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In his recent training camp at Combat Conditioning, Nicolie Campbell (pictured above) improved pound for pound punching force by 16% whilst improving his relative core muscle mass by 11%. This is due to the lean muscle of the core being the biggest predictor of estimated punching force.
Yes, the fact they are unbelievable boxers is the main contributor to their success, but they also have the key characteristics to give them the physical edge. Core training has often been related to training your abs, looking for that six pack or toned tummy to hit the beach in the summer. We explained in part 1 that a boxer should prioritise whole body compound lifts (squats, deadlifts etc) to develop core strength. However, if these movements become excessive the core will crumble and we may cause technique faults or injury. Lack of strength decreases stretch-shortening of the core muscles, therefore less punch force produced.
Therefore we need to resist these movements, hence the fundamentals of core training set by American strength coach Mike Robertson. Why is it good for boxing? Stronger rotation during punches due to use of stretch shortening cycle. My my approach is that all training can develop the core, do the big lifts as well as challenge it in complex and dynamic movements.
However, athletes need to develop the strength foundations of core stabilisation by controlling forces from various angles. Danny Wilson co-founded Boxing Science in 2014 following building the successful Boxing program at Sheffield Hallam University where he has coached over 70 boxers as a strength and conditioning coach.

Danny is a United Kingdom Strength and Conditioning Association accredited strength and conditioning coach and has a Master of Science degree in Sport Science at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. At many larger gyms or martial arts centers you are just one out of many people in a large class. It’s not in just our fighters too, look at the pictures below of Frampton, Kovalev and Golovkin. In the picture below, they look very different sizes, shapes and leanness, but they all have a thickness to their core area. Well, there is much more to core training than that, especially when it comes to athlete development.
This is used to describe a sequence of events that take place through the body for an individual to perform a movement. However, isolated core training also needs to be used to ensure correct recruitment patterns when lifting and training. For his final research project Danny profiled the physiological characteristics of amateur boxers and will share some of the novel findings on Boxing Science. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced boxer, training one-on-one allows you to receive personal attention while going at your own level and pace.
At DG Boxing even our group classes are small by comparison and allow you to do one-on-one mitt training with our instructors.
I lost 80 pounds over the past 12 months, and much of my success is due to DG and Anthony who have provided me with excellent training and motivation to push myself.
Both of my sons look forward to attending class each week and I couldn’t be happier with their program for kids!

Pound for pound some of the biggest punches in the business, they dominate their opponents in relative core mass – and then in the ring. Away from Boxing, Danny is currently the Yorkshire regional strength and conditioning coach for England Golf and has experiences in youth and professional standards across a range of sports. Danny will be contributing to the Strength and Conditioning section by writing about the science behind the punch, training methods, working with junior athletes and case studies. Because group sizes are small, you have the opportunity to learn from the trainer as well as others in the group.
I love the trainers, they’re very nice, helpful, and everyone who trains here is awesome and very friendly. I just started my 8 year old son in the kids classes, and he likes it so much, he is now beginning one-on-one training too. The new Pine Ave location that Anthony runs is huge, and offers a lot of variety for the individual that enjoys boxing as well as conditioning.
I can’t say enough about how wonderful it has been to be a member of the DG Boxing family!

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