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Created by a triathlete and a 24-time marathoner, each pack comes with two sizes of silicone-based buds to ensure proper sizing, and they are both sweat- and water-resistant. These tiny oval tips hook into your ear to create a noise-isolating feature that will leave you in your own insulated world. From the inventors of insert earphones, the Etymotic MC5 is one of the lowest-priced in the Etymotic family. Using Bose’s uniquely shaped StayHear tips -- which are designed to take the shape of your ears (a round profile with wing tips that conform to the upper ridge) -- these are made of silicone for a soft feel.
Designed specifically for athletes, this lightweight set is sweat- and rain-resistant, promising isolated sound. While on-ear headphones aren’t typical at the gym, this lightweight option gives you the choice of silicone or foam earpads and includes an unadjustable behind-the-head band. Doubling as an in-ear and over-ear set, the wire is flexible and can conform to each individual ear for a secure fit. Forget long wires and detangling cords; these Bluetooth-supported headphones give you a wireless music transmission from up to 25 feet. When exercising, a dislodged headphone interrupts your fitness time and takes you out of "the zone" you worked so hard to reach in the first place.
Considering we all have different ear sizes, the one-size-fits-all technique isn't always the best way find the perfect workout buddy. As beneficial as the right playlist can be to boosting your workout, the wrong pair of headphones can be equally detrimental.
While I'm no tech writer, I am a runner who listens to music -- and I most certainly sweat. I wore each pair of headphones during a 20- to 30-minute jog along the same stretch of the path along the Hudson River in New York City, at a moderate pace, while listening to the same 10 or so songs.
I rated sound quality on a scale of one to five, one being "meh", three being average and five being sensational. When you're listening to music on, say, a long airplane flight, you're probably looking for something that blocks out all other sound.
Just like with running sneakers and sports bras, your experience with the headphones below will likely be somewhat different than mine.
Fit & Comfort: The StayHear tips fit snuggly under the ridge of your ear, just above the ear canal.
Cord Length: Shorter than usual, but the kit includes a cord extender if you prefer a little more length. Bells & Whistles: The headphones also come with a nifty Reebok armband, complete with a small pocket for a key.
Fit & Comfort: The ear cushions are plump and sumptuous, although I always wonder how makes like these will hold up over many, many sweaty hours, since I basically eroded a pair a few years back. The Sweating Situation: The ear cushions are detachable and washable, and the whole shebang is sweat-resistant and rainproof.
The best headphones for sitting at your computer or in your home listening to music may not be the best headphones to put in your ears while you’re jogging around town. When you need a pair of headphones that fit well, work with just about any device you might have and sound good, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, the Yurbuds are a great option.
Jaybird’s Freedom and BlueBuds X earphones are both Bluetooth models that do away with wires and let you rock out wirelessly while you run, lift, or otherwise get your daily exercise in. If you just haven’t been able to find a set of in-ear headphones that work for you, or that really do stay in place while you work out, Decibullz may be the answer. The ear tips are DIY, so you get them, heat them up in the microwave, and then attach them to your own earbuds (you need a model that support replaceable rubber ear tips. The Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth wireless headphones put the Bluetooth radio, battery and other electronics in a firm band that goes around the back of your neck while you wear them, and fits snugly to your head. Those of you who nominated the S10-HDs pointed out their solid performance, lack of wires or cables, and the fact that they make decent headphones as well as workout headphones, even taking Bluetooth into consideration. Honourable mentions this week go out to Skullcandy’s In-Ear models, which many of you praised for walking the line between affordability, audio quality and solid design. I can run, jog, lift weights, everything in them and they only pop out when i accidentally pull the cord (very very rarely). I had the CX300II, but they kept needing me to adjust their position if I was moving around, so I purchased a pair of Shure SE215. They also don't protrude out from your ear, so I can easily slide my helmet if I go for ride. I had some Nokia's which were a similar design to the Motorola above, they were extremely annoying. Thankfully for the 12 month replacement, I was able to walk into JB HiFi and have them replaced. I bought a pair of these They're uncomfortable as they don't fit my ear at all (I have difficulty understanding what the logic is behind the rubber ear bud attachments) and because of the chunky over-ear section, they can't be used with sunglasses, which pretty much rules out cycling completely and anything outdoors on a sunny day. They had fins to help hold the headphones in your ears, were water resistant and were a bit more durable than my other headphones. Also with the JF3s coupled with my Lumia 920 I can have text messages read out to me and even dictate replies without touching anything (handy while driving too but I don't use the JF3s in the car). Weird you don't include the Sennheiser PMX680i or something else from this family (OMX680i) given it was the Gizmodo running favourite last year. I can't stand any sort of earbud, so an over-ear back-mounted headphone is the only option, although they are rarely covered in any headphone reviews in any category. It was recently that I actually developed an appreciation for good headphones and how it tremendously enhances the workout.
Jeff Burke and team from The Active Times ranks 8 of the best workout headphones available.
Fully waterproof up to 12 feet, the Surge headphones are designed for kayaking, swimming, SUPing or any other water-based adventure. Built for serious wear and tear, the unique Inspire Duro headphones twist into place in the outer reaches of your ear canal for a comfortable fit that won’t fall out.
More geek than freak, the Denon wireless sports headphone is a full-featured exercise tool with integrated amplifier that delivers superior sound for those who like the in-ear experience. I have another Lower Body Workout for you today, I wanted to make a workout for you guys before I leave town tomorrow.

While I have a yoga studio and gym membership there are times that working out with a DVD is easier. I finally have a new Lower Body Workout for you guys, this workout took me a little over 30 minutes to complete. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all of us you actually recognise what you're talking about! The “TwistLock” technology ensures these stay secure for a reliable fit, no matter what activity you are doing. The buds themselves allow in just enough ambient noise, so you aren’t completely closed off from the world. For the price tag, you get three sets of ear tips, an aluminum carrying case and an ear tip cleaning tool. Not only do these come with four sets of ear tips, they feature all different kinds, whichver you decide works best, for example, tri-flange mushroom tips made of rubber, a soft glider tip and two different types of foam tips.
To ensure proper fit and stability, the headphones come with three different sizes of tips. Ear caps come in various sizes, and a shorter cable comes with a clip to attach to your workout gear.
Using bone-conducting technology, the headphones wrap around the back of your head, designed to sit in front of your ear on your cheekbone, leaving your ears open so you can hear everything else.
With a built-in microphone and in-ear controls compatible with your iPhone, the headphones also boast a flat, tangle-resistant wire to rid you of those pesky knots. Perks include noise-isolation, sweat-resistance, a modular cable system that allows you to adjust your cable length and a hands-free microphone for calls and settings. With a flexible band that rests behind your neck, all you need to do is tap the earpiece with its built-in microphone to control the switch between music and calls, giving you that hands-free comfort. Instead, consider investing in a solid pair over a cheap option that tangles up and poops out fast. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Which is why I jumped at the chance to take some of the biggest names in the active headphone game out for a spin.
When you're listening to music on a run through a busy city, you need to be able to hear some of the important auditory cues around you. But you get what you pay for, and, because many of the pricier models come with serious warrantees, they could be a worthwhile investment if you're willing to take good care of them.
I couldn't hear my panting, but I did hear a particularly loud air conditioner that I mistook for an approaching person!
There's also a clip about halfway down the cord that allows you to fasten extra length to your clothes and prevent bouncing. The packaging calls these sweat- and weather-resistant, so you won't want to submerge them in water but you can certainly wipe 'em down. I expected to have to really crank up the volume, since on-ear models typically allow in more ambient noise, but these struck a good balance. Activity will make them fall out and noise isolation or closed ear models will make it hard to hear your surroundings, but you still want good audio quality for your money. The Bose IE2 and MIE2 both sport Bose’s StayHear swappable ear tips, which Bose claims will keep them from falling out of your ears even during strenuous activity. The Freedoms, shown here, offer a flexible strap to keep them connected behind your neck, have clear, easily-pressed on-ear controls for volume and pairing, and allow you to answer calls with a quick tap while you’re on the go.
Many of you pointed out that once you got a set of Decibullz tips for your own earphones, you never had a problem with them falling out again.
The earphones themselves fit right into your ears, and feature on-ear controls for volume and music playback, not to mention buttons to answer and hang up calls and pair with your smartphone.
Many of you also noted that the way the band fits around the back of your head means the earphones don’t slip out of your ears easily. They go in deeper than the CX300II, and wrap around your ears (like an ear piece) so they stay in place no matter what. I've been eyeing these off, wanting something hook over ear buds, Bluetooth (I don't exercise with pockets so corded is no good) and with decent sound.
The back would bounce around when running, and you couldn't wear them while doing bench weights. The signal cuts out if you have your phone in your pocket, or worse still, in a sports armband. It was also convenient that I was working close to the Galleries Victoria store, as this issue would repeat every 4-5 weeks. The Plantronics Backbeat seem a tad too expensive for something with only 4 hours listen time.
They also had an inline volume control, which I found handy when I went running and needed to cross the road. They ranked them based on sound quality, apparent durability, online consumer reviews and price.
The in-ear design creates an acoustically closed environment, ideal for a busy gym when you need to focus on your program. The neckband design and watertight earplugs ensure fit and functionality, even in stormy waters. They put Bose’s renowned sound quality into a stable, sweat- and water-resistant chassis that features a hydrophobic cloth cord and a Reebok Fitness armband to keep your smartphone or mp3 player out of the way. Because of the ergonomic shape, they stay put but also pull out easily when you need to hear outside sounds. Built to stay put during the most vigorous of exercises, the full-spectrum speakers are constructed with adjustable ear clips to eliminate any slippage.
The sweatproof earpiece has a swivel arm that allows for maximum adjustment to the ear tips to achieve the fullest sound. Fully submersible, the JLab GO allows you to take 800 or more of your favorite songs, literally, into the water. They are specifically designed to avoid sensitive pain points in your ear for a comfortable, snug fit. A good model for the multi-tasker, these come with an attached in-line controller (which must be charged) with a mic for cellphone use, as well as volume and song control.

As a single unit, you can wear them over or under your ear (behind your head), leaving you free of wires on your neck or chest.
Whether it is in-ear, out-ear, on-ear, over-ear or wireless you are looking for, we curated our tops picks in the market now. Experts call this "situational awareness." I prefer to drown out my own heavy breathing, but I have to be able to hear the bicyclists and drivers around me.
For a review of making phone calls with a number of these models, as well as some really impressive testing methods that would have gotten me in big trouble, head over to The Wire Cutter's review from earlier this year. The SIE2i model is designed to operate with Apple devices, so I could adjust the volume and song order with the buttons on the headphones, as well as operate my phone via voice commands.
I could hear the middle-aged couple running behind me approaching, which definitely pushed me to go faster. The non-slip headband helped keep everything in place without squeezing, although I did get a little jiggle on one side. The silicone headband doesn't seem easily breakable, although I do always worry slightly about snapping something that doesn't fold. No specific models got enough nominations to make the top five, but the line is clearly popular. I'd go with anything other than these (preferably the Plantronics BackBeat Go) if I hadn't already forked out for these. I had thought at some stage I'd have difficulty with returning so many, but apparently this is a common problem (has to do with the wires snapping at the base of the plug). In-ear headphones fit snugly into the ear canal, like earplugs, preventing those outside noises from interrupting your flow.
Add the structural back up of an ear clip, hook or neckband, and those personal speakers aren’t going anywhere. The small adjustable ear fin design hooks comfortably under the contour of the outer ear to keep a comfy fit, and the sound even and clear. On the sonic side of things, strong neodymium drivers deliver superior clarity and tonal fullness. The result is a high-end, fully functional sound system so you can rock out on your workout.
The sweatproof nature of the headphones extends from the speaker covering to the soft, tangle-free cloth cord that wears well next to skin and rinses off just the same. Simply plug the mini USB (the port is protected by a watertight, twist-and-lock plug) into your computer to update your playlist and charge the 10-hour battery. While they do need to be charged, they have eight hours of playtime, and patented ear cushions curve to the top, back and lower surface areas of your ear to prevent looseness. Every runner is different, but every runner who runs with music appreciates the beauty of the right pair of headphones. I rated each set of headphones on a one to five scale here as well, but a three was the ideal. The MIE2s are perfect for listening to music on your phone while you’re out running or working out, but still give you the option to answer incoming calls when you need to. They also include sport cushions and multiple ear tips so they stay in your ears and fit comfortably. You’ll get about 8 hours of continuous play time out of the S10-HDs before you have to recharge the battery. The Plantronics don't seem to have gotten particularly good reviews, so my next stop is going to be the Jaybirds - anecdotal praise from them as well as the above review. Because they better seal off the ear, you can keep the volume lower on your mp3, iPod or smartphone, allowing you richer sound without blasting your tunes.
Of course, be sure to buy a waterproof mp3 player or smartphone case before you hit the high seas.
All-weather ready, the S4i takes the award-winning acoustics of its sister S4 and gives it a raincoat.
The three-button, in-line control is simple to use, and seven different eartips ensure a custom fit.
These headphones have seven pairs of soft silicone tips for a comfortable fit and a satisfying, tonally-balanced sound. A one meant I could hear every surrounding sound, while a five meant I heard no surrounding sound, technically no good for a city runner.
These are so light, at times I thought they were slipping out simply because I no longer felt them at all. The BlueBuds X are a different, more traditional earbud design that Jaybird touts as the pinnacle of wireless earbud technology. The in-line control uses oversize buttons for easier use when on the go, plus rubber reinforcements in key areas enhance its overall durability for more rigorous activities and a longer lifespan. The SIE2i had sound quality to match some of its higher-ranked competition, but its heavy price tag dragged it down our list.
Completely sweat- and moisture-resistant, the Ultrafit 3000s are happy with a rinse when your workout is done.
You still have a connecting strap, but the audio and call controls have moved to a smaller control pod along the cable. They believe that all will stand up to sweat, stay in your ears and deliver top-notch sound through workout after workout.
The BlueBuds X also have been designed to compensate for the inevitable sound quality degradation you’ll get passing audio over Bluetooth, and sport over-ear and in-ear fitting options so you can wear them the way you choose. The sport cushion and multi-sized ear tips are still there to keep your ears happy while you wear them. Those of you who nominated the Jaybird models praised their battery life (8 hours between charges for the BlueBuds X and 6 hours for the Freedoms), their broad compatibility and easy setup, and the fact that they stay in your ears no matter what type of exercise you’re doing.

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