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This exercise plan was designed for the Royal Canadian Air Force by Dr Bill Orban in the 1950s. It’s a series of exercises for men called 5BX (Five Basic Exercises) that you perform for 11 minutes every day, and exercises for women called XBX (Ten Basic Exercises) which take 12 minutes per day. To follow the original male version of the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan by Bill Orban, simply perform the following exercises in order every day.
All you need to do is fit in as many reps of each exercise into the stated time frame as possible. Raise head, shoulders, and one leg, as high as possible from the floor. Your thighs must clear your palms. After each minute, do 10 scissor jumps – Stand with right leg and left arm extended forward, and left leg and right arm extended backward.
To follow the female version of the Royal Canadian Air Force Exercise Plan by Bill Orban, simply perform the following exercises in order every day. 1 minute: side leg raisingLie on your side with legs straight and your lower arm stretched along the floor. After fifty steps, do 10 hops – both feet must leave floor together and you should hop at least four inches off the floor. 5BX, and check out 5BX on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. A walk or run may be substituted for the final exercise; the distances to be covered and the time to be taken are also specified in the plan.

The RCAF asked Orban to develop a fitness program for their pilots, a third of whom were not considered fit to fly at the time. While performing research in Illinois, Orban had noticed that, when testing oxygen intake, long periods of exercise did not necessarily lead to significant improvement.
The exercises are no longer performed by the service as of 2008, and are considered unnecessarily hazardous in part because they are unsupervised.
John Walker's book The Hacker's Diet contains a simplified version, that is claimed to be suitable for everyone.[4] The original 5BX programme has also been updated by three Australian fitness trainers under the title The Goodbye Couch![5] Len Deighton's novel Only When I Larf contains a reference to this program.
5BX Level 1 A+ Exercises5BX exercises.Canadian Military Excercises, 1950's - Film 15442Canadian military keep fit exercises. The plans enable you, the common folk, to get fit just as the fancy airline folk do — by yourself, at home, in your spare time, at your own rate, without any equipment.
5bx how to begin fit450 What is 5bx five basic exercises was devised by dr bill orban for the royal canadian air force in the late s 5bx how to begin fit450.
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As your fitness levels gradually improve, increase your pace to do more reps within the time limit.
This led him to the conclusion that the intensity of exercise was more important to improving fitness than the amount of time spent on it. Many exercise physiologists[who?] consider the sit-up in the higher levels to be capable of causing spinal injury, and, therefore, unsuitable for an unsupervised program (the sit-up exercise can be replaced with the more modern crunch).

Orban, look like the general movements, tasks, and poses I’ve found in so many publications over the years (none as bad as beating your fat against a wall).
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As the individual progresses within the system, the number of each type of exercise that must be performed increases and the difficulty of each exercise increases.
Many RCAF pilots were located in remote bases in northern Canada, with no access to gymnasium facilities, so it was important to offer a means of keeping fit without their use. But I can and will speak to the quirky fact that the two fitness plans differ greatly in terms of how the exercises are depicted by gender.

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