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Some players who are otherwise great shooters will sometimes struggle at the free throw line, due to a lack of focus or wonky fundamentals,  but there are a couple of ways you can help correct this. The BEEF acronym has been around almost as long as the game itself, and it’s a great way to teach your players the basics of good shooting form.
The ‘E’ is a reminder to keep your elbow in.  An outward elbow will create extra movement in your release that has the potential to throw the ball off target as you release – have a look at any great shooters release and you’ll notice that their elbow is completely perpendicular to the ground.
Since you shoot with backspin on the ball, a shot that is slightly long will most likely spin back into the rim, whereas that same shot would pop out if it had hit the front. By following through, you are forced to arc the ball slightly higher than otherwise, and also encourage a strong back spin on the ball, helping you hopefully get that shooter’s bounce off the rim.
It’s important to make sure your players practice free throws when they’re tired, because it can be quite a bit different controlling your breathing and focus when you’ve just run up and down the floor a couple possessions. The first couple will be easy, but once they’ve done a couple windsprints, it will become quite a bit tougher. This drill uses the same concept as full court free throws, and can be used in its stead if you don’t have the space for that drill. Here your player will take their free throws, and then get into defensive stance and slide over to the elbow, down to the baseline, and back up the same way they came.
Remember, try to make these drills a competition if possible – see who can hit the most free throws in 2 minutes for example – and players will really push themselves through the sprints and slides. These drills were very helpful,, because little do they know their going to get tried in a game. In today’s blog post, we are continuing our discussion of 3 Point Shooting Workouts, and shooting drills to maximize your players performance!   Below you will find four great shooting drill suggestions that focus on the catch and shoot, jabs, shot fakes and more!
You want to make sure your players always have their hands up and ready near their shoulders or chest – not only to shoot the ball quicker, but also to give their teammates a target to pass to.
I’ve talked before about the importance of shorter players mastering the technique of the catch-and-shoot. Shorter players can make themselves one second quicker and get their shot off much faster if they will learn the catch-and-shoot technique.
For shorter players, especially guards, another invaluable shot for 3-point shooting is the shot off the fast break.
In this drill, the player is passing to himself, making a jump stop in a triple threat, then coming back to a catch and shoot with a shot fake, and going to a jump shot in the lane. You can incorporate this drill only three minutes a day into your practice time and have great results in a game situation.

You’re doing a shot fake out of the catch-and-shoot, taking a side dribble to the right, shot fake, side dribble to the left, in order to improve our 3-point shooting opportunities. If a player is having difficulty in making a shot to one side of the floor or in making a shot out of a specific shooting drill, then they should go and practice an extra set or two sets of that drill every day for a week or even up to a month. This drill helps your players work on a fake to move the defender backward and then step back and get off a 3-point shot in critical situations.
The player begins in triple threat, makes a good strong jab fake, then steps back and shoots the 3-point shot. As with any fundamental, you want to practice the jab, step back, and shoot, slowly at first and then you can develop rhythm and speed. During the above video, you’re going to learn about a great basketball shooting drill called the lay-up with chaser drill. During this basketball shooting drill, one player passes to the guy on the side, and he’ll take it in for the lay-up.
One of the teaching points of this drill is that you don’t want the kids to broad-jump. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed so that you can be sure never to miss one of our blog posts! While working out with a partner is ideal, many times we find ourselves in outside of ideal situations. There are some tricks of the trade that I’ve learned through my years, and one of my favourites is the concept of V-shooting. This drill can be exhausting, but is a great way to improve finishing ability, as well as upper body strength. Don’t forget to check our facebook page if you’ve got any questions or comments!
While some coaches teach to aim at the front of the rim, or just over the front of the rim, I prefer to teach my players to aim for the back. Make sure to snap your wrist, pushing down with your thumb, index, and middle finger, and hold that position until the ball reaches the hoop.
It’s very simple, just have a player take two free throws, sprint to the far baseline and back up to the free throw line.
Although this is a 3-point shooting workout, we’re also showing you how to be a more effective player. With this drill, we’re just trying to develop game habits while we work our way out to the perimeter.

Incorporate a jump stop and pivot into our practice setting before you actually go through the move. Now we have him pass to himself using reverse spin on the ball so that he can shot fake out of a catch-and-shoot.
You can do this with the coach passing to a player or players, as a team drill, passing to each other. There are going to be many situations in games where you have to get a 3-point shot or you’ll have the opportunity to get a 3 when a defender runs by you.
At the end of team practice, take an extra set of 10 or even two sets of 10 in order to develop a greater shooting rhythm from the weak spots or shots that you have from the 3-point line. An important principle to follow when practicing is to give yourself a little bit of extra distance when shooting the 3-point shot. These following shooting drills are some of my favorites when you’re stuck on your own.
By shooting from a spot, grabbing the rebound, and running to the same spot, we use our own natural momentum, making it much easier on ourselves. This is a drill he used to do when he was stuck alone, where he could maximize the number of layups and hook shots he could take in a small amount of time. Now he would go up with the outside hand, bringing the outside leg up as well, and laying the ball in off the glass.
You can also switch it up and work on reverse layups, or if you’re feeling really confident, start with a ball in each hand, focusing on finishing and catch the ball with the same hand and keeping it cocked at that shoulder high position as you go up on the other side. You can practice baseline shots by using any of the shooting techniques – from the catch and shoot, to the shot out of triple threat, to the jab, step back, and shoot.
When you practice 3-point shooting, practice at a different basket on days one, three and five, than you do on days two, four and six. Now as the ball went through the hoop, he would catch it, keeping it above his head, and step over with the inside foot, bring the outside hand and foot up again, putting in the layup on the other side.
The reality is, if you can shoot in practice 80% from the floor on this shot off the fast break, the chances of your coach giving you a green light are very high. Throw the ball out in front of you with plenty of back spin, and as you run out it will bounce back in your direction as you come up to the spot.

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