowing what part of the chest they want to work on. The benefit on Dumbbell Bench Press  is that the weight lifted with dumbbells is balanced equally on both sides. Using heavy weights with fewer number of reps is ideal for muscle gain, while lighter weights with more number of reps is ideal for strength. So, with that in mind, just know that fat does not require energy to sit there, so a BMR calculation simply based on your body weight may overestimate your required intake. You’ll get your six pack, and you will get it quick without having to go through endless crunch sessions. Shaun T will motivate you throughout the workout and you will feel the challenge to keep up with the rest of the crew and complete the workout. The longer time commitment both in each individual workout, as well as the total length of the program goes hand in hand with the greater will power needed to become a P90X graduate. There are 12 workouts, ranging from 42 minutes to 1.5 hours and in many cases you will need weights, resistance bands or a chin up bar. They don’t usually know the technical aspect of the chest exercises they are performing.
It is usually performed as a warm-up exercise before the chest workout but can also be used as a finishing exercise to fully pump the chest muscle.
Stretching part has more emphasis in this chest exercise than weights. Dumbbell Pull Over works on overall chest and triceps as well. Because of this, flyes are used as a finishing exercise in most of the free workout plans you will find on this site. The philosophy behind Muscle Confusion is to avoid your body getting used to a particular routine, and therefore reaching this plateau. Studies demonstrate that it’s a more effective way for losing fat and gaining lean muscle mass especially in the core and abdominal area. The fast paced nature of Insanity along with the fact that it is more cardio oriented and that it uses the principals of max interval training makes Insanity the program that will get you a 6 pack quicker. It is recommended by all trainers as it is the base on which your strength will be built and it gives one an idea as to how much weight can one lift. By mixing things up you are constantly challenging your muscles to obtain maximum results and it will keep you mentally motivated and interested in your workouts as you start reaching your fitness goals. The sternal (lower) region of the pectoralis major does most of the work for your chest with some help from the clavicular region. Additionally, feel free to substitute any of the exercises provided in the substitutions section for each exercise.Flat Dumbbell Bench PressThis is a variation of the classic flat barbell bench press described above. Incline Barbell Bench PressTo target the upper (clavicular) chest region and fill out your upper chest, you should perform the incline bench press in your chest workout.The incline of the bench should be between 30 and 45 degrees (see picture below). As the incline goes from -45 degrees (a decline bench press), to 0 degrees (the flat bench press), to 45 degrees (an incline bench press), to 90 degrees (the military, or shoulder press), the primary muscles being worked progresses from the sternal region of the pectoralis major, to the clavicular region of the pectoralis major, to the deltoids (shoulders). You should use a bench that has rollers to hold your feet in place while in the decline position.Again, perform the exercise similar to the flat bench press.
With your feet firmly under the rollers, press your head, shoulders and hips against the bench.
You should use a bench that has rollers to hold your feet in place while in the decline position.Again, perform the exercise similar to the flat barbell bench press. Use an overhand grip (hands facing your feet), holding the barbells together above you chest. Press the weight back to the starting position in an arc, bringing the weight together above the chest.

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