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Most people hear this in one form or another at some point in their life, especially those kids who play basketball. Even videos of white guys who have excellent jumping ability stress the fact that they are white — "A true white kid that can jump" (YouTube).
This is key: given the evidence that West African elite athletes and their relations in the Americas seem to be better sprinters and jumpers and that East African elite athletes (particularly from mountain regions) better long distance runners, it seems that both genetics and environment affect performance in different events but that it is not specifically linked to skin-colour. This is a great article that goes through the truths & myths regarding African American athletes and their domination of many sports including football, basketball and more.
Again, the author reviews the history of African American participation in sport, this time adding the history of the “dumb jock” stereotype. The TV show The Nature of Things on CBC this week talked about man's (homo sapiens) evolutionary adaptations, which make us long-distance runners (able to run down animals until they have to stop from heat exhaustion - suggested we ought to be called 'homo cursor', "running man", instead). Part of that show mentioned the first Ethiopian who won an Olympic gold medal for running: barefoot.
The people who do well (as runners) there come from similar backgrounds: really really poor (and, motivated). Also this program wasn't talking about "the average": it was talking about athletes, and elite athletes at that. This doesn't answer your question, which is explicitly about the average: but maybe that's the wrong question. Because it has attracted low-quality or spam answers that had to be removed, posting an answer now requires 10 reputation on this site (the association bonus does not count).
Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged physiology race or ask your own question. When should one use an external crystal for this MCU given that the internal oscillator is much faster? The first study compared the effects of strength training (ST) and power training (PT) scripts on neuromuscular adaptation and alterations in vertical jump performance, as well as kinetic and kinematic factors (study of motion and the description of motion, respectively).
There were no changes in muscle activation, although a main time effect for muscle fiber cross-sectional area occurred. Static jump height increased following ST and PT due to the faster concentric (raising) phase and a higher rate of force development.
Countermovement jump height increased only following PT, but no significant kinetic and kinematic changes were evident.
Take home message of study one: ST and PT are equally effective in increasing strength gains, neuromuscular adaptations, changes in jumping movement pattern, and static jump performance. The second study compared power outputs in the concentric (raising) phase of squats performed in interval mode on stable and unstable surfaces, respectively. Not surprising, results showed significantly lower power outputs when squats were performed on an unstable surface as compared to a stable support base. Conclusion of the study: Power output during resistance exercises is more significantly compromised when using unstable surfaces as compared to stable conditions.
Manny Pacquiao should be in the list of all time greatest athletes for having won 8 divisions and 8 titles.
If you can find it, there’s an old footage on YouTube of Chamberlain jumping up in a game to block a shot where it looks like his hand reaches the top of the backboard to do so. Known for his elegant dunk from the free throw line, Jordan’s listed vertical jump was just a shade under 46” based on records from the University of North Carolina where they extensively tested jumping ability.
The 42” sounds quite about right since we see him in a few photos with his head right on the rim.
The newest addition to the highest vertical leap club is 6’5” Zach Lavine who won the 2015 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.
LaVine is said to have a 46 inch vertical leap that lets him glide through the air and have a lot of hang time.
Spud Webb’s vertical comes in at 46 inches giving him the ability to make up for his shorter stature (when compared to the NBA giants).
He is joined in this NBA high vertical jump group by fellow 5-foot-plus player Muggsy Bogues who’s at #9, with a 44 inch vertical. Armed with a 44 inch vertical jump, David Thompson was rumored to be able to pick off a coin from the backboard. Nevertheless, his 44 inch vertical is very impressive and ranks him among the best vertical jumpers in the NBA. One of the unfortunate things for the fans though is that we’ve never got to see James compete in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest.
Together with Spud Webb and Muggsy Bogues, Nate Robinson is among the shortest of the group.
A lot of Nate Robinson’s vertical can be attributed to his muscle and strength as he is very conscious about his fitness and strength training. Vince Carter is blessed with a 43 inch vertical leap that looks even more than what the measurements say.
Starting here, we’ve decided to skip through some of the lesser known players and include some of the well known jumpers and dunkers the NBA has seen. Unfortunately, he’s suffered a number of injuries over the years and we hope to see him back in full fighting form soon with no more injuries.
Hopefully he comes back at full strength from this latest setback since he’s great to watch on the floor.

Known for his high leaping ability ever since his high school days, Green is a slam dunk machine that is well known for getting up in the air. Gerald Green comes in with a vertical of 39 inches, which is surprisingly not as high as we thought. Green is one of the few individuals who can get their head above the rim as seen in a previous photo. One of the best rebounding guards around, and all-around great player, Russell Westbrook uses his 36.5” vertical leap to drive and dunk over opponents.
According the Draft Combine report, from a standstill position Durant goes up 26” but adds a full 7.5” when he gets a running start.
Scientifically speaking, on a bell curve of the vertical of all black people and all white people, would the peak of the curve be higher for black people than for white people? The fact that children of poor farmers don't wear shoes was asserted to be one of the reasons why they're stronger runners as adults. A superior vertical jump typically correlates well with leg strength, sprinting speed, and other leg-power activities. Recently two studies were conducted to determine how the vertical jump was affected by 1) strength and power training and 2) training on stable versus unstable surfaces. Neither ST nor PT were able to affect the static jump and the countermovement jump movement timing and joint extension sequencing initiation. The subjects were sixteen physical education students who randomly performed six sets of eight repetitions of squats on a 1) stable support base and 2) BOSU (unstable) ball, respectively, on different days with a two-minute rest between sets. If instability resistance exercises are used in a training program, understand maximal force production will not be realized.
The players on this list were not picked solely on their accomplishments, though their accomplishments did help with assessing their overall talent. Michael Vick – Michael Vick has achieved things in football from the quarterback position that may never be duplicated in the National Football Association. Pele – Two of the most devastatingly quick and accurate feet in the major sports belonged to soccer legend, Edison Arantes do Nascimento or Pele as the world knows him.
Deion Sanders – Deion Sanders is one of the best athletes to ever play in the National Football League. Carl Lewis – Carl Lewis is the most decorated and the best track athlete that ever lived. As a pitcher, he was 9-1 while batting .450 and setting a national record for home runs in a season with 20. Towards the end, we included some other notable NBA dunkers just to know he high they go up. Winner of multiple NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, numerous MVP titles and Slam Dunk competitions he is still one of the most regarded dunkers of all time.
It is also what allowed him to win the NBA Slam Dunk Contest back in 1986 where he bested teammate and legendary dunker Dominique Wilkins (who’s down this list too). This information was gathered from as much data sources as we could analyze, but we’re not certain still. Unlike the days of past when the best dunkers like Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins would year-in and year-out compete to give the fans the best possible entertainment, many stars today opt not to include themselves in the NBA Slam Dunk competition anymore. Four other players, including Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan, Jason Richardson and Harold Miner have each won the contest twice. The good news is that he reported that the rehab from his previous injury allowed him to increase his vertical. This figure came from the 2005 Draft Combine results where he posted a 39” max vertical and a 31.5” standing vertical. He also uses it along with his long wingspan to grab more than 7 rebounds a game so far in this 2014-2015 NBA season.
Blake Griffin comes in with a vertical of 35.5 inches according the records of the Draft Combine. Having this type of small difference is great for a big man since it allows them to jump high during post up situations, rebounds and shot blocking. Review almost any high school, college, or professional sport testing protocols and you would be hard-pressed to find one that excludes the vertical jump test. Each subject had at least two years of strength training experience and was assigned to one of three groups: ST, PT, or a control (C) group.
Therefore, become stronger generally, work on power activities generally, and practice being explosive with exact activity-specific drills. He also trains clients through Pinnacle Personal & Performance Training in Chesterfield, Missouri. He set a NFL record in Atlanta and became the first NFL quarterback to rush for over 1,000 yards.
He controlled games with his natural speed and athleticism and began his pro career at 15 playing for local club, Santos. He elevated the game of basketball from the heights that Magic Johnson and Larry Bird took it, to being one of the favorite and most watched sports in the world. He was an All-American in football at the University of Georgia, and was the only man to finish in the top three in Heisman voting in every season that he played football.
Until 2008, when Chris Johnson passed his 40 yard dash time by .05 of a second in 2007, he was officially the fastest man in NFL history.

He was voted Track Athlete of the Century by Sporting News and helped bring track and field to a mainstream audience with his excellence in the area. His jump was close to 42” when dunking with one hand and just under 41” when using two hands. It would also make sense to assume that his vertical did increase after going to the NBA as he visibly got stronger. J (Julius Erving), they made the game exciting to watch by incorporating acrobatic dunks no one had seen before back in the 1970’s.
Andrew Wiggins comes in with a 44 inch vertical which he’s displayed in a number of in-game dunks. Because of the lack of information there, only those in attendance can say whether the jump was made from a standstill position or with a running start. He’s been known for spectacular dunks, though most of them while he was still in his high school days and early NBA career. His high vertical jumping ability has allowed him to get through defenders to make shots in the lane. Maximum dynamic and isometric strength, cross-sectional area, and muscle activation were assessed pre- and post-test. He then set a NFL record in Philadelphia by becoming the first person in NFL history to pass for 300 or more yards with four passing touchdowns, and rush for 50 yards with 2 rushing touchdowns in a single game. At just 16, he became the leading scorer in the league and went on to become the best scorer in soccer history with 1,281 goals in 1,363 games averaging .940 goals per game. Jordan combined a high basketball intelligence quotient, an immense skill set, and unparalleled physical talent to become one of the most recognizable and best basketball athletes ever to ever play the game.
Walker drew All-American honors twice in track and narrowly missed the Olympic sprint team while in college. There, he won two bowl MVP’s, All-American status, and a Heisman as a football player. Current graduate program in recreationally-trained men erich petushek, masters thesis, moscow 25:1973. Additionally, squat jump and countermovement jump performance, kinetic, and kinematic factors were also assessed.
He has been one of the premier athletes and best winners in the National Football League for his entire career, though his acceptance as a pure passing quarterback has been in relation to his tenure with the Eagles.
In high school, he was an All-State player in his sophomore year in both basketball and football. He won the Heisman in his junior season before going pro and became one of the fastest men in both of the professional football leagues that he played, the USFL and the NFL. When breaking the Olympic record, Bolt was so much faster than the field that he preened the last few meters and accidentally ran the race with an untied shoe. Wilt had impeccable footwork and dominated the NBA for 13 seasons, leaving with every record that you could imagine. As an outfielder, Jackson batted .401 for the Tigers, and he qualified in his freshman and sophomore years as an Olympic sprinter.
For most of his early career, Vick was thought to be the fastest man in the NFL, despite playing a position that was not known particularly for speed and athleticism.
Herschel Walker is the only man to gain 4,000 yards three different ways in the NFL, with rushing, receiving, and kickoff returns.
He holds a total of 19 gold, 2 silver, and 2 bronze medals in the World, Olympic, and Pan American games. He left as the all-time leader in points and is the only man in NBA history to score 4,000 points in a season.
He was the best player in the state in basketball from his sophomore year through his senior year. Sanders competed in the College World Series, a BCS championship, the World Series, and a Super Bowl.
He registered a 4.12 40 yard dash at the NFL combine, which is still the highest time ever recorded, though it was hand-timed. LeBron James was the best player in all high school basketball in his junior and senior year, winning two consecutive player of the year awards. Normally, only smaller athletes have enough of the necessary fast-twitch muscles to move as fast as he does. If Bo Jackson did not suffer a hip-injury, he could have re-written the history books in two sports. He skipped college to become the youngest player ever drafted and then made NBA history by becoming the third player to average 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game.
In college he was a two-time All-American in basketball and he won the Big Eight conference high jump three consecutive years in track and field.

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