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Most leg workouts will be beneficial to your jumping ability but if you only have enough time to do one exercise what would it be? When you don’t bend your knees very much you are relying more heavily on your calf muscles to do most of the work. I am not saying that if you have good form you will not need strong calf muscles because your calves will always play a very important role in jumping. Squats are very good to develop muscles in your legs so that when you do bend more at the knees before take-off you will have sufficient strength to support your weight. A vertical jump training program will have all the workouts that you need to do in order to increase your vertical. Click Here to visit a website that offers a jump training workout program that has been proven to produce great results among collegiate athletes to beginner jumpers. The Vertical Jump Bible Project comes with heaps of information but we do NOT recommend it.
Second most important muscle to increase your verticalThe calf muscles come right after the thigh muscles in the order of importance. Now comes the third and last remaining part of your vertical leap, skill: the knowledge and expertise to do what you have to do in the right way.

Yes they do but they aren’t the ideal way to go about learning how to jump higher, this has a lot to with form. Squat exercises prove most effective in working them as the motion is similar to a leap or jump.
However, your form is very important when you try to do it with weights or a body weight squat. They help in that final propelling of your body into the air when you are performing a vertical leap.
The tendons, ligaments and muscles of your lower body need to be loosened up and flexible for you to execute your vertical jump with precision. And since individual height is genetically determined and cannot be manipulated, you can better your vertical reach only by increasing your vertical leap.
Whenever anyone asks me to recommend a resource on increasing their vertical leap, I can only think of recommend one product. In fact, an increase in your jump will give you an edge in nearly all aspects of the game.A vertical leap is two parts power generation and one part skill.
This will exercise the gluteal muscles and they are necessary for propulsion motions.A vertical jump often involves jumping off one leg.

Improve your jumping skills by following a fixed routine of jumping exercises involving the no arm hop, box jumps, the split-lunge jump and ankle hops.And to all the above, add motivation if you plan on becoming a star on the volleyball court.
For the first two parts, you need to build and strengthen your muscles and also maximize flexibility. Hence if you go for single-leg squats, it can benefit you in the long run by acquiring necessary strength.While doing your squats, try to push yourself back up right after you have lowered yourself.
This will keep your fast-twitch muscles ready and active and they are the ones directly responsible for the upward rush when you try to jump higher. Sports psychologists have long vouched for the efficacy of "mental practice" in the improvement of athletic skills and performances.

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