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The Defensive Zigzag Drill is a staple for many coaches drill banks for teaching the fundamentals associated with the defensive slide.
At a lower intensity, the Defensive Zigzag Drill can be used also as a part of a sports specific warm-up activity. The Defensive Zigzag Drill is a good basic drill for introducing players to the fundamentals associated with the defensive slide and its variations commonly used during a game of basketball. She will pass the ball to Player A and start sprinting down the court towards the other end. Player A will immediately pass back to Player 1 (Player 1 should be approximately at the center line). Player 1 will then pass to Player B who will immediately pass the ball back so that Player B can make the lay-up.
This is why having two lines on opposite sides of the court going at the same time is helpful.
Here is a wonderful basketball agility drill that will not only force a player to be quick in a short area, but will also force the player to problem solve and come to a quick solution.
Differ the way a player can make his way around such as shuffling or backpedalling instead of a quick sprint.
Players should stay low and in an athletic stance and use short choppy steps to close out to the cone.To make competitive see who can match up the correct balls and cones the quickest.
Lacrosse MagazineLacrosse Magazine, owned and published by US Lacrosse, the national governing body of men’s and women’s lacrosse, is circulated to more than 430,000 members of the organization as one of the benefits of membership. Use these Dodge and Crease Picking Drills to teach your players how to practice feeding out a dodge, off-ball movement and basic offensive tactical concepts. The Lob-and-Dodge Drill develops footwork fundamentals for successful defense, focusing on approaching dodgers under control and in proper defensive position.
Teach your players the basics of the give-and-go play in a high-repetition drill environment. Use the Inside-Out 1-on-1 Drill to practice defensive and offensive fundamentals in a rapid-fire setting.

The Cross-Crease Finishing Drill (with videos for men’s and women’s game) teaches your players how to catch the ball in the midfield area and shoot on the run. First, we’re going to make a good outlet pass, a nice two-hand pass, and our target is going to run to the middle of the two lines. The man who passed it now is going to go to the end of the line, and he’s going to get off the floor. When the shooter goes, you may want to come by, give your guy a little high-five, tell him, “Nice job” or whatever.
If you want cut down your turnovers, improve your ballhandling, and develop a crisper, more effective offensive attack – then the Perimeter Skill Development Drillbook is just what your team needs!
Inside, you’ll discover 21 simple, fun and effective drills for shooting, passing, and dribbling. Best of all, it’s delivered in PDF format, so you can get instant digital access… right over your computer screen, smartphone, tablet, or eReader… from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection! The player starts with the ball at the free throw line, tosses the ball off the board and times his jump to be able to catch the ball in the air and hit it against the board before landing and scoring.
To make it more challenging for taller players or very good leapers, have those players hit the ball off the rim before landing rather than off the board. To make the Animal Drill competitive, see how many baskets the player can score in 30 seconds. As an activity, the Defensive Zigzag Drill has its limitations in providing ongoing challenges for players as they become competent with playing defence, but initially when instructing in the basic teaching points of the activity it can be a great tool for exposing players to these vital elements of defensive practice. While not recommended for the first two or three activities within a warm-up, it can be used to round off the warm-up program and help players stretch much used muscles and utilise movements commonly found in the game of basketball. Players must stay facing the same end of the floor as they zigzag their way down the court. In the diagram above as the players move up the left hand side of the floor these points would be the elbow, sideline at halfway, elbow and then finally the baseline long corner. In the diagram above the players performing the Defensive Zigzag Drill start by facing the same baseline the players are line up along.

Players should maintain a consistently low stance and not have their head bobbing up and down with each defensive slide. Depending on what the coaches philosophy is when guarding the ball players should utilise this from one end of the floor to the other. Pulling out of the sprint with enough room to slide maybe once or twice before changing direction and running again.
A coach should remember however that once the basic technique is put in place that for the player to truly develop into a capable defensive player, they need to practice against live offensive which is able to challenge the player both with position, pace and change of direction.
I like to divide the court in half length wise, so that, my players loop through the drill twice. If you are only using one line, then the Player 1 can dribble the ball up the court to the next player in line.
The drill is great for working basic stick stills, and can be done with ground balls or passing and catching. At the very least players should maintain an extended arm position with palms kept at shoulder height.
If you are working with a team with limited stick skills, you may choose to start with one or two defenders, and then add defenders as you progress.Passers attack off the catch, driving at the defender. Receivers ask for the ball by cutting into a passing lane.Defenders must see both ball and player, and keep their sticks up and in the passing lane. Let them know how important it is that they look sharp in pregame drills, getting ready for your big game.

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