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Whether you are looking for a pair of gym headphones, outdoor running headphones, or even swimming headphones, here you will find a great headphone that suits your needs (and desires). There are three versions of the Surge: the standard version, the Surge Contact 2G which comes with an in-line microphone and playback controls, and the Surge Sportwrap 2G which comes with a behind-the-neck strap to ensure stability. If you like the design but don’t fancy the behind-the-neck band, the other 680 models are still viable options. None of these 680 models are known for their high fidelity sound, but they provide very nice thump in the bass for upbeat music.
As opposed to being a workout headphone that can also be used for casual listening, the S5i is the other way around. Aftershokz headphones keep the ears completely open to outside noise and are appropriately advertised as some of the safest because of the increased awareness of the listener.
Circuit 1 – alternate 1a, 1b, 1a, 1b, etc until 3 sets of each exercise have been performed.
You are probably not going to be analytically listening to your music when running or working out, but your headphones still need to do your music justice. All of H2O Audio’s products are worthy of a mention, so head over to their website for their full lineup of waterproof and workout products. For a running headphone I put functionality over sound quality any day, and the PMX 680 is proof. They do this using a very intriguing method of delivering sound to the listener: instead of sending the sound waves through your ear canal, the Aftershokz sit on the bone in front of your ear and send the sound waves through the bone.
Whether your headphones did not come with a sturdy case or you are looking to upgrade, you have come to the right place! The small (and often foldable) designs of our recommendations will satisfy travelers and commuters alike. From someone who keeps you on time to someone to always have for a spot when you need it, taking a buddy to the gym is an excellent way to maximize your productivity. Overhead Pass with Squat (Over Unders): Stand back to back with one person holding a medicine ball.

Keeping the arms straight and the core tight, Person 1 swings the ball from the outside of the body to the inside and tosses the ball to Person 2.
Lucky for you, all the headphones on this list are known to be very secure and comfortable. All the headphones on this list except for the Sennheisers are known for their exceptional sound quality for the price.
Stripped down, the S6 is actually the M6 but it has a few features and goodies that might make it worth the extra dough. Enter H2O Audio’s line of headphones that are completely waterproof and ready for underwater listening or under-the-sink cleaning. The in-ear CX and MX have the MEElectronics M6 standing in their way, and the OMX model is essentially any old earphone with added rubber ear guides (many other earphones come with these).
My biggest complaint about the PMX is that it is a huge pain in the weight room because the headband consistently gets in the way of equipment (the bench for example).
Though it is a novel idea that stemmed from military use (and has been successfully used in that application), the Aftershokz are simply disappointing for consumer use. My quick tips for shopping for workout headphones: Comfort and fit should be your #1 concern! Also, there are a number of exercises that can be taken to another level if you have a partner.
This allows you to choose which exercises you would like to do for how long you would like to workout. Person 2 lets momentum take the ball to the outside of their body and then tosses the ball back to Person 1.
The best is Koss’s epic lifetime warranty which gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
They are also very comfortable over long periods of time and quite durable (just make sure you mold the earhook to fit tightly on your ears).
The S5i an excellent entry-level earphone and doubles as a workout headphone thanks to their moisture resistant design and extra large in-line playback controls.

Person 1 lunges forward with the right foot while Person 2 simultaneously lunges forward with the right foot. Perform 10 reps throwing from left-to-right and then turn around for 10 reps from right-to-left. Since they leak sound they are not appropriate in most public environments but in the gym or outside this is not a concern.
I decided to feature the Surge 2G on this list because I think it will appeal to the most people because it has the most powerful bass of the bunch, but their other headphones (Flex, Surge Pro Mini, and Trax) are good options as well. They remain very comfortable and stable in your ears even if you sweat lakes and head bang to your music. Prepare to shred your upper extremities with this awesome “Arm Pyramid Workout”!! Person 2 takes the ball and rotates all the way to the right and passes the ball back to Person 1 (who has rotated left). Person 1 passes the ball to Person 2 while down in the lunge and then return to the starting position.
It is at it’s best with with instrumental electronic music but can really handle anything you throw at it. The bass is rather strong and most people will find the overall sound signature very fun and enjoyable. There are mods galore if you are a DIY’er, but the stock version is excellent in itself in terms of what you are getting for the price. Perform 10 times and then switch roles (if you rolled the first time now you’re the one passing overhead).
You can maintain your spine in a better, more erect position when rolling the ball versus reaching to pass it.

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