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Curso en el sistema inmuritario ( inmunidad especifica); diccionario ilustrado de terminos medicos de Istituto Quimico Biologico (con animacion asociada).
The narrative social-constructionist approach to learning how to communicate interculturally in a second language ('critical cross-cultural capability in an L2') is based on relocating teller and listener in a new world of existential values.
We've already begun to turn this discussion from your perspective as a reader to your perspective as a writer. After writing your story, you may need to go back and look over what you have written and make improvements. During the Fall, a couple teachers asked me to tackle a list of creative writing assignments.
12 Dialogue ExercisesAcknowledging that dialogue is hard to write well, this site lists problems to avoid and activities to help improve the writing of dialogue. What are the benefits of creative writing in the language classroom?For language learners in generalThere are three areas in which language learners at an intermediate level and above can benefit from creative writing.Students express themselves and their own ideas. Purpose: --To develop multi-cultural awareness and an appreciation and tolerance for differences between people and places.
Students create personas coherent with the target culture, ones with whom they can readily identify in brief, self-authored oral or written narratives which they then enact in real-life situations.

This is different to proof-reading as it involves looking at the story and seeing if it is working. Most teachers would agree that what we want to say, what comes from the heart, we are happier to work on. Even when writers are English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students in a language classroom context, their texts always reflect their ability to solve a rhetoric problem, and their awareness of their own communicative goals, of the reader, and of the writing context. The 3 line pass rule states: A pass from behind the backcourt red line may not be received by an offensive player past the front court red line, unless there is a defensive player closest to the basket. Through 'rewriting themselves' the students extend both their own and their interlocutors' horizons of understanding. No less than when you are a reader, when you are a writer you are also always standing at a border, always trying to find the most effective ways of conveying your thoughts, ideas, emotions, interpretations, and meaning to a reader.
While they are all phrased for creative writing assignments here, many of them could be revised to work for other kinds of essays. Creative writing can be very stimulating and a lot of fun.Creative writing involves playful but rigorous work with language.
This de- and re-centring capability, based on a self-induced transformation of consciousness, is essential for effective communication in intercultural situations.

You are always at a border when you're trying to translate what is in your head onto the page. The Show & Tell assignment and the Scavenger Hunt assignment, for example, could easily become descriptive essays.
What is more, acquiring this capability facilitates learning the more formal, mechanical features of the L2. It isn't just the case that your words and ideas look different on the page than they sound in your head (though they do), but that in many writing situations, the kind of language you have to use isn't the language you're used to using. Do you need to cut out a character?If you leave some time between writing your story and starting the rewrite you can look at the story with fresh eyes.In your rewrite, cut down on anything that gets in the way of telling the story. However, in order to produce a good text, poem, short story or dramatic scene, the language needs to be correct and it needs to work.
The learning sequence is planned according to the principles of task-based learning methodologies, in a communicative language teaching approach.

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