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Running requires several physical attributes: strong, endurance-trained muscles, strong joints and tendons, and a high lung capacity.
The diaphragm is a muscle nestled immediately below your lungs that helps you inhale and exhale.
When your lungs don't function well, you may experience breathing problems during exercise such as shortness of breath.
One athlete, David Blaine, who held his breath underwater for over 17 minutes, performed this feat after months of training. A study performed in 1997 at the Universite d'Orleans in France studied two groups of girls who performed either a regular varied physical exercise program or who swam two hours a week. When not done carefully, you run the risk of drowning or causing tissue damage to the heart, brain and lungs. We've all been there, but one thing that you can do to keep from hitting a slump is to make sure your iPod is packed and updated with toe tapping beats. Share them below, I know that my iPod needs to be updated and I would love the suggestions. If you want your heart rate to increase to 110bpm during a warm-up, choose tracks in the range of 80 – 120 bpm.

I have about a bajillion different playlists for different forms of exercise and various moods. Athletes, especially runners, train their lungs to increase capacity and strength of the breathing muscles. He built up his lung capacity slowly, increasing his time underwater in lower intervals over months. When swimmers hold their breath underwater, the diaphragm may spasm, causing them to breathe heavily to regain their breath. Holabird Sports is located on Pulaski Highway between Rossville Boulevard and Middle River Road. New research has even found that the right music can enhance endurance by 15 percent and actually improve how you feel while exercising, which ultimately allows you to enjoy your workouts more. If you like to have a good laugh while you run, try downloading a comedy album on to your MP3 player--I swear, you'll want to keep exercising just so you can keep listening.
The Run to the Beat website has a cool graph that matches running intensity to specific tunes, like Keliss Milkshake for 65% Max HR, The Progidy's Firestarter for 75% max HR and S Club 7's Reach for 85% Max HR.
With underwater training, Blaine increased his total lung capacity, the amount of oxygen that your lungs can hold.

However, with training, you can learn to overcome and gain greater control over the diaphragm muscle. Researchers proposed that swimming in the water where breathing was limited increased lung volume and also improved oxygen absorption, leading to an overall more efficient body. Runners who similarly train may find that they breathe easier during runs and avoid feeling out of breath as much during an extended or high-intensity run. Improving the strength and control of this muscle helps you to breathe more efficiently and also avoid gasping for breath. Runners may experience improved lung function by incorporating swimming into their training regimes. Also, having another person present while you're underwater decreases your overall risk of passing out or drowning in the pool.

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