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Training, Vertical Jump Training, Weight TrainingThe Best Vertical Jump Exercises: The Kings of VJ Training! Before I say anything about my favorite exercises, I need to make one thing clear: a strong vertical jump requires ALL of our muscles to be firing effectively.
Basketball, Stretching, Training, Vertical Jump Training, Weight TrainingWeight Training for Vertical Jump and Strength: Lift for Flight! So we know that we should lift weights for a strong vertical jump, but HOW do we lift them? Basketball, Dunks, Stretching, Training, Vertical Jump Training, Vertical Jump TricksTricks For Jumping Higher: Rip Those Hips! Putting aside all the weight lifting and plyometrics needed for vertical jump training, there exist several tricks for jumping higher that can be used to IMMEDIATELY gain inches. Basketball, Dunks, Training, Vertical Jump Training, Weight TrainingWeight Training for Vertical Jump: Good or Bad?! Basketball, Dunks, Training, Vertical Jump TrainingBenefits of Vertical Jump Training: What’s the Point?
This time I decided to do an article about a fresh system I’m currently looking at for increasing athletes vertical jump. The purpose of this post is to offer accurate and helpful facts for those interested in the program before they rush to buy it.
Vert Shock is new training system that dares to claim it can help players gain 10 inches on their vertical jump in the course of just 8 weeks. Vert Shock is unique in plenty of other ways, particularly in advocating the significance of mastering and understanding the nine aspects of vertical jump. Vert Shock is an electronic resource, a software system which can be downloaded to your mobile device as well as installed on your PC.
The Vert Shock training program also offers an array of extra resources such as optimization guides, workout structuring and interactive training. Most athletes nowadays rely on coaches or colleagues for guidance and information about jump training. It’s no secret that one of the key points to achieving a high vertical leap is  commitment and dedication. The comprehensive and detailed information along with the constant support provided by Vert Shock, ensures that anyone who use the program will get significant gains from it. The program also gives you access to a members forum where you can post videos, comment and ask other people to critique your vertical jump. Finally, Vert Shock is also very famous and has gained a large publicity with huge number of testimonials that speak only good of it.
If you need to improve your jumping ability in a short amount of time, you'll want to focus on training your muscles rather than building them.
Calculate your current jump height by jumping as high as you can against a wall and marking the wall with a piece of chalk or other marker. Explosive strength exercises include box squats, which have you sitting on a box or bench with weight on your shoulders, then standing straight up.
For depth jumps, stand on a box or other stable platform about equal to your current vertical jump.
Check with your health-care provider before beginning an exercise program for the first time or if you have been away from fitness programs for a while, or if you have any chronic health issues. A couple weeks ago I was at the Catapult Hockey Workshop in Denver with a few dozen strength and conditioning coaches from the NHL and NCAA. In short, I think the Lateral Bound Test is more hockey-specific, and provides different (if not better) information than a Vertical Jump.
One of the biggest problems with testing is that most people don’t actually do anything with the information. With these things in mind, I wanted to share some normative data from the hundreds of hockey players I’ve tested over the last few years. As a quick reminder, the split distance (discussed more in the Testing Power in Team Sport Athletes article) provides different information than simply a leg length test.
As a quick refresher, the standard deviation gives a general idea of the distribution of test scores.

This same data can be used to estimate what percentile you fall in relative to the population. As I mentioned in a previous article, one of the benefits of using the lateral bound test is that it provides insight into side to side discrepancies that are otherwise hidden by a vertical jump (in the absence of a dual force plate). For the rest of you, let’s just take a look at a few line graphs that simplify the message. The most important part of testing is to provide yourself with a baseline measure so you can track progress over time.
Please enter your first name and email below to sign up for my FREE Athletic Development and Hockey Training Newsletter! Year-round age-specific hockey training programs complete with a comprehensive instructional video database! Kevin has rapidly established himself as a leader in the field of physical preparation and sports science for ice hockey. In addition to this, it also provides secondary benefits such as enhanced, neuromuscular coordination, leg strength and power.
The problem is that the idea of skipping workouts has become a source of embarrassment for most trainees. There is no one PERFECT workout routine and certainly no one PERFECT exercise to increase vertical. How does one lift weights to ensure maximum athletic gains and not necessarily size gains (bulking is great if bodybuilding is your main goal, but OUR concern is to train for athleticism and vertical jump). Why step out of the comfort zone and do something uncomfortable just to increase your “vert”?
In this article I intend to reveal some information about the new Vert Shock program, to help people who are interested in increasing their vertical jump to decide whether this training program will suit them or not. It’s also recommended to watch some reviews of Vert Shock and see what other people have done in the course of just 8 weeks with the program.
Many trainers and coaches claim to be experts on this field, but the truth is most of them have a poor understanding of jumping mechanics and they simply lack the knowledge basic jump principles. Rather than discouraging athletes from considering every option, the program aims to enhance on existing methods by small to digest guides such as how to eat to improve your metabolism and how train right, while also emphasizing the necessity of hard work and commitment. It provides relevant and helpful information about physiology and also principles behind improving your vertical leap.
For athletes who are serious about getting high level conditioning Vert Shock is a great solution and it must be considered as an addition to their training library.
Vert Shock offers the most up to date information and allows people to take responsibility and ownership on their personal developments. If any confusion arises they even offer a one-on-one consultation and tips through email by Adam Folker himself. He has worked in the corporate and nonprofit arenas as a C-Suite executive, serving on several nonprofit boards.
Instead of focusing on heavy weight lifting, you'll need workouts that focus on explosive power and reactive power exercises.
You can also videotape yourself, placing the camera on the floor, with markings or some other reference point on or near the wall and your feet. Explosive strength is your ability to make a powerful muscle contraction in one direction, such as a sprinter moving out of the starting blocks during a race. One-leg split-squat jumps have you standing behind a box or bleacher row and placing one foot up. Reactive strength is your ability to coordinate two muscles or muscle groups to create a quick or powerful movement. Hopefully this provides a basic target for you to measure your own status, as well as your progress moving forward. In the 95 athletes I have leg length AND split distance data for, the two variables shared a correlation of only .163. In a normalized distribution (as these scores were), ~68% of the population will fall within one standard deviation around the average, 95% will fall within 2 standard deviations (i.e. While you may think the differences between legs are relatively negligible, of the 446 lateral bound tests I have data on, 88 (19.7%) show a side-to-side discrepancy of 4 or more inches.

For those of you that like to look at raw numbers, I’ve included the sample sizes, averages, and standard deviations in the table below. Once again, goalies are considerably lower than position players, but now it’s consistent across all ages. No one wants to admit to skipping a workout, because we all like to think of ourselves as hardworking athletes.
This post is not about explaining why paying very close attention to nutrition is important for getting optimal results.
This alone speaks volumes about the amount of confidence Adam Folker, creator of the program, has in his product. These exercises are performed with lighter weights or no weights, and simulate jumping with powerful movements in one direction, or up-and-down movements.
During video playback, stop the picture at the peak of your jump to measure your leap that way. Bending your knees downward prior to jumping up to dunk a basketball is an example of reactive power.
Reactive jump squats have you using 15 to 30 percent of your maximum weight and performing repeated standing squats in a rhythmic fashion.
That number should seem low, but to put it in perspective, leg length had a .103 correlation with percentage body fat. The optimal ratio for most goalies is likely still below position players; however, goalies may feel more reactive on the ice if this gap is narrowed. However, many players are interested in how they compare to others in their age group, and understandably so. Sometimes, you may even feel frustrated because your jump does not increase despite your extreme effort to train.
I think most goalies would do better to put a great emphasis on training for speed, power, and strength IN ADDITION to their flexibility work at younger ages. There are many reasons why you’re not jumping higher, first, you may not be aware of the principles of vertical jumping, second, you may have insufficient knowledge regarding the right practices and techniques to improve your jump, third, you may not be physically fit to train, and finally, you may not be disciplined enough to follow the correct principles. For paused jump squats, use 15 to 30 percent of your maximum weight and perform standing squats by going down, waiting three seconds, then jumping upward as high as you can. With this in mind, the above normative values can be used as a guide to assess where you rank in terms of power production. Hopefully you can use this information as motivation to not just train harder, but also train smarter.
You can follow these steps to achieve success with your training!How to increase your vertical jump     Workout your QuadsTraining to achieve quad strength is a great way to improve your jump.
Hence, you can exercise using a squat machine to increase glute activation, which targets the large muscles that help create a forceful leap.You can also further your vertical jump training by performing single-leg squats.
So, doing it can aid you to build more strength and increase your chances of developing higher jumps. You also need to push up faster right after you lower yourself to exercise the fast-twitch muscles, which aids in the upward phase of the jump.Improve your calf strengthYour calf muscles play a vital role on your final propulsion when you perform a vertical jumping. Developing flexibility in your muscles, tendons and ligaments will increase your ability to jump higher. The quads, hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves are the areas in the body where you might want to focus on.
Make sure that you do not mix the exercises for strength-training and jumping skills training to avoid your energy from draining.
He specializes in helping men and women achieve weight loss, muscle building, toning and other customized fitness & nutrition programs to create a Healthy Lifestyle. James offers private luxury personal training, 12-week custom workout plans, and personalized nutrition meal plans.

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