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5 Basketball Drills You Can Do Inside Your House That Wona€™t Drive Your Mom Crazy - Hoop Group Dona€™t just watch March Madness, do some ballina€™ yourself! Dribbling: There are many simple drills to help youth players with the all-important aspect of dribbling.
Legendary Michigan State University college basketball coach Tom Izzo always preaches to his players that they must develop a love for the game.
Today, I’m going to share with you a great drill to do during basketball practice, before a game, or that you can have your players do at home. During basketball practice, remind your players to jump stop, pivot, and stop in the triple threat position.
One of my favourite drills to do this in, because it works not only on your defenders ability, but on the offensive side gives players a chance to hone they’re ballhandling abilities and practice attempting to shake a defender, is the full court one on one drill. Have your whole team lineup on one side of the court, matched up in pairs – make sure guys are in fair matchups, i.e. After everyone has had a turn going down to one end of the floor, switch offense to defense, and head down the other way. Gapping is not allowed – the defender should always be within about arms length of the offensive player, applying pressure and trying to get a steal if the opportunity presents itself. On the other side of the ball you want to make sure that your offensive players are equally aggressive. If you found this helpful, make sure to check out our Facebook page, where you’ll find lots more great basketball tips and hints for brand new coaches to wily vets!
When you decide to train at home, you might find it challenging to train without distraction and without a partner. Well, you can take this approach and incorporate a comprehensive training regimen, which can augment what you do in the jiu jitsu studio. Your first part is to work on your cardio conditioning through a warm-up. Keep in mind that your effort should mimic the intensity of the jiu jitsu movements, like the flow, grappling and joint locking.
Is it using cardio equipment such as a bike or treadmill, or body weight calisthenics which can also elevate your heart rate but allow freedom of movement with your bodyweight.
Also leg exercises like squats and lunges, which simulates the type of movements executed in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ). Always keep in mind to utilize proper lifting techniques and do not use an excessive amount of weight. The drilling exercises are great for overall conditioning and it usually ties into your approach on grappling.
During the execution slow down the movement pattern to key in to how you transfer your weight, move your hips; roll over your shoulder, etc. This will lead to continued improvement when you cannot make it into class! The off-season is the most important time of the year for your players to work on their individual games.
Ball handling, shooting, finishing around the basket and in the post are some of the many possible aspects of the game they could aim to improve.
While having pylons, garbage cans, or some other kind of obstacle to dribble around is good practice, using spots on the floor is going to improve your skills as well. Remember to push yourself, losing the ball is okay – in fact if you don’t lose the ball at least once the first couple times you do this drill, you’re probably not pushing yourself hard enough. Start off with the crossover, but make sure to work on the in-and-out dribble, stutter step, through the legs, and behind the back.

This is a great drill because you can tailor it to whatever your needs are, whether that be ball handling, shooting, or finishing around the basket. Setup two garbage cans, one just underneath the 3-point line, and the other somewhere between 5 and 15 feet in front of the basket. Coming in from half court at about 80-90% speed, make one of the aforementioned dribble moves around the first obstacle and then perform either another dribble move past the second obstacle or come to a jump stop and elevate for the shot. Again, it depends on what your focus is – if you want to work your mid range pull up jumper, you’ll want to put the garbage can further out, and if you want to work on making a move past a secondary defender and finishing at the basket, you would slide it a little bit closer to the rim. Once the Cone Drill has become easy for your players, there’s a way to make it twice as hard – throw in a second basketball. It’s also a good idea to start the Combo Drill from the triple threat position at the three point line and work on an array of jab steps and pump fakes. Tell your players to make sure they are practicing proper fundamentals, head up when they are dribbling, and proper form when they are shooting, practicing a flawed mechanic is just going to hurt them in the long run. While your players are out there working on their games in the gym, you need to be working on your games as well Coaches. This is great, I’ve got a couple players who really need to work on making their moves and finishing around the basket, thanks! Watching the NBA playoffs begin, I can’t help but love watching Pau and now, Marc Gasol and their incredible passing prowess.
Both Mike Brown and Lionel Hollins do a great job of putting both Gasol brothers in positions in the high post where they can make the great decisions they’re known for. The key here is to get your passing big man in the high post, with your four other players creating space and cutting lanes.
After passing the ball into the big man at the elbow, both guards are going to cut down to the block simultaneously. If your big man has good dribbling skills as well, then you can run the dribble handoff from the same set.
Meanwhile on the other side of the court, the big man is going to take a dribble towards the small forward, as the small forward curls off of him. If you need more tips and drills for developing your big men, check out these awesome rebounding drills!   If you’re looking for more offensive ideas, make sure you check out our complete directory of basketball plays.
For instance, have players line up at the baseline and dribble running to half court with one hand and then from half court to the other baseline with the opposite hand.
One good drill to practice to maintain proper defensive posture and increase coordination around the court is to line up at the corner of the court, get into the defensive stance, and then shuffle feet from the corner to the foul line, then to the five-second line, then to half court, then to the opposite foul line, and so on. Never pass on an opportunity to get better — and much of the time, this can be accomplished through instructional summer camps where you can develop your game and improve your weaknesses. While good youth basketball players will almost always star for their high school team, playing on an AAU team or on a travel team in the summer is a great opportunity as well, not only to advance your game, but to catch the eye of college recruits. I prefer to just let the players play, but if you’re having trouble with over aggressive defenders, let the players know that every foul they commit will be a point subtracted from their score. The most common mistake you’ll see is a disposition to crossing the ball over, and over, and over.  Players want to show off their moves and play with the ball – imprint in their heads that they should be making one – max two – moves and then pushing the ball out ahead and trying to get to the rim. Take the right leg and turn it from an outside position and rotate the right hip down and rotate it to the left to a point where you are facing downward again. He is certified through ISSA (International Sports Science Association) as a fitness trainer and through NSCA (National Sports Conditioning Association) as a CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist).

The best strategy is to identify a player’s weaknesses and focus on improving them as much as possible.
Here are a couple of drills you will want to get your players doing in the gym as much as they can this summer. Dribble from the baseline to halfcourt and back, focusing on crossing over and exploding out of the move every couple feet.
Here are 2 vital plays for your offense, a strategy for stopping a dominant post scorer, and a rebounding drill that will definitely pump up the intensity in your practices you should be adding to your coaching arsenal for the next year. Here are a couple great basketball plays you can work into your offense if you’ve got a great passing big man on your team. With the big man setup on the free throw line at the elbow, you’ll have your guards in a two guard set, one on each side of the court. The point guard will still pass to your big man, but instead of cutting back out to the same side, the point will run to the opposite block.
You’ll find step by step tutorials for the most popular half court sets, as dozens of proven plays you can take right to the gym. It’s a lot more than just picking up a basketball and shooting hoops in your driveway. Coaches can even arrange cones on the court and have players dribble around them as if they were defenders. They should work on shooting the ball the same way every single time—never in a hurry, and always in control. Using the lane lines as boundaries, one player will do his best to get past his defender and finish at the rim. Here the offensive player has the entire court at their disposal, and it is the defender’s job to contain and make sure to keep the offensive player on one side of the court. You’ll also want to make sure players aren’t just settling for jumpers, if they can’t get to the rim one on one full court, then they’re going to have no chance five on five in the halfcourt. Jim has worked with clients from the age of six to eighty-two years of age, including special populations. As this is happening, the two guard  and power forward will be setting a stagger screen for the point guard to curl back up to the three point off of.
The big man can either handoff the ball, drive all the way to the rim, or turn and look to kick back out to the point guard. Sure, your shot is important, but so is your footwork, dribbling, defense, passing and knowledge of the game. If the big man hands off the ball to the small forward, he should continue his roll, either hard to the rim or out to the short corner. If you’re serious about improving your game on the court, be prepared to invest the time in the gym.
Team chemistry is very important in basketball and a poor attitude can potentially destroy a team. Hence, having a good, coachable attitude, loving the game and being a great teammate is important.

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