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Here is a quick and effective chest building workout that will produce rapid gains for your upper body musculature. Note: If there is a set that shows 1A) and 1B) this means that for Set 1, Exercises A and B are done is succession with little to no rest in between. Note 3: If a set calls for 8 reps, you should choose a weight where on that eighth rep, you can just complete it with good form. After 4 weeks, you should change the exercises and volume of your routine to ensure you are still progressing and making gains.
The #8 ranked fitness book on the internet, as ranked by Clickbank, Combat Core, the renowned torso training protocol, has been utilized by athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world. If you want to build insane levels of abdominal strength, lose lower back pain and improve your performance in the weight room or on the field, check out Combat Core. These are my actual classes so you’ll see a different perspective than watching TV workouts. Alright – 15 minutes to warm up and get some cardio in – run around the block, do some jumping jacks, dance to your favorite songs – then meet me back here pronto!!!
Grab your Water, a Towel, and 3 to 5 Pound Weights, a Resistance Band and a Mat, and some Rockin’ Music!
Bend slightly at the hips for deadlifts, arms straight holding weights, and bend over till your back is straight, keeping your neck in alignment with your back. Put your arms in goal post position with a weight in each hand and extend straight up for 20 shoulder presses.
Lay on a mat or a bench with a weight in each hand and with your elbows bent at your sides and push straight up over your chest for 20 chest presses.
Perform 50 reps of ab crunches in 3 different positions (raising at your shoulders, raising both your knees and your shoulders, alternating elbows to knees, etc.).
Grab your Water, a Towel, and 3 to 5 Pound Weights, a Resistance Band and a Mat, and some Rockin’ Music!
Lay in a supine position (on your back) on your mat, knees bent, feet and knees together. Grab your heaviest weight by the heads (one hand on either side of the knob) and put it behind your head, about half way up your skull.
After your first set, AND NO REST IN BETWEEN, pick up your feet and touch your elbow to your opposite knee, kicking your foot out in between, till you’ve done 50 opposing Crunches.
NOW you can stretch out your arms and legs, pointing your hands and fingers over your head and lengthening your legs and pointing your toes. Turn over onto your stomach (prone position), lay flat and pull your hands behind your back and grasp your hands together as you count slowly to 20. Again go into childs pose, sitting on your heels, arms stretched over your head, forehead to the floor.
Knees bent, feet and knees close together, bring your knees up toward your chest as you rock your chest to your knees and knees to your chest for 50 crunches.
Bend your knees, put your feet on the floor, and drop your knees open in a butterfly groin stretch. Stretch it out, make sure you Drink Plenty of Water, and get some Protein in you to repair those muscles! Grab your Resistance Band, put it Under your Left Foot, Grab the Handle with Both Hands, Bend down then bring it Across your body and over your right shoulder in a Reverse Wood Chop. The Turkish getup is a fantastic exercise to build shoulder muscles, and all round strength and conditioning. The Turkish getup is a freestyle type kettlebell movement which is unassuming powerful for developing strong shoulders.
I have a super fun arts and crafts project for my beautiful little bunnies to try over the holiday weekend! I started college as a fashion design major, so I have always been a little crafty when it comes to recycling old T-shirts. As for the shirt, I actually hand cut a stencil for the writing and then carrot and spray painted it onto a guys shirt from Target!

Love your well written tutorial (I’m making one) and for sharing your weight loss story on your blog.
I just finished my shirt for the charity walk that I am participating in tomorrow morning and it turned out great!!! Haha that’s a great idea Hillery, I’ll have to share your idea with other mommies! Yay just made 5 from some $1.99 t-shirts I got at michaels plus a tye-dye kit super psyched to see how they come out ! I think it’s cute with a sports bra, but I also like to wear mine with a Lacey Bandeau underneath when I’m not working out! I love my new workout shirt, however my one tip is to make sure you use a shirt that is a couple sizes larger than what you wear because cutting it shrinks the size. Hi, I just made one of these out of a shirt I tie dyed to sell and it came out pretty low in the side boob department lol. 5-7 small meals a day with good quality protein, fibrous carbs, good fat and lots of water.
I tell my students we’re here for fun and I’m just throwing in a workout with it!
Do 20 triceps kickbacks (hold the weights at  your shoulders and moving ONLY at the elbows, straighten your arms, then return fists to shoulder height).
Start with 20 reverse curls (arms straight, palms facing toward your body and bend only at the elbows. Keep it there as you do 50 Crunches. If working out is new to you, start with AT LEAST 10 Crunches. Release, go into Child’s Pose (sitting on your heels, arms stretched out in front, forehead to the mat).
Stretch out flat again lift yourself with into a plank position, either on your hands and toes, hands and knees (butt DOWN), elbows and toes, or elbows and knees (butt DOWN).
I call this my dead bug crunch as it looks like a bug curling together to me when you touch them (for those of you that know what pill bugs do!). Hold a handle in each hand and shorten the band till it is only about a foot in length and hold it in front of your eyes. It’s particularly useful for wrestlers, MMA fighters, BJJ and other combat athletes that use both standing and ground positions. Ita€™s also fantastic for your core, and combined with the kettlebell swing can make for an extremely intense workout. Using the excess bottom hemline, stretch it out until it becomes one long string of fabric. Wrap the string all the way down around the center of the racerback, and back up to meet the other ends. A few people have been asking me about buying shirts, so I think I am going to screen print some in a couple of weeks! I’m going to HAVE to try this today – going to root around in my boyfriends closet for some t-shirts ?? Thanks girl! But I have a question, did you get a shirt the same size you normally wear or a larger one? I actually bought a plain men’s green shirt from Target and then cut my own stencil and spray painted the shirt!
There is a design on the upper half of the shirt I want to use, so I plan to cut along the lower back for the coil.
I wish I would have read through the comments first cause then I would have known to use a larger then normal t-shirt. I have clients that come to me everyday saying they can't gain weight, they can't get bigger or they aren't making progress. After completing 20 reps move on to triceps extensions (hands together overhead start with elbows bent, then straighten elbows, return to bent elbow position for one count).

Your palms will be facing away from your body when your fists are at the top of the movement.) Move on to  20 regular curls (arms straight, palms facing away from your body and bend only at the elbows).
At the 10th rep, stay bent over and pull your elbows back (squeezing your shoulder blades and your back muscles [lats] just below the blades) for 10 bent-over rows. Lift your elbow toward your hip for a count of 25 THEN reach your hand to your ankle as you lift your ankle to your hand for another count of 25.
Put your left palm on the floor and reach your right hand toward the ceiling and hold for a few seconds. Concentrate on your long lat muscles (back muscles) and pull the band down to chest height while barely stretching the band.
You can wear this casual racerback to your workout and then dress it up with a lacy bandeau when you meet your friends for some rabbit food afterwards.
For the sleeves, cut downwards starting from the shoulder, determining how thick you want your straps. Starting a few inches up at the front of your shirt, start cutting diagonally until you reach the back. I just started my own healthy way of life (not on a diet because I should not lose any weight ?? ) But I have green smoothies everyday and my food groups are the “Rabbit Food” I love that!
I love Lululemon, so I’m sure I will come up with some Lulu inspired creations in the future!
A lot of people have been asking for them, so I am currently looking into having shirts screen printed to sell on my website. I left the section at the top because it had something printed there and then tied it from there down and it worked great.
I’m so glad that it worked out and you were able to save the top section of your original shirt! I wear mine with a sports bra when I workout or with a lacy bandeau and jeans when it’s nice out!
When I wear my sports bra it covers all the goodies at least but not sure I did something wrong or the side is supposed to be that way? Well, after close examination of their diet, they typically aren't eating enough to support muscle growth! This means you can't go into the gym and mess around with weights that aren't making you give a solid effort with each rep and with each set. Know roll your knees up to your chest, wrap your arms around them and rock side to side a few times.
Now reach around to the right, put your hands on your butt and look over your right shoulder. I have tons of healthy recipes and treats coming up to keep healthy eating fun and exciting! I’ll definitely let you know of I have a batch made ?? I’m so happy everyone likes the shirt! Basically skipped the big V cut out on back and curved it down about 3 inches from top toward arm pits.
Stop in the center and pull both legs straight up, grab them with your hands and pull them to your face, stretching your back a little more. I’ll definitely let you know if I have a batch of shirts made ?? Thank you so much for you interest! Drop your right ear to your right shoulder and gently but optionally pull down on it with your right hand.

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