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If youa€™re looking for a total body workout that yields quick, but noticeable results then you need to try some HIIT workouts.
If you enjoy the calming benefits of yoga then this core workout by Yoga Journal is a perfect way to focus on both your mind and abdominal muscles.
If you don’t want to bust out the dumbbells, here is a great weight-free arm toning workout. Hi, my name is Anna, and I'm here to share my stories, make you laugh and help you feel better about your crazy, messy, fabulous life.
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We have only so much time in each day, and if we’re going to give away some of those minutes to fitness, well, it better be worth it.

POP SUGAR Fitness has a 30 minute, full body workout that packs the best fat-busting exercises into a reasonable amount of time. HIIT (high intensity interval training) utilizes repetitions of cardiovascular exercises performed at the maximum level for short periods of time. Thata€™s ok, POPSUGAR Fitness has a ten minute full body HIIT workout that promises to blast away the fat.
Fitness Blender has a 10 minute ab workout that utilizes Pilates and weight training to give your abs the ultimate challenge. The girls from Victoria’s Secret are pretty much the leaders in sexy, and they have great 8 minute arm-toning workout for you. She shares funny stories, recipes to try and her struggles with Rheumatoid Arthritis on her blog: Because My Life is Fascinating.

XHIT Daily has released this incredible 12 minute workout that yields Victoria’s Secret results.
What is nice about Christine is that you feel like she is working out with you in your own living room. If youa€™re like me, and need your tush to have some a€?pusha€? then check out this twelve minute a€?Lift and Tone Booty Routinea€? from the girls at Tone it Up.

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