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A lush, celebrity lifestyle left Hrithik Roshan with a blown-out back, a bulging gut, a tobacco habit and serious desire to change.
The physical transformation was remarkable, but Gethin's guidance struck Hrithik at an elemental level.
We incorporated a lot of CrossFit sessions because I have to be in athletic condition, which will also help me from getting injured.
You've had some difficulties with back and knee injuries, perhaps from your stunt work in the past. I think the notion that healthy eating is unappetizing is such a misnomer; it tastes much better than what you're used to. Can you give a few examples of the kind of meals you started eating once Kris changed your diet around? There are all kinds of things, pasta, rice; I'm having seven egg whites with two yolks and two slices of toast.
Of course, I did go through a week or two of deprivation, which was necessary because I had to diet down to get the kind of look I wanted. I feel very empowered already to take over the reins of my own nutrition plan and share it. We've been living in a kind of Matrix with all the subsidized foods and the fast-food culture.
If you're not in the athletic world and you're just one of the guys out there, you just eat what you're fed. During the transformation he undertook with Kris Gethin, Hrithik changed his nutrition plan weekly, sometimes daily, based on his condition and body weight.
Hrithik's pre- and post-workout shakes were prepared with Myofusion, mixed with walnuts or oats in a SmartShaker. Hrithik performed 20 minutes of cardio after breakfast and again after working out in the evening. Can anyone help me come up with a 3 day a week full body workout that would build good muscle mass? I mean full body for the week, if I would get the best results with the routine above though (full body every other day) I will go back to it.

I used a fully body routine a once withe three different routines and different rep ranges. The lifestyle is fun and exciting, but it took its toll on Hrithik Roshan, the action star from Mumbai. Did you just want to lose the gut you developed, or did you actually want to get big and superhero-esque? I want to wake-up every morning of my life and feel healthy, feel like I want to live, feel like my body is serving me well and I am serving it well.
It mainly consisted of about 100 grams of meat, there were some fibrous carbs, like broccoli, sprouts and spinach, a cup of rice or pasta, some really great flavoring. Do you feel like you've mastered it enough that you can now take those lessons and continue the path you've chosen for yourself? Looking back, in 10 weeks you really changed the entire trajectory of your life, your body. He chose from among swimming, beach walking, running, Crossfit and various cardiovascular machines. Dapack helped me put one together that was full body everyday in 8 exercises, but I feel maybe the days should be split up or something to target groups? I had one heavy day with the big lifts 5x5, then a Rep day with compound movements like incline Bench or leg press, then I had one light day with lots of isolation movements a reps around 15-20. Instructional supply met muscular demand when the Sheru Classic Asian Grand Prix came to Mumbai, along with the best bodybuilders and trainers in the world. I was living off the myth of being the fittest guy, because that is what I've become symbolic for in my country, in my news, my career. I've just completed my transformation and I look at myself and I am amazed that something like this is possible.
There was a lot of protein powders and glutamine, multivitamins, but there was nothing more than the stock vitamins athletes take. What would you say to other people who think they can't do it or that it's going to take forever? The youth needs to really be re-conditioned, re-wired about what is good, what is bad and what is possible.

I put on some good size in about 8 weeks but found I couldn't train like this for more than 8 weeks without getting injured or goin backwards.
I was lying supine on my bed for months and feeding off all the love of my family in the form of brownies and cupcakes, chocolate and all that. I spoke to friends, and fortunately for me, there was the Sheru Classic, being held in Mumbai (9-25-11). But, now that the transformation is over and I can go back, because I'm not dieting anymore; the world is open to me. You see it in a book or you see pictures and you don't really connect with it as much as you would if it was your brother or your friend who had gone through that. I'm hoping that when I propagate this and I tell them, try to educate them, they will listen to me and realize this is far too easy. Kris introduced Hrithik to nutrition with taste and helped him fit back into his superhero costume for Krrish II! Also perhaps it was a sign from God that his name was Kris and I was training for Krrish, which is the name of my people's hero. Through all the feedback I got, his name was the only name that kept popping up in every conversation.
I don't think I can go back to normal (if I can say normal) kind of food again, where it's just about taste and not about nutrition. There's a double delicate, with the taste as well as the nutrition and it is all great food. I look at the food and I look at what people are buying and there are healthy options all around.

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