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Fans, players, and coaches were all filled with emotion, some to tears.  He was taken off of the floor on a stretcher and to a local Indianapolis hospital. Ware, who is from the Atlanta, Georgia area, scene of this year’s Final Four, called his teammates over to where he lay in agony, and told them to worry about the game, not him, he would be all right.
So the Cardinals did just that.  The game was close at halftime, but after the break Louisville went on a 17-2 run and never looked back.
Louisville won the battle “in the paint” 40-28.  As Coach Rick Pitino replaced starters, the lead widened. I have a feeling this one could go down as the basketball commercial of the year by the time 2013 is up! The cookie settings on this website are set to "allow cookies" to give you the best browsing experience possible.
Louisville player recovers in hospital with trophy after horror leg break in front of millions on live TVKevin Ware, 20, landed badly on his right leg during Louisville-Duke game on Sunday nightTeammates sobbed as they tried not to be sick after the accident in front of the Louisville benchWare whispered 'Don't worry about me. The University of Louisville basketball player who suffered a horrific leg fracture that left the bone in his right leg protruding on live TV has been successfully operated on.Kevin Ware, 20, jumped high in the air to block a three-point shot during the Louiseville-Duke game on Sunday night when he landed badly on the leg as he crashed to the court.
The injury happened in front of the Louisville bench, and the Cardinals were overcome with emotion. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Basketball defense isn't just "the other part of the game," it's the most important part of the game!
The defensive stance is the foundation of all of your defensive basketball movements, with proper stance aiding in making you quicker and that much more difficult to get by. You don't want to be "flat-footed" or on your heels; it will slow you down and be easier to get you off balance.

You don't want your arms hanging by your side, you want to be "tracing" the ball when guarding your opponent.
Where staying low for defensive basketball becomes a problem is usually in the fourth quarter when your legs are tired. Find a wall with enough space in front of it that you'd be able to set a chair there and sit down.
Now, keeping your back and head straight and still against the wall, slide down until your knees come to a 90A° angle with the floor.
Hold this position (90A° at the hips and 90A° at the knees) for a set time or as long as you can. You should basically be in a position similar to sitting in a chair, but without the chair. Depending on your routine and abilities, you may shoot for holding the position for a certain period of time. Remember: This drill is designed to help develop endurance, so push yourself to hold the position as long as possible to maximize your basketball conditioning. Developing lateral quickness not only helps with your basketball defense, but, like staying low, it helps you in nearly all aspects of the game. Talk (and listen) to Your TeammatesBasketball is a team sport, and basketball defense is done as a team, to.
Speed and Agility training to make you quicker and more equipped to keep your man in front of you. Better sports vision will not only improve your basketball defense, but all other aspects of your game as well. 3 seed Florida became the first team in NCAA tournament history to fall in the Elite Eight three consecutive seasons.

If you continue to use this website without changing your cookie settings or you click "Accept" below then you are consenting to this. Team-mates and Coach Rick Pinoto were in tears as Ware screamed with pain and writhed on the court.
The winner of that game plays for the NCAA men's basketball championship.His teammates held up a jersey with Ware's name as they celebrated their resounding victory. Russ Smith collapsed onto the floor, along with several players, and was clearly crying as doctors attended to Ware.
Michigan, meanwhile, advances to play Syracuse in the national semifinals Saturday in Atlanta.
He's more apt to use either hand when he blocks shots,Noel has blocked 61 shots with his right hand and 42 with his left. Opponents are shooting 4-for-18 (22 percent) in such situations against Withey and 6-for-22 (27.3 percent) against Noel (min 20 plays).What is the best way to attack these two players? Withey ranks 86th out of 104 Big 12 players guarding jump shots, allowing his opponents to shoot 41 percent. Noel allows opponents to shoot 38 percent on jump shots, 101st out of 146 SEC players (min.

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