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Some diet plans call for drastic calorie reduction without taking your body fat level into consideration. Studies have shown that people with higher levels of body fat tend to lose fat and retain muscle on very low calorie diets, while people with low levels of body fat tend to retain fat and lose muscle on very low calorie diets.
Calorie cycling is a dieting technique that involves varying your calorie intake day-to-day. Although paying attention to these nutrition factors can help prevent muscle loss, one of the most important elements of maintaining muscle while losing fat is following a good weight training program. This entry was tagged diet plan, fat loss, get lean, lose fat, lose fat without losing muscle.
Therefore, a good diet plan to lose fat without losing muscle should allow you to customize your calorie deficit to suit your body fat level. Alternating your caloric intake is a good way to outsmart your body to prevent some of the consequences of long term caloric restriction such as metabolic slowdown, fat loss plateaus and muscle loss. So combining these nutrition factors with weight training would create an optimal program for losing fat without losing muscle.

However, when it comes to making sure that all your muscles are well maintained while dropping pounds of excess fat there are a few crucial elements your diet must address. The amount of fat you have on your body would impact whether your body burns muscle for fuel or not when you are in an aggressive calorie deficit.
One gram per pound of body weight is a pretty good guideline, but you can also adjust protein by percentage of total calories.
This fat losing tips are for people that want the complete solution with the upper chest training workout. While everyone knows that this is the hardest part for every person and a bodybuilder is to gain muscle and to lose fat at the same time. You need to have planned meals so you will not get tempted to fall for junk food that happened to be there.Eat carbs mostly around your workoutYou need to lose weight and the only macro you need to give away is carbohydrates, you are not giving up on your fats and defiantly not on your precious protein. So when you eat carbs before and after your workout you utilize them only for workout energy (before) and building muscle (after). If you are afraid of losing muscle take a protein shake with water and no carbs and then do your cardio.

Don’t go over 30 minutes or you will get dizzy and your body could burn muscle also.Find a clean replacement for every craving you haveSo we took out all the enemies from our house and now we crave for something sweet or salty, what should we do?
Many trainers say don’t train more than 60 minutes but I got ripped from longer workouts. Most beginners at training don’t know but there are different types of protein and different types of protein release time. In the morning and after workout I use the fast absorbing type and when I’m hungry between meals I use the medium protein release, before bed I use the slow release that keeps the protein breakdown up to 8 hours. From my experience most people are weak when it comes to food (me too sometimes), and turning the one time cheat meal into 2 and then 3 and.. And Don’t forget that not all this tips are for life, some are just for the losing weight period.

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