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As part of Richland School District 2's plan to upgrade numerous facilities around the district, Ridge View High School gets a beautiful new set of bleachers.
Is it fair to assume that when you mention "strength training" to most athletes they immediately think of lifting heavy weights with the sole objective of lifting even heavier weights next time?That's NOT the best approach for basketball players.To have the greatest impact on your game, strength training for basketball should aim to develop explosive power. Unlike football, basketball is a non-contact sport (although at times, some would argue with that!). Muscular EnduranceYour ability to perform repeated, high-intensity movements without fatigue is a reflection of your muscular endurance.Improvements in muscular endurance will improve your ability to repeat sprints up and down the court in quick succession. In-Season - Maintain Muscular PowerAccept that over the course of the competitive season you will lose some maximal strength. The Pure Intensity Basketball Player Development Training Program's goal is to develop the participant into the best basketball player they can be using the same intense, progressive techniques taught at the collegiate and professional levels. Shooting Mechanics (off catch, off dribble), Jab Step Series, Dribble Separation, Weak Hand Development, Finishing, Advanced Dribble Scoring Methods, Moving Without the Ball, Post and Perimeter Work, 2 and 3 Man Game, Triple Threat Separation, Footwork, Seeing the Floor, Conditioning, Defensive Work, Team Chemistry, Leadership, Basketball IQ, and much more.
These sessions are for players who seek 1 on 1 attention to maximize their skill development.
Small group training allows players to work on their skill development in an intense and forward thinking atmosphere.
Teams rarely focus on individual skill development, instead, their primary focus is on the offensive system being ran, but if you can't pass, can't pivot, and can't dribble, it doesn't matter what offense is run as even the best of those systems are ineffective without execution of proper fundamental skills. This option is tremendous for a coaching staff or youth basketball organization looking for an edge over the competition. Pure Intensity Basketball is dedicated to assisting athletes in maximizing their full basketball potential through the latest skill development methods. Without a doubt we have the best basketball skill development and training material in Minnesota that covers players of all ages, at every position, from beginner to advanced.
Are you coaching youth basketball and need a way to keep track of team and game information? Made specifically for basketball, this free roster and stats sheet template helps you to collect and distribute important team information such as names, numbers, practices times, basketball game schedule, and even the super important snack schedule.

Use the game information section to communicate game times and to coordinate snack rotations. Post a copy of the line up sheet near the bench and let the players determine for themselves which quarters they will be starting. They just keep increasing the weight indefinitely always striving to lift just a little bit more.Strength training for basketball should be periodized.
The program is an individual, small group, team, or coach training curriculum based on the skill set(s) and needs of the participants. We will develop a program based on the participants input or simply prepare the training session(s) from our own experiences with the age level of the individual or group. These workouts are designed to replicate the pressure of game speed situations and assist in the execution of basic and advanced fundamentals under that pressure. These sessions contain the same fundamental curriculum and concepts as the 1 on 1 workouts but allow for situational competition and workout variations. Team training sessions are geared toward developing individual skills within a team environment using that team's concepts and philosophies.
Bring us in to increase competency and overall knowledge for individual player development and to re-energize your program or organization. The basketball roster also includes a team lineup chart, printable stats sheets for game days, and a nice spreadsheet for compiling and summarizing statistics for the season. This helps you balance play time, and being visual, it helps the players all know where they are supposed to be playing and when.
Better yet, print out a few copies and have assistant coaches or parent volunteers help you keep the totals. For example, a player who can bench press 200lbs has greater absolute strength than a player who can bench press 180lbs.As a basketball player it's important that you devote a portion of your strength program to developing maximal strength. But you must have a solid strength base before you move on to these types of sessions.For example plyometric exercises, see this article. What exactly does that mean?Over the course of a year, strength training for basketball should follow several distinct phases or cycles.

Aim to complete this phase at least 4 weeks before the start of the competitive season.Most basketball players (in fact most athletes) never progress past this phase. The goals of this program are to develop individual basketball skills, confidence, and overall understanding of the game. Each session lasts 60 to 120 minutes and the player or group may register for as few or as many as they desire; although we recommend that any individual or group deciding to take part in the Pure Intensity Basketball Player Development Training Program register for at least 10 sessions to ensure the necessary time needed for the player to understand, develop, and improve their skill set. We encourage our athletes to get out of their comfort zones and make mistakes as a part of the learning and developmental process.These sessions are the most intense workouts we offer. Gain new concepts, drills, techniques and teaching methods to incorporate skill development into your daily practice plan or off season workout programs for your players. After each game, enter the stats into the season summary sheet to tally the totals for the season. Each of these phases has a very specific objective that leads you naturally into the next phase of training.Follow a periodized strength regime and you'll maximize your results.
The same muscles are used over and over and grow strong while others are neglected.A low-intensity functional strength phase helps to restore the balance. This is great for end of the season parties, when everyone wants to know who scored the most points or was the biggest fouler: fact-based bragging rights. But that's good news for you.Three strength training sessions a week is enough to build maximal strength. The ground contacts in most explosive movements (like jumping and sprinting) occur in less than a second!So maximal strength training is simply a means to an end (still a very important one though).
And it becomes doubly important for younger players.The foundations you lay in the off-season and early pre-season literally determine the quality of strength and power you can form in later phases.

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