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A cable machine unleashes a wide variety of core exercises because of the adjustable height and the ability to work from all angles. Get in a side plank position so there’s a D-handle on the cable stack in front you perpendicular to your body.
In the battle for the coveted 6-pack, add this highly effective abdominal move to your arsenal. September 30, 2014 by Carly Pizzani 15 CommentsI share photos of running, workouts, my adorable boys and more on Instagram! They offer a broad range of motion and you aren’t stuck in one movement arc like you are with machines.
They’re versatile enough that you can do your whole workout on this one piece of equipment.
You can adjust the resistance quickly and easily, meaning you can do everything without having an enormous pile of different weights in front of you.
Narrow Row: With cables either at the lowest height, or at about waist height, use a narrow attachment to row your arms, palms facing in, keeping your elbows tight to your sides. Wide Row: With cables either at the lowest height, or at about waist height, either use two arms of the cable machine, or a rope attachment that splits easily, so you can row , palms face down, with your elbows coming out wide at about shoulder height. Wide Pulldown: Best done seated, or kneeling, have the cables at the highest height setting. Narrow press: Facing away from the cable machine, with a handle attachment, palm facing in, press the handle forward, keeping your elbow close to your side.

Wide press: Facing away from the cable machine, with a handle attachment, palm facing down, press the handle forward, elbow winged out at about shoulder height. Overhead Press: With cable at lowest height, holding the handle attachment with palm facing forward, press overhead, elbow out to side.
Many people never use the cable machine for lower body exercises and they’re missing out! Medial Leg Lifts:  Stand sideways to the cable, with the inside leg attached, in a wide stance.
Chop Low to High: With the cable in the lowest position, use both hands gripping a single cable attachment. Rotational Twist: With the cable in a waist-height position, use both hands gripping a single cable attachment, standing side-on to the machine, about 3 feet away from the cable. Resistance bands are a great alternative to cables, especially the kind you can close into a doorframe so they’re anchored.
I love my home gym but the cable workouts are one of the few things I miss about not having a gym membership.
Pick and choose exercises from each section below – which means you can create more than one workout from this list!
With palms facing forward, pull the handles down as you lower your elbows in to your sides.
Make it a compound exercise by combining these with a squat, reverse lunge, or get down into a static seated position (with no chair!).

Raise attached leg out to the side, then return to cross in front of standing leg, holding the cable machine handle, or leaning on a body bar for support. Facing the cables, with fingertips resting on the handle*, extend your straight leg back behind you as high as you can. Start in a squat position and raise both arms up and across your body as you stand up from the squat.
As a substitute i use bodylastics kit resistance bands which are one of the best fitness purchase i’ve done. I’ve been working out from home for months now, but I will keep this workout bookmarked for when I feel ready to get back into the gym. Rather, these 10 standing, kneeling, twisting, and bending core exercises place your body in every plane of motion to target your obliques and lower abs. Use your straight arms to pull the cable across your torso, using your abdominals to contract and stabilize. Once you get used to the feel of the cables, though, I guarantee some of these exercises will become part of your regular workout. I write about healthy living, running and strength training, with lots of life, love, food and yoga thrown in for good measure.

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